Friday – 21/11/2014 – Greetings from the TDK Café on World Hello Day

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    I’m late for my very important date with special kits in TDK Land!
    Whew, finally made it in – yay!
    Paw up waving – Hello to all esp Joan, Buttons, Av, ECB, BB, KZ & anyone lurking!
    With thanks for the cute shares KJ & MS!
    It’s sunny yet still cold in Brewtown!
    So I need a warmer as very large cuppa brew!
    Back at it now – will stop by in a bit…



    Sharing today FB fun as 2 quizzes:
    7 dwarfs
    What Dwarf are you/LOL

    Psst – I’m Happy 😀

    What is your true personality:

    Moi – The Thinker! 😉

    OK – now really must say ta ’til later…hey Tux – mwah, here’s a smooch!



    popping in again … hello everyone!

    KM, you might just have ‘hood visitors, I know we used to get them sometimes in our garage, as the cat flap for Milo was in the side garage door …. especially during cold bouts…

    …. which, Joan, Buttons has a good point – I find that fleas tend to be worse during the spring and fall seasons here, so that’s when I treat Abby …. she doesn’t need an every month, I usually do it twice a year, and have never had a problem ….

    …. going back in for imputing … fingers flying this morning!



    Don’t have much time to stay after reading all the posts, but Joan, I use either Frontline or Comfortis. The latter one is new to me, but in a few minutes fleas are dying and falling off. I think it kills parasites too, just google it and read about it. It is one your give them orally. But Frontline around here hasn’t been working for a full month, after a couple of weeks, it quits working.
    Hello to everyone, Avery is demanding attention again, LOL! Her taggie blankie is covering her face and she thinks it “has” her!



    You are
    You are mellow and laid back. You let trouble just roll of your back. You make those around you comfortable.

    Hmmm … and I believe that I answered all questions honestly LOL.

    You are a Leader!
    As you probably already know, you are a born leader! You are a very charismatic, passionate, mature and calculated person. You are always there when people need you, you always know the right thing to say, and you are always able to help.
    Your sense for leadership has gotten you far in life: You have a great career, amazing family and lifelong friends, but you are no stranger to hard times as well.
    You’ve had more than enough struggles through life, and although it seemed very daunting at the time, your good spirit and amazing set of skills has always helped you to overcoming them.

    Closer … but not 100% either (in my un-objective opinion). 😉



    Paw up waving…hey KJ…fb fun is meant to be frivolous just like fb! LOL
    Hey, had an errand for lunch so no patio time today!
    I will get a warmer on my java & try to find what else is going on today as more trivia/fun…going down the hall to Nov thread now/LOL!



    Sneaking in to share earworm in honor of my dwarf stats as Happy!

    😉 Enjoy!



    Yeah, for sure JK – I don’t take anything too seriously as quizzes! Loving Pharrell’s threads LOL. Sorta PJ-esque!
    Well I’m off to close off my Friday in less than an hour, so will wish you a wonderful not too cold wknd and the rest of the gang a wonderful Caturday. Will join you as Caturday nite!



    Just had Brutie fun part 2.
    Teaching him goggie Polish for treats! Spell is my own version/LOL: Yakshemash/hello – Nasdrowia/cheers & Dovidziena/blessings as you leave…woof x 3 = treats! 😉



    Paw up waves, have a peaceful Sabbath KJ & not too wild rest of the weekend!

    Kits are practicing their talents at hordeourves for special Season/days ahead:
    cute food - hordeourves
    Hey – don’t play w/your food 😉



    Hey all – just about time to light the Tikki torches, have a swipe from the fountain and lounge at the TDK pool/hot tub.
    Brutie is as cute as they come!



    Hi Joan – enjoy it’s time for Happy Hour~
    Brutie says Woof as thanks for the compliment!
    Hmm, just go this link from GD on cute food share:
    1988 – wow/I’m li’l late/LOL! (Learn something every day!)



    oh, I’ll take a swipe and join you by the hot tub …. finished for the day, and I think I’ve got Mr. AV sufficiently ‘buttered up’ for a dinner out 🙂

    …. he’s not up for the movie, but maybe tomorrow or Sun. afternoon ….

    …. have a great evening all!



    Hey, I just got FYI Totoro update from Lazlo/Commune & Charlotte/GD:

    Must share fun!



    Oo, kits have introduced a new drinkie-poo to the Menu:
    chocolate blitzen
    1/2 oz. (15ml) Vodka
    1/2 oz. (15ml) Dark Creme de Cacao
    1 oz. (30ml) Baileys Irish Cream
    1 1/2 Cup Chocolate Ice Cream
    Chocolate Sprinkles
    2 oz. (60ml) Melting Chocolate
    1. Rim glass with hot melted chocolate and dip in chocolate sprinkles.
    2. Blend vodka, creme de cacao, baileys and ice cream. Do not blend the ice cream completely to a liquid. Let it maintain some of it’s thickness.
    3. Pour into chocolate rimmed glass and add sprinkles on top.
    (Remember to sip slowly 😉 )



    Thanks everyone for the flea treatment thoughts. The flea collar that is on Mac has been on him since June, so perhaps I should just put a new one on him. The one I bought, however, is a Hartz, which I’m not sure I should go with. The vet did treat Mac with something that would kill off whatever is on him. Maybe 1 dose before winter sets in, then perhaps Mac will be in for the winter, slimming the flea population.



    Oooh JK, you snuck that yummy drinkie to the lounge – looks delish. Think I’ll try a virtual one!



    Aw, be safe w/flea collar Joan. Vet once told me they really aren’t safe for cats/too toxic in one spot! 🙁 (Actually pulled it off one of my kits years ago as proven point!)
    Just a FYI: I’ve used DE on my kits as sprinkle on rub thru fur to skin. Messy but safer.



    Yes as Jean had said Joan be careful with the flea collar esp a Hartz collar they can cause chemical burns.. The only time I’ve ever use the flea collar is for the vacuum .. Pop one in the bag and Hoover away any eggs/flea that get picked up get killed in the bag. Always concentrate on the edges of rooms fleas generally lay eggs along the edge of a room along the skirting .

    Jean that drink sounds yummy 🙂 might order it in cafe when my taste buds start working again 🙂

    KM you know you can buy microchip cat flaps! They only open for cats that are chipped.. So if all your furries are chipped they can entry and no neighbourhood cats can get in ( not unless they are chipped)

    Think I might try and get some sleep. I have work tomorrow and I’m hoping to feel a bit better.



    Hi all, just popping in. As soon as I logged in something came up I have to attend to.
    Back later.

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