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    Volunteer Recognition Day honours the legions of volunteers who dedicate themselves to causes and helping others, assisting people, animals, and nature. Most don’t ask for recognition, just wanting to help and to “give back” where they can.



    Good morning everyone…it’s FRIDAY!! Beautiful blazing sunshine today with the promise of 60ish temps today. Avery is asleep on the couch for the moment, so I thought I’d stop in and say HI!

    I volunteered as an aide when my girls were in grade school and spent several days a week at the school assisting teachers and students wherever they needed it. I loved it and so did the teachers–making their jobs a bit easier with them not having to do so much paper work–and spending more time in the class room. I was a volunteer firefighter too. If only I had realized how much I love that job when choosing a career. Of course that wouldn’t have been an option when I was looking for a career. Young girls today still have roadblocks, but not like when I was a young girl.

    Now I volunteer to help raise my granddaughters. It’s not really babysitting, considering how much time we are together. Well, off to fix Avery’s breakfast…I think Peso has finally succeeded in waking her up!



    Paw up – TGiF with Purrrzz…
    animal voice
    Be the voice of change for animal welfare!
    Coffee Time – All Day ~ Cheers!
    coffee woo hoo friday
    It’s Doggie Friday around here too!
    cat coffee dog comment
    Hee hee – yup cats still rule!
    Back later…hope!



    Just about to head on out for well-needed rest – this week was a tough one!

    I’ve done some volunteering, generally in the area that my “career” as based on, writing and editing. Which somehow segued into French to English translation/adaptation. When there is a budget I get paid for certain projects.

    “De facto” landlord sent me a most nasty email which sent me fuming. And this after a nice time at Knitting Circle. Then actual landlord seems to have overridden situation and supposedly a repair guy will contact me about my floor next wk. Well I’d prepared a very detailed KJ-style response. Did not send it, but kept my cool and replied in a business-like tone. Better plan.

    Anyway, next up on my agenda is a potential nap.

    And I hope that wherever Caturday finds you it is a good day!



    Good morning all.
    HRH ate a full pouch of Whiskas chicken and turkey this morning. 😀
    So happy that she has a good feed in her.
    Like KZ, I volunteered as a classroom aide when the girls were at primary school and helped with any students that needed remedial reading, I also served 6 years as secretary on the PTA. I thoroughly seeing the progress the pupils made with their reading when they learned who to read phonetically.
    I have to agree with KZ about the roadblocks we used to face as females and glad that they aren’t as restrictive as they used to be and may they disappear completely very soon.
    Yup, voluntold does exist.

    KJ, a pox on the ‘de-facto’ landlord and how dare he wind you up and make you angry. Well done for maintaining the higher ground and I hope the floor is seen to professionally..
    Saturday here is grey and the rain radar shows showers approaching.
    We had a great family evening lastnight, all of us cooking meatballs with tomatoes and borlotti beans followed by a pineapple, ginger and coconut cream with lime crumble. Superb. We then played a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity. It is great having KK up visiting.



    Hi everyone – Looking forward to the arrival of your spring-like temps tomorrow, KZ. It’s been so cold!
    I’d nominate my sister, aka JerseyJill, as volunteer of the year. She’s a full time grandma and does a lot with the shelter. Tomorrow is their annual yard sale. I donated a bunch of stuff, but I bet I will come home with a bunch of stuff. Happens every year!
    Someone left parts of a bird for me, sigh. Yes, parts. I’ll spare you the details. Sadly, it happens every year. The wee sparrows are so busy chattering in low hedges they don’t always notice they are being watched. Robins tend to hop around on the lawn, and they’re not too fast, so they are targets too. Such is life, silly birds.
    Went to my back yard today and found new neighbor’s garbage. Once again the bear sees my property as a picnic area. If it was garbage day I might have dragged it out with mine, but it was yesterday so I donned some gloves and heaved the bag over the rock wall to neighbor. Over the years I’ve gotten to know too much about various neighbors through their garbage!



    I’ve done a lot of volunteering for cats, but am also a longterm volunteer for a tenants’ association. And no, I certainly dont think all landlords or landladies are evil! The question is the kind of strange behaviour some property owners exert.

    It is also important to remember that volunteers mentor youth, and provide them positive outlets for their caring – and their rage!



    Hi efurryones,

    I enjoy volunteering. As the saying goes, cats can’t speak for themselves so I will.

    I almost made earlier but when I was running errands and stopped at the store, I couldn’t turn the key to start my car. After waiting for a tow, getting a tow, waiting at the repair shop, I learned the ignition lock cylinder is kaput. *sigh*

    I’m absolutely thrilled HRH is eating. You are doing your happy dance, huh?

    It’s good you wrote and didn’t send that letter, KJ. It’s people like that I just want to bitch slap.

    The cafe starts now which is a bit early. I’m tired and it’s been raining so Miss Gaea is cranky.




    I was at a pet food and supplies shop where they also foster cats (but are alas catless at the moment) and help a lot at adoption days for cats and dogs. They have all kinds of cute buttons, tote bags and t-shirts to support adoption, but one annoyed me – in big letters, along with cat pics, CATS NOT KIDS. I told the employeee I really don’t want to wear that around my friends who are parents or grandparents! I guess it was supposed to be a joke, but it struck me as very insensitive.

    And kids without families very much need to be adopted as well!



    That’s an odd button, Lagatta. I understand the point they’re trying to make but you’re right that is insensitive.

    We’re having a nice slushy snow storm. It started last night but it’s moving mid country and maybe won’t bother KZ and JJ. It has been so dry here that we began statewide fire watch two weeks ago. This weather is supposed to last through Tuesday. Wee!

    Now I’m binge watching the Hulu series “Looming Tower.” It’s really good.

    Enjoy your day 😛



    I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed my day! Suddenly it is sunny, and while still below normal seasonal values, far less frigid than it has been (if catless, I would have become depressed in the past few weeks). There are brave little flowers popping up – as well as the planted ones, I saw my first dandelion – very late for those pesky critters.

    My human, feline and canine neighbours seem happy as well, and the birds are chirping in the trees. I saw the dearest puppy today – a pointy-eared type, not a purebred, but perhaps some shepherd, even some husky. All white. Darling little guy. Some younger neighbours are enjoying the official first beer of the season out on the terrasse.

    Livia has a downstairs neighbour named Fatima who is also a small black cat, a little older and thus more wary than Livia.

    By the way, that was a t-shirt, not a button. I wasn’t clear enough. I think that there are other ways of making the point that our furry friends are fully family members, without seeming to slag parents. I also hear kids playing with a ball – can’t tell from hear whether it is a basketball or soccer (football).

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