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    Well it’s that time of year again.. The cafés fountain is flowing green.. and everyone is wearing their favorite shades of green 🙂 all the girls with green eyes are fluttering their eyelashes at the boys in their green ties … u

    There are some great favorites on the menu even some green eggs and ham 😆 (not sure who’s idea that was)

    For the older kitties there may be alcoholic beverages.. Some purrfectly poured pints of Guinness (Murphys if your from Cork!) and everyone loves an Irish coffee!

    Being that this is Mr Ólta Minnesota’s first ever St Patrick’s days and he’s a natural red head he’s going to be Marshal of the TDK Paddy’s Day parade 😆 <3

    So everyone sit back and enjoy the shenanigans 🙂





    Hey Buttons,

    Back at ya with St. Paddy’s Day greetings! 🙂

    I have green eyes and I’m an “older” kitty – does this mean I get an alcoholic bevvie? Guess so! 😉

    Dorry agrees with “Kiss me and I’ll scratch you silly” – year ’round.

    And that wee creamsicle kit – squeeeee!!!!!






    Is Mr. Olta wearing his Uncle Buttons’ famous bow tie? He looks awesome and it is an honor to see him as Grand Marshal of the TDK parade!
    Miss Leela McPaddy, Comet O’Kitty and Mac MacCat are ready to party! A curious Dewey O’Dewey is game for some fun too. Leela is glammed out in her green party dress and green claws, and the boys have their shamrock hats on.
    My Jersey contribution: fresh green bagels! Don’t fear the green, it’s just food dye! Later on I’ll be making some Shepard’s Pie, and my sister just clued me in as to the makings of the vegetarian version, so we’ll have that too. I’m sporting my green mascara, and have my chilled mug ready for some green beer! Actually, I’ll try some Murphy’s from your neck of the woods, Buttons.



    Oh and Buttons, I’ll be opening the weekend lounge (unless you would like to do the honors, of course), so if you’d like, we can keep this party going all weekend long!



    One green eyed red head of Irish descent skids into the St Patrick’s Day Cafe and orders an Irish coffee.
    I have been wearing green this morning too.(It’s St Patrick’s Day here already)
    Oh my Mr Olta you look so dashing in your beautiful bow tie. Concatulations on your first St Patrick’s Day and being Marshall of the parade.



    Of course you can have an alcoholic beverage KJ… in fact you can have a few .. I think it was Mr O’s idea to serve alcohol to the senior kitties this year in the cafe that way he thinks they’ll get a little wobbly too and he’ll fit right in 😆 he’s a trickster ..

    Joan the shenanigans are everyday here with Ólta 🙂 and yes that’s Button’s famous bow tie <3 Mr O will be wearing it in hounor of his Meadow fur brother <3

    I don’t mind starting the weekend Cafe if you don’t … we can make it all things Celtic cafe that way our Scottish cousins can join in the fun !! (slides a Purrfectly poured pint of Murphys down the bar to ya)

    MS hope I got the cafe up in time for our NZ green eyed girl !!! 🙂



    ;Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Miss Gaea Ó Mordha, LilBit MacLochlainn and Miss Moppet Ó Gallchobhair say Mam Tá a thréigean dúinn (mom is abandoning us 😈 ).

    I’m off to New Mexico for the weekend and will be back Tuesday.

    Cya and have a happy~

    Nighty night
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    P.S. I’m so thrilled that Berta came in JJ. Mr. Olta is adorable and he’s grown so much to fit into big bro Buttons’ bow tie. Mwah!!!



    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone on this fine day! Wearing my green and as expected the Craic is mighty here in the TDK Cafe. Hey Buttons – normally I’d ask for a Bulmers from the bar but as we are still well below freezing here maybe I can get some Irish whiskey in some Hot Cocoa instead.



    Well, Avery and I are wearing green, she has an adorable green dress with sweater tights…just so we don’t get pinched!

    I forgot to get my corned beef and cabbage bought!! 😳 I’ll send Mr. KZ out for that even though we are having some mixed precipitation at the moment–snow, and freezing rain.

    Thanks everyone the TDK cafe is fun today!! I love everything Irish, and Mr. O is charming in his/Buttons’ green bow tie!



