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    Just hang out in the Café today and watch movies, while enjoying popcorn in all our fave flavours, including the classic as dripping with butter.



    Mmm….popcorn…like it with butter and salt. It’s not something I make often though…just never think of it.

    KJ, the neighborhood store you discovered sounds awesome. Your bag sounds cool. I’m not quite as big a shopper as you, but I do really enjoy getting out to a few stores I like to see what’s new (mostly housewares stores). I also enjoy strolling through the antique mall to see what’s old. :).

    Im off to search the web for the perfect simple coffee cake recipe. I love making breakfast cakes but am still looking for the best recipe for plain coffee cake. Want to make one for Saturday morning.



    Well, good morning everyone! The sun is shining and it’s 19 degrees–a virtual heat wave and it feels really good! I have done 2 loads of laundry and mopped my floors and it’s only 8 am! I’m tired of snow track marks all over my floors, so in order to get rid of them, you mop. It doesn’t do any good to tell Mr. KZ to take his boots off, when he tip toes across the floor in boots, he thinks it doesn’t leave dirt tracks. 🙄

    LOVE the pics, my favorite is the baby tuxie in the popcorn bowl! I love popcorn, and so do all the granddaughters, so they love to watch movies and I’ll make popcorn and we have a couple of bowls so sharing is easier.

    KJ, your shopping expeditions crack me up! A gurl can never have too many bags and purses. I just purged my collection, so I’m ready to purchase again!



    No winter boots or shoes allowed in my flat. Pretty much everyone I know here leaves them at the door (or on a tray or utilitarian carpet just indoors) and many take slippers or “indoor shoes” when visiting friends and relatives. Still, I have to mop half my kitchen floor today (the easier half, under the table). I couldn’t mop it yesterday as I was folding clothes and towels I had washed. I’ll probably do the indoor part of the stairs as well. The outdoor flight has to be shovelled, not mopped!

    I don’t particularly enjoy shopping for clothes, but there are some things I need and many items are at deep discount now. Between the bitter cold and snow that discouraged shopping and the Sears stores liquidating (which affected many other retailers) shops seem to have a lot of merchandise left over. But alas most of the shoes and boots seem to be in the largest and smallest sizes.

    I don’t have the handbag bug. I always buy the same thing – the “healthy back bag”, a shoulder bag in nylon or some other fabric that is like a small backpack with one shoulder strap, large enough to hold a book, tablet or paper notebook. It isn’t quite large enough for my laptop, but I do have another bag for that, in bright red. A friend who does have the bag bug gave it to me as she didn’t use it.

    My bag works well on the bicycle, and is fairly secure in crowded places such as on the métro.

    It rarely goes on sale, at least not much a discount.

    I do want another merino pullover, if I can find one. Winter is far from over here.



    Mmm…Popcorn ~ Yum treat, esp enjoyed at the movies!
    corn asstd
    FYI – corn

    orangie by corn field
    Luv those Orangies
    Other Variety!
    Popcorn aztec
    Aztec Corn..

    Ok, time to share fave brew – TGIF!
    popcorn design mugs
    Coffee Time – yay for popcorn…later/hope



    I had popcorn for dinner last night. My air popper make delish popcorn then I put a bit of butter and salt…yum. Movie popcorn has too much butter and costs $10. 😮

    I’ve never had good taste in clothes or accessories. I like thrift stores because there’s no reason to spend money on apparel that I won’t “rock.” KJ and my niece can keep rocking the fashion world.

    Have a happy~



    Oops – meant to share:
    Usually order popcorn at University Movies with Nutritional Yeast/sans butter!
    Took it to the next step and now make it at home with same!
    Certainly better that too salty/over buttered usual version!
    Here’s recipe from ‘net as fyi:



    Hello peoples :3
    mmmm wonderful yummy popcorn yes must admit i do make it from time to time with lots of butter and salt, not good for you i know but we have to have our treats right…



    Hi CGM

    Nice to see you!

    New kitty litter ewww! And chicken nuggets!

    I think that I tried popping corn in micro but must have been ages ago.

    PG, your niece and myself will do our utmost to keep the fashion world rocking. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! 😉

    Way less cold today – but damp, which I don’t much like. anyway leaving shortly for Knitting Circle. Might pop in L8R, if not catch you all on Caturday night!



    Hi CGM,

    Where have you been? It’s good to hear from you. 🙂



    Afternoon all! …. popcorn is my ‘go to’ snack, and I too frequently have it for dinner …. I like lots of pink salt and a tiny bit of butter – the kind I melt myself (I only use European Irish butter), don’t like the clear liquid (whatever it really is) that’s in the theaters!

    I think we’re over the cold snap here, tomorrow is going to be 70, and going up from there all next week …. I let Miss Caddy out of kitty jail since the nights will be well above freezing from here on …. I had to laugh because it took her all day to ‘re-mark’ her territory … she’s passed out on the front porch now ….

