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    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew


    Um er h-h-hello there,



    Catch you all on the flip side. 😉



    Good Morning! All I have to say to the first photo is Mission Accomplished! And the hello kitty ones are too funny.

    Nighty night to MS. I loved the story about HRH and the blankie fort. It’s so funny the ways cats will find to communicate.



    Morning all! …. Abby likes to be under a blankie too …. my problem is, the blankie is the one on my bed, so when she ‘bumps’ it’s usually against my legs as a back rest (thus the morning cramps) ….

    …. wacky weather here, a fast warm up back to the 80s over the weekend, then a swooshing cold from for lot 60s on Thanksgiving … it will be a miracle if we’re not all sick!

    …. I need to get a lot of imput done today, then will brave the crowds this afternoon to purchase ‘Tom’ the turkey … he will need at least 4 days to thaw in the frige, before I pop him in the oven on Wed. …. have a great TGIF everyone!

    …. I’m hoping Mr. AV will want to go see the new Hunger Games movie tonite …. guess I’d better start buttering him up LOL



    Hello World, hello TDK land! My kitties say hello too!
    World peace. Why oh why have we not been able to achieve it?? Will we see it in our lifetime?
    Grumpy kitty loves that pic, she just won’t admit it. 🙂
    Comet is my fort guy, loves when I drape my rain coat over a chair to dry. Leela prefers a temporary sheet fort, when she helps me change the sheets.



    Hey guys 🙂 (sniffles and coughs)

    I feel seriously icky today 🙁 praying I’ll feel better by tomorrow!

    Ah kitty forts… Buttons was our silly fort boy.. As soon as he heard me in the bedroom changing sheets he was straight in and under making the job so much easier of course 😀

    AV hope you butter up Mr AV sufficiently to get to your movie. ( hum actually that sounds a little risky 🙂 )

    Hey Deb &; ECB Nighty night MS sleep tight

    Joan I think if we left cats in charge for one day we might see world peace .. But I think comet might be USA and Leela might be Russia.. Mac will be Switzerland 🙂 lol



    Hey everyone, how timely we talk about beds and sheets, I just had to give Willow the boot, because he hasn’t learned to make the bed yet and he wasn’t being helpful, LOL! Poor guy, he was a little put out because he was sleeping in the rumpled covers and he gave me a look as if to say “these sheets are clean to me, they don’t need washed, plus they are warm!”
    Buttons, sounds like you may need an antibiotic, nothing worse than a sinus infection.
    Nighty night MS, rest well!
    Joan, I say the same thing, will we ever see it in our lifetime? Probably not, it’s just not in man’s nature to get along….the world needs to be run by women and cats I tell ya, wouldn’t that be awesome!?
    KJ, love the pics of course, but that top one…oh my! 🙂



    Aw poor Willow 🙂 I’m sure he’ll be glad of the clean fresh sheets when they’re on the bed 🙂

    I might need an antibiotic KZ but to be honest after taking them after that kitten bite I’ll never take them again they made me feel so sick for so long.. The last time I’d even taken antibiotic was probably over 20 years ago.. I do have some left after the kitten bite so if I get any worse I’ll maybe consider taking them but only as an extreme last resort..



    Mac spent the night in, and wasn’t too interested in going out when he saw how cold it is. Then I noticed his new toy (gave him one of the 85 cat toys that are currently unloved) by a litterbox that Comet doesn’t know about. He used it, yay! I think he might have used one of the others that I have around, but Comet keeps using them.



    Oh yay!!! Great news Joan!!! So happy Mac is getting used to cosy indoor life



    I do have a flea issue to address. Buttons, what’s your opinion on topical treatments?



    Well there are lots of “natural” flea remedies but honestly since having indoor only cats I will only use frontline it’s the safest and most effective when your letting outdoor cats indoors ..



    … Buttons, make sure you are taking a good (pharmaceutical grade) of probiotics if you’re taking or have taken antibotics ….. my system is super sensitive to any antibotic, and these probiotics are VITAL to keeping my system regular when antibotics are in my system (I only take them as a last resort) …..

    Joan, I use Revolution treatment for fleas, and it also addresses parasites, and a number of things …. I used to use Advantage, but upon the vet’s recommendation we switched to Revolution, and it works really well …. I’ve never had a flea problem, even when Cuddles had her outdoor porch time during the spring days …..

    just got back from my butcher, ordered my fresh turkey for Monday afternoon …. a 15-16 lbs. should be plenty (with leftovers) for the eight of us ….