    Paw up wave – Happy St Paddy’s Day to All! Thanks Buttons for starting fun thread o’the day!
    Adding my 2.5 cents:
    Paddy's day kitteh dancers
    Li’l Dancin’ Kitteh Fun 😀
    Impress your friends at the pub/bar today 😉
    Irish Slang
    Or I’ll just say Slainte…Nasdrowia in Polish LOL
    kiss me Im polish
    hee hee..

    Time for treat as Irish Coffee..
    Irish Coffee
    With wish of the day:
    Irish wish



    JK, that “Riverdance” kit waiting for the litter box is adorable!
    Hope that all who celebrate are enjoying St. Paddy’s Day. I’m bringing a green sweater (deep olive) to work on at Knitting Circle this pm, that’s my green effort.
    Happy to have just received confirmation of work project – a busy KJ is a way more content KJ. 🙂



    Happy St. Paddy’s Day TDKr’s! Safe travels, PG, see you soon.
    Hi TM – it’s pretty chilly here too, a dash of Irish Whiskey in some hot chocolate sounds great!
    Well, I wore my green sweater yesterday as I was out and about. Sporting my shamrock earrings today though, with “priceless green gems” in the 1st and 3rd holes.
    Bundled up and trekked across the lake for eggs. Snow and ice way too tricky down by the dam so took the roads. Much easier, but had to jump into a driveway a few times when a car came by!
    Huey made me cry today – bittersweet happy tears. I sat down and he hopped on my lap and cuddled for a few minutes. I’m sure Louie put him up to it, and is gazing with satisfaction from the Meadow.
    I’m not a huge fan of corned beef, so I’m making Shepard’s Pie for dinner.



    Back in at that place for part 2 day 5’s fun…dreary/damp – freezing drizzle stopped earlier…still chilly/snow is melting a bit. No pea planting here either Joan! Aw, sweet share on Huey/Louie – thanks! 🙂

    Luck has stopped by to wish all a Purry St Paddy’s Day today:
    O'Luck Purry Pady Day
    Mwah…smooches with all of the gal kits too!
    Scoot o’Patoot will stop by later to share some sweet Shenanigans with the purry lads…hoping Miss Leela and other darling diva-kits will join in the fun!

    Ok, need another cuppa that great Irish Coffee…
    tuxie mug
    Fill ‘er up Tux…thanks!
    irish tuxie
    Mwah – you’re t’e best Tuxie Lad 😀



    Lucky O’Lucky!
    Yep, dad always said to plant peas on or around St. Patrick’s Day, but there’s too much snow. They are hearty, but there is talk of temps dipping to single digits next week. Best to wait. Besides, my garden is covered with straw and has a tarp set up like a tent and serves as a nice kitty shelter!



    Happy TGIF all! …. Love the theme today, I’m a full half Irish ….. my family (on my mother’s side) immigrated here and dropped the ‘O’ from their name …..

    Caddy’s green eyes are her celebration, and Abby’s jeweled collar has some green sparkles on it …. I wore my giant green (Laurel Burch) cat earrings, as I don’t own any green clothing – it’s not typically a good color on me …..



    Good morning all, it’s a beautiful sunny Saturday here. Woke to the seagulls screeching and then the dulcet honking of a goose followed by ducks laughing at jokes. I much prefer that wake up to the usual one of toddlers wailing and squealing at 6am outsie.
    PG, hope your weekend away in NM is wonderful.
    HI TM.
    Waving to KZ.
    JK, giggling at the jig/litterbox pic, we’ve all been there. 😳
    HI KJ, yay on the work project.
    JJ, awwwwwww Hewey you sweet boy and thank you Louie for you assistance. (Happy 😥 ) When you do get around to planting those peas JJ leave the straw over top for a little added insulation for the peas as they germinate. To keep the kits off that area poke some sticks into the ground to prevent sleeping/scratching activities. I find that a very successful way of keeping plants and sowings safe from cats.
    We didn’t do anything for St Patrick’s Day here and there is not much organised either as much as there used to be despite a healthy chink of the population having roots in Ireland. Shadz has me perplexed, she has taken to sleeping under the bed at night and she slept in until 10am this morning. She is not eating much unless it’s chicken or bunny but thankfully is happy to drink her kitten milk and Lysine. The sneezels have almost abated thanks to the steroid shot a week ago. I suspect being chased by the dogs is causing her odd behaviour and she will be less skittish with time.

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