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    The first day of kindergarten can be a memorable, exciting, nervous, and anxious time for purrents and kits. Hopefully, it’s a good experience for all!



    Kindergarten ! I never went to kindergarten πŸ˜₯ I feel like I had a deprived childhood. No teddy bear or kindergarten.I suspect it was because I was a girl and the times I grew up in.



    Young boys reading to kitties is the coolest concept ever, and so sweet to see.
    Getting ready to shut down my ‘puter, but remembered a funny from this morning. My home page is set to Bing, and today’s page featured a wolf. When I turned the audio on and the wolf let out a big howl, Mac and Dewey went from sound asleep to full attention; Mac even growled! Technically it’s not supposed to be funny, not nice to tease the kitties, but it was kind of funny.



    i grew up with cats, there was always a cat in my life, every child should grow up with a cat i think it makes us a more empathic, caring and relaxed adult.



    Aww, kitties in bow ties remind me of Buttons. Our cats have always been good school cats. They like to help the boys with their learning. :).

    Joan, that IS really funny…lol. Leo growls when strangers walk up to the house or the ups truck drives up and it always tickles me a bit like he’s putting his mad dog face on.

    MS, so cool that a doggie volunteered to catch rabbits for HRH! Your trapped kitty reminded me…we have back yard cat visitors here too. At our last house they were all or nearly all feral, but here I think they’re mostly pets. We’ve taken guesses at their genders and given them names. Sabrina is a pretty green eyed black kitty who wears a collar so is definitely a pet. She even peeks in the door at us. Chen is a Siamese or Siamese mix. He seems to know Sabrina…they’ve hung out in the patio furniture together before. Bob is a tailless tuxedo who doesn’t come in the yard but likes to peer down from the corner of the yard where the fences meet…like a gargoyle. There are others who hang out in our cul de sac, but I haven’t seen any of them in the back yard yet. If they come, they’ll get a name…lol.



    ECB, gr8 names for the n’hood kits! Purrhaps it sounds a bit strange but I like to name the street (or hopefully owned) that I encounter in my n’hood walks.

    So unfortunately my stomach troubles have not abated. Don’t know how I did spin class, but towards the end and more so after it was very not good. Threw my coat on over gym stuff, threw my street clothes into my bag (forgot my undies/tights in locker, sorta funny, and if I don’t get them back, not a big deal, just not like me to forget stuff.) Just wanted to be home with my own bthrm nearby.
    On way home picked up white rice, applesauce, ginger ale. For sure not going to Knitting Circle, it’s pouring out and cold and I need to be among comforts of home. Spoke with GP’s office and if things worsen they are connected to a clinic which is open nights/wknd and one does not have to wait hours, which is what happens if one goes to the ER.
    I feel like my strength has been zapped out of me and while eating is not one of my hobbies, not being able to eat puts me in srsly compromised place. Might be able to get some work done l8r, but for now think I’ll try to get some sleep. Just like the adorable kit who “cant go 2 skool” I even have the knit blankie!



    I agree, CGM. I grew up with cats and feel very fortunate.
    How cute are all the named local kitties, ECB!
    Hope the rice, apple sauce and ginger ale ease your sensitive tummy, KJ, and I hope you feel better soon.
    Went to the garden center for some potting soil and since it’s their open house weekend, when I asked about butterfly-friendly plants, they gave me seeds for free. Also fell in love with another cat statue, this one kind of gargoyle-like – a winged cat standing up in a regal pose. A bit high in price though, but it would look nice in this cat lady’s yard. Will think about it.



    Paw Up TGIF Waves – Happy Friday!
    tgif kittehs
    How ’bout li’l orangie kits with today’s Yay!
    It’s sunny but still a bit cool as in upper 40’s today!
    Happy to report special feral Kiki visted me today and offered leg rubs as
    diva greeting!
    Wishes for all to have a pawsome and almost start to weekend!
    friday's coffee πŸ™‚
    OK…time to head back & start part 2 day 5’s fun!
    Mwah…smooch for special kit Tux…later/hopeful!



    KJ, I do hope that abates, as it has been several days and one can get dehydrated. Don’t hesitate to go to the clinic nearby if it doesn’t improve… I’m sure Dorry is good company.



    How sweet of Kiki to offer leg rubs, a diva doesn’t do that for just anyone!



    Dorry gives back rubs – or my way of interpreting his walking all over me LOL.

    Slept for a few hrs and actually got some work done so a bit of pressure is gone. Truly feel like c**p but it’s cold and rainy and at least it’s best to be at home when one feels like this.

    Tks Lagatta, I’ll have to see how things go and next week’s stress only makes things worse. And when I get weak I get weepy and feel sorry for myself. *Sigh* Have to find something in terms of noms ’cause I feel like never eating anything ever again, which would be a very bad plan.

    Anyway wishing all a gr8 Caturday and tks for hearing me out.



    Hi Efurryone,

    Bear with me-I have the flu again and it seems twice as bad. 😑 πŸ™

    I’ll be back later to open the cafe.



    Good afternoon all, it’s a gloriously sunny warm Autumn day here and Saturday too so I can relax and enjoy it. Shadz has been rolling around and warming herself like a lizard on the deck.
    JJ, i had to chuckle at Mac & Dewey’s ‘wild’ self coming out when you turned the sound of the wolf up.
    CGM, you are so right about growing up with cats. I love how a cat can be dependent on us one minute then totally aloof and not wanting to know us the next. Puts us humans in our place. I grew up with cats and have almost always had a cat in my life.
    ECB, it is quite interesting looking at neighbours pets, this morning I had a lovely big ‘bullseye’ tabby wandering through the front yard. I have not seen him before and there was a little black cat scuttling away from the driveway as I went out to get my morning paper in this morning before the rest of the street was up and about. We tend to just identify them by their look, like tabby or bullseye. Your visitor cats sound great.
    KJ, sorry to read that your tummy is still giving you trouble, perhaps it’s time to take something OTC from a pharmacy. I did that and wondered why I had waited so long.
    JJ, garden centre and you went without me? ! ! Ohhhhhhh the statue sounds perfect for your yard.
    Waving to JK and Lagatta.
    Oh no PG, not the flu again. Get better soon.
    That reminds me I should book in for my flu vaccination this coming week.



    Yes, I booked mine in our autumn and was very glad I did. There was a clinic at a pharmacy near me. They are very professional and not the kind of “pharmacy” that sells mostly unhealthy junk food! They are a couple from Lebanon.



    Hi all! Well somehow my last post didn’t register, so here goes again. .. New phones issues not fun! Lol. Catching up on everyone’s day, love always hearing about what y’all have been doing. PG, hope it’s not the flu again!

    Got a facial today and went out to dinner. Have a great evening all!!



    I sure hope you feel better soon, KJ, but glad you are home on a cold and rainy day.
    Oh no, PG, not the flu. Please take care and get lots of rest and fluids.
    MS, I’m glad you are enjoying nice autumn weather after such a hot and humid summer. Once in a while the garden center sends emails that have a coupon attached, so if I can get a discount, I may just have to go back and get that kitty! With the wings I figure it would represent my friends at the Meadow, and the smaller one I bought recently of the kitty stretching with its tushie in the air represents the living.
    Oh, a facial, how lovely! Hubby gave me a gift cert for a facial and massage, will have to schedule it soon.
    Tomorrow is the yard sale at the animal shelter in my hometown. The weather looks to be good; I hope there’s a good turnout and the animals benefit from generous people.

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