    Tomorrow starts the craziness – the Gasparilla Children’s parade ….. only a couple (2-3) hundred thousand people will be traversing bye my house …. but next weekend, the big parade brings upward of half a million ….. *sighs*

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr Mateys!!!! and so it begins



    I’m back. Had a busy day yesterday and didn’t make it into the Cafe.
    PM, wow that is an older style pram and poor Harry when he is in transit. Hope you all are bearing up well under the heat there. We are getting very humid days with hot tropical air pulled down by the latest front washing over us. The heat isn’t all the high but the humidity is awful. We get that weather in February so aren’t strangers to it but this early on in January it is definitely unwanted. Everything feels damp or damp and hot. Fruit goes off in a matter of days in the fruit bowl and the air is so damp it takes longer to get the washing dry. Speaking of which I must get the next load on.
    Memo to self – buy corn kernels for popping as they are a healthy snack and I have an air popping machine.
    ECB, your coffee cake comment reminds me of a conversation I had here over a decade ago. Someone had posted a recipe for a coffee cake and on reading the recipe I noted there wasn’t any coffee in the ingredient list. When I queried that Dee a wonderful lady informed me that the term coffee cake referred to any cake that could be eaten with your coffee. Here a coffee cake is exactly that, a cake that has coffee flavour. I learned something that day and have continues to here on TDK about how we name things differently with the same word or phrase. Another thread
    Wow KZ, you have done a lot of housework early on. The ‘heatwave’ must be making you feel energetic. LOL at Mr KZ tip toeing across the floor. Mr MS knows to remove his boots at the door which he does 80% of the time but it’s the hay, grass seed heads and sawdust from chainsawing that all fall off his socks that drive me crazy. Honestly you could track his path through the house with your eyes closed. Then what hasn’t fallen off his socks goes through the washing machine and clogs the filter up. I have just given the washing machine a total cleanse to remove all the grime and dirt that comes off his clothes and in Winter it will be much worse.
    Lagatta I like the tray idea. I make Mr MS put his boots on a newspaper just inside the door on a curve of the stairs, but I must keep a look out for a suitable tray, much tidier.
    PG, movie popcorn has too much salt I find and it is expensive. I got a few ‘new’ tops recently from op shops/thrift stores and they are great but I am shrinking and now my wonderful finds are slipping off my shoulders. Nooooooooooooo ! I suit a V neck but trying to find a V neck is almost impossible so I will continue to wear my tops until I can’t for decency sake.
    Love the nice smelling kitty litter pic and invisible popcorn kernel.
    JK, I have saved that nutritional yeast popcorn recipe, I love that yeast and as some of my meds cause my B12 to drop that yeast is a great way of upping my levels. I sprinkle it on my salads and as a well brought up Kiwi we love our Vegemite or Marmite yeasty spreads. PollyMonster will probably agree too. I used to make little sandwiches with it on years ago for the girls, they called it ‘shakey-shakey’ as I used to shake it out of a jar.
    Hi CGM, haven’t seen you for a while. You are correct about needing treats once in a while in this life. Please note there is no definitive measurement for ‘once in a while’. 😆
    KJ< the grassy cat is funny. HRH Shadz loves being covered in grass until she is invisible and then she just lies there for a while then explodes out and races around.
    Hi AV, I dread to think what the clear liquid ‘butter’ might be. An abomination to someone in a country where butter and milk are among our major exports. But yikes the price of butter is so high here, our local price is based on the international export price sadly. $5-6 for
    500g/1 lb and right in the middle of new potato with melted butter and chopped mint season too.
    I am glad to hear it is warming up in most places, I hope it continues to be warmer for a while.
    HRH is still staying outside overnight for the cool. Too hot for her inside.



    The recipe can’t be used in an air popper so I guess I won’t be trying the yeast recipe.

    Good quality butter is expensive here. I use either the European style or Irish butters and they run about $5/6. The butter I enjoy is the best I can find.

    KZ got me motivated and I did 4 loads of laundry. It’s mostly blankets though.



    PG I noted that too but decided that some melted real butter and then sprinkling the yeast over and giving it all a good shake should suffice. Now I am really wanting to try this but have no corn to pop.
    Sister KK txtd me to ask how Mum did her fluffy jelly years ago. That started me searching and then it all came back to me. I now have 2 jellies in the fridge all yummy and fluffy with evaporated milk, KK has one and Airy was going to make one also. Mine are strawberry and blackberry and after the hot muggy day we’ve had they will be even nicer tasting.



    Boot trays or a carpet (not a dainty one; the kind one might use in a car for example) are pretty much standard here. There is a lot of road salt and tiny pebbles on our sidewalks/pavements as well, and our old places have hardwood floors…

    Yes, if only cinema popcorn were actually buttered, it would be bad only for those watching their weight and cholesterol. It is a horrible chemically thing. I’m looking for other things to do with nutritional yeast, by the way. I bought some on sale (for the vitamins). Perhaps on porridge?

    Actually some very stylish people shop at charity shops and bazaars at places of worship and community centres. I’d rather have fewer clothes, and have taken several to a charity shop I support – but it isn’t really possible to have the true “capsule” wardrobe I aspire to with our climate. It gets much colder here in winter than in Paris or Milan – and our summers can get surprisingly hot and humid, especially in recent decades.

    If I buy something I like on sale, I’ll often buy a couple of them.

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