    …. have a great TGIF everyone!



    Thanks friends. Shaddo and Jiggs used frontline for years, don’t think revolution was around back them. Figured I’d mull my options – and get opinions from my valued friends! It’s expensive stuff, but if I get Mac to stay in I might be able to wean them off after a while.



    I’m nearly already hungry with the though of the roast turkey AV! Yes the antibiotic are prescription ones and sly me I always give goats milk to the cats when on antibiotics but didn’t even think to do it for myself..

    Joan you’ll find that in the cold/ winter months you might not even need to use the advantage/frontline I find that when the cold hits my outdoor gang don’t get fleas so I really only use it 7 months out of the year which is about 3-4 treatments so I buy in a bulk packet it’s so much cheaper and you have your years supply



    Good morning all! SUNNY here, so YAY! Love the warmth of it. 🙂 Cats are enjoying it. I hung a suet cake on my shepherd’s hook, and put seeds in the other two feeders after I put the garbage up the hill. Did a load of wash, made an appointment for car inspection, and getting some snail mail ready to mail. Fell asleep really early last night, then got up early, but got a good 9 hours of sleep again. Have to get my new windshield wipers put on before my inspection date!
    Buttons, so sorry you are sick. This is a bad time of year for it. It was SO COLD this morning again. Brrr….. I HATE it. I can never seem to get warm. Only in the shower or cozy in my bed. LOL
    ECB… I LOVE that photo of your handsome son with the orangie kitty!!! Too cute!
    Joan, SO cute how Mac enjoys being in your cozy home. You are such a blessing to him! I can’t imagine anyone being out in that cold. My fingers were frozen just being out there for a few minutes early this morning…. 🙁
    Talk about kitty forts, my two LOVE playing around the umbrella when it’s open and drying on the floor. Gavin has been really getting into playing around the blankets that touch the floor. Bunny kicking them, then going under the blankets on the bed, and playing around it with his big mousie! SO cute he is…..
    I hope to get to the farm today for some apples. The bag I got at the store had some bad ones in it. When I cut them open, they were all brown inside and I couldn’t use them. 🙁
    *Waving HELLO to anyone else here…..


    Hey everyone. I’m having the complete opposite weather conditions to bumblebee 😀 Woke up this morning to find a couple of inches of snow and zero degree temperatures. I like the snow so I don’t mind.
    My fearless foursome have been having a great day of going out and playing in the snow, then wanting to be let back in so they can sit on the radiators for an hour before wanting to go back out again and play 😀
    I’d like to put in a cat flap so the boys can come and go as they please, but Mrs KM is worried that all of the cats around her (of which there are plenty) will be coming inside.



    Hi all!
    KM, wouldn’t that be fun! All the n’hood cats could show up and you could start a sorta cat hotel with work-intensive non-paying purry guests! Mrs KM happy – not! LOL
    Bitterly cold here. Was told that we are on the same line or whatever the geographical term is here as Moscow, ie Eastern Europe, so temps might be similar to Latvia. But the deceptive sun is out, until mid afternoon when dark sets in.
    KZ, tks for compliments on pics, so much fun sourcing them out. How is Leona doing?
    Dorry likes to help make bed, he thinks that I don’t notice his presence as lump under bedspread. Sometimes I tickle him till he makes an escape, or continue making bed purrtending that he’s not there. Eventually he gets msg.
    ECB, yes 1st pic does more or less set the tone for Special Day.
    Buttons, I’m for sure not a doctor, but if you are indeed battling sinus infection I would ask a doctor to prescribe antibiotics as opposed to taking what you have on hand, as there are specific ones in specific dosages for diff situations. I also take probiotic after to counter effects, but I wait like 2-3 hrs as I would want antibiotics working in my system. A pharmacist could best advise re that. But hope that you feel better. Also wringing out a washcloth in hot water (but not so hot that it could harm skin) and placing it across sinuses also provides some release as warm moist air unclogs nasal passages.
    BTW Dorry doesn’t purr much either, just the way he is, so I apurr-eciate it when he does!
    Hello Joan *Dorry waves hello to Comet and Mac and blows kisses to Miss Leela*
    Now where’s JK!

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