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    Today brings the opportunity to visit, appreciate, and support your local museum. Especially if it has “impurroved” pictures such as these on loan from the TDK gallery!

    Dali-ing around LOL!



    Museums are wonderful. They have the Dead Scrolls on exhibit at the Denver Art Museum until September.

    Have a happy~





    I love the pics…but the poor cat in the statue who is forever being mounted…. 😳 😮 😆 Shoo! Shoo! Bad cat!!

    Wish we had museums close around here, I would love to visit one. Yours sounds really interesting PG!

    Very cool and dark here this morning, but beautiful. I think maybe it could rain again too. I put more herbs and some onions out yesterday and Avery was so excited as she got to plant onions in the ground. I told her I would show her when they were big enough to pull and it will be called “Avery’s Onion” and she was sooo thrilled. I don’t even think she knows what an onion tastes like, but that doesn’t matter. It’s showing her how to grow food and put her hands in the dirt that’s important. She also loves feeding the fish and teaching her about all animals. I caught a frog yesterday to remove him from my fish pond because he was way too big and I didn’t want him eating my wet pets. We took him to the creek and I held him while she touched him and showed her that he wouldn’t bite her. She overcame her fear and remarked how cold and wet he was and would he make friends with the other frogs in the creek. I told her we have to keep checking our pond for frogs because they will keep coming up from the creek to make a home in our pond. I miss hearing him this morning though. 😥



    On one of my 2 Israel trips I visited the Dead Sea Scroll Museum. Way interesting! Later took a course on the Dead Sea Scrolls which for a “live” course was very good, prof really knew his stuff.

    Wish I’d visited this museum:

    … It showcases the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects of Scripture, as well as related zoological topics from the Talmud.

    PG, plan for easing eye cr**p sounds good – but would not be ideal for me as I tend to go at things. Was told not to put fingers to either eye at all for now, ‘cept to gently wash off gunk. I’m sporting these: 😎

    KZ, Miss Avery is such a sweetie. And it is so lovely how you are introducing her to the great outdoors.

    Doing some Hazeling then Knitting Circle where someone asked me to assemble something for her, which I’ll prob do or show her how.

    As Summer approaches Sabbath candlelighting gets later. And this wknd segues into 2-day hol as Shavuot. Which this year coincides with National hol on Monday.



    Paw up waves – TGIF: Thank Gato I’m Feline!
    Adding my 2.5cents purry shares:
    cat museum
    >^.^< Purrfect
    cat in museum
    This would be my Lucky strutting his fluff at The Hermitage Museum 😀

    Ok, need warmer on my Java…
    cat mug meow
    thanks Tux…later/hope



    That big ginger tom is FAR too portly!

    Kittyzee, important that they learn how food grows. Although I was an urban child, fortunately I had relatives who were still farming although they had reached a more than respectable age. The difference between supermarket vegetables and “real”, just-picked vegetables was obvious. In my neighbourhood, a centre for families, founded by an intrepid nun, keeps hens. A neighbour even closer to the centre suspects that Henriette and her sisters meet their end when winter sets in (and go into the proverbial pot) to be replaced by successors.

    Kz, i was sure that you would opt for shades, not only because eye makeup was Verboten, but because that nasty – but usually transient – condition also causes photophobia. I’ve had it – many years ago – but also remember how disagreeable it was. While your Israeli museums obviously attract me, I’m also very interested in the Bauhaus district in Tel Aviv and how those innovative Bauhaus forms took root in a different, sunnier climate. Is our Habitat67 a grandchild of that?



    Happy Friday all! Hope everyone has a great day and headed to a great weekend! Hot and Sunny here!



    Hi everyone – I work next door to the town museum. They have limited hours of operation though, but I’ll get there soon. It’s housed in a former one room schoolhouse.
    Tough times here in Jersey. School bus full of 5th graders on a field trip versus dump truck on a wet interstate route 80. 2 fatalities. Then there’s today in Texas, sigh…
    Haven’t planted tomatoes or herbs yet but it looks like my cucumbers are starting to come up, yay! This is my first attempt at growing them. Rhubarb and strawberry patch both looking happy!



    I don’t know much about Habitat 67, ‘cept that designer/architect was Canadian/Israeli Moshe Safdie. And some kids in my high school lived there and I guess it was a longish trip each schoolday.

    It’s KJ with the “pink eye” and I usually rock shades whenever possible – as a style choice! But yeah, this think is just that annoying.

    Anyway I’m out of Café until late Monday evening as Shabbat leads into Jewish holiday – Shavuot. Have a great few days all!



    Good morning all, it’s Saturday ! Cool night last night so we lit the fire mainly to see how this years firewood would burn. It went well, good slow burn with great heat. Thank goodness after last years damp wood.
    Oh my, the trouble with posting pics when tired is that I didn’t notice the cats in a compromising position. 😳 😳 🙄 😉 😆
    ROTFL at Shoo Shoo Bad cat ! ! I’ve heard myself say that or bad dog.
    On that topic is this how the season is in the US?

    KZ, start them young, that’s how I began gardening, helping out in the family garden. Having said that only one of the girls has a green thumb and the other shows now interest in gardens or even growing an indoor plant. Awww I love her concern about froggy making friends in the creek, such a sweet tender heart Avery has.
    KJ, as long as you keep your fingers away from where they didn’t ought to be you should be all better soon.
    JJ, I saw the report about the school bus accident. Terribly sad.
    I,ve just read about the Santa Fe incident. Sigh
    The day was sunny but is now cool, grey and breezy and it’s going to rain.

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