Friday 19-05-2017 – It's Boy's and Girrls Club Day!

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    Today is a day to recognize the importance of Boys and Girls Club. They teach values and citizenship. They help to keep kids (and kits) out of trouble and off of the street. Purrhaps not!



    Good morning! A Mickey Mouse hat….love it! I bet that cat didn’t even know he was wearing mouse ears. Ah…brings back memories of childhood…Disney (a regular place to visit for Floridians) was such a happy place and I loved the mouse ears. My kids have never been though…maybe someday…it’s so expensive now.

    Lagatta, the other day you asked about ground cover in our shady yard. Right now it’s mostly dirt and some leaves I left behind to cover the dirt a bit…lol. The front yard has a very natural covering of grass/weed mix. There are little small leafed low growing (not sure what they’re called) things that creep along the ground and grow well in the shade here. There are little bits of it here and there in our yard, but the rake gets caught in it when you’re cleaning up leaves so not sure I’d plant more of it. Our kids are past the age where the play in the yard a lot, so the woodsy soil/leaf ground cover hopefully won’t be a problem. When they were younger it probably would have driven me crazy to have them all sandy or muddy every time they played outside.

    ETA…just looked it up and the shade ground covering used a lot around here is called asiatic jasmine…you wouldn’t use it in walkways though…just areas where there isn’t much foot traffic.

    PG…thanks for posting the pic of Aslan… adorable!!!



    This is a tough Cafe. I managed to find something though. It’s still cold but the snow/rain has stopped. I’m going to wait until tomorrow to uncover my plants. Paws crossed they have survived the freeze. Of course, Miss Gaea has to sit outside.

    I like the Cool Cats and Dance Clubs.

    Have a relaxing Sabbath and a happy~




    Tks PG!

    It was tough finding pics for me too! But I think I met the challenge LOL.

    Have a gr8 Caturday, all!



    Here’s is wee Peso!



    That is a very pretty ground cover, but unfortunately it wouldn’t do in our 5b hardiness zone. I think it could only be grown in Canada in some parts of southern Ontario, and of course in southern British Columbia… No, that kind of ground cover doesn’t like to be trampled.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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