Friday 17/11/2017 Mmmm … It's Homemade Bread Day in the TDK Café

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    Estimates date the origin of bread back to 5000-10,000 BCE. The Café has every pawsible grain, bagels, rolls, baguettes even gluten free – enjoy!



    Happy Purr-day HRH Shadz!!!



    You go crazy HRH Shadz!



    It’s Friday-we made it! Now what? 😛

    Rato Kim is a toy artist from Seoul, South Korea who makes mainly cat themed toys. One of his latest creations is this BreadCat toy.

    The cold wind is coming in and we’re suppose to get a wee bit of snow this weekend. There will be just enough to annoy Miss Gaea.

    Cya and Happy~




    Awww gee thanks for the birthday wishes. HRH is curled up on a blanket next to me after spending the evening outside stooging around. Not much out there to catch other than heaps of mosquitos.
    Purebread cat.

    I used to make our bread by hand when we lived on the farm. Kneading the dough was a great way to keep warm in Winter and then it was baked in an old wood fired oven. The bread was so delicious. A few years ago I made the bread in a bread machine but I don’t even do that now. I buy it, Mr MS is the only one who eats it other than the two slices I have with bacon and avocado once a week. Airy used to make her bread when she lived in Los Angeles because she found the bought bread was too sweet, it had four time more sugar than our commercially made bread here.
    Sorry about the possible snow PG.



    One can use a VERY small amount of sugar to help the dough rise, but with a long rise it often isn’t even necessary. That goes in the poolish first and all the sugar should be digested by the yeast (there is of course some sugar in the grain itself). It shouldn’t be sweet at all unless one is making a slightly sweet bread such as a brioche – or a challah. Hidden sugar is a serious dietary problem in some places.

    I’ve often made bread but nowadays I only make flatbreads such as pizza and its cousins, as well as empanadas, calzoni and other chaussons. I have only a countertop convection oven now, and there is a lot of good bread nearby.

    Yes, cats love to knead; goes back to milking mummy cat… But cat hair is really not a proper bread ingredient!



    Paw up waves…mmm comfort treat as bread/s!
    Found this easy/peasy version as today’s share:
    Ghirardelli Squares Chocolate Coffee Bread
    pull apart coffee chocolate bread
    Hmm…not vegan but worth a view!

    Now, I need a cuppa brew to go along with treat and I’m set!
    friday mug
    great – thanks Tux…now it’s time for my lunch… 😉 Later/hopeful



    Hi everyone! TGIF!!!

    of course, ’round here they make the BEST Cuban bread ever! ….. which Mr. AV and I typically enjoy once a week (usually Sunday) when we walk down to channelside and eat at the historic Columbia restaurant …. their famous 1905 salad, a bowl of black beans/rice and fresh baked got Cuban bread ….. we sit on the patio overlooking the water have a glass of their Spanish wine ….. our favorite weekend treat.

    I walked 2.75 miles today, I’ve taken to walking 2-3 miles three times a week – good exercise and in the interest of staying healthy ….. I walk along Bayshore, and it’s beautiful – purrfect weather – usually high 60s to low 70s in the morning! So nice!

    Happy Birthday, HRH!! ….. if I remember correctly, she is similar in age to Abby – 13? Sending lots of scritches and chin rubs!

    Wrapping up a busy week, so I can enjoy some time off next week … Hazel is coming Tues. to clean and help me get things set up for the big Thanksgiving dinner ….. I typically make as much ahead of time as possible, including the turkey. Then I take the meat off the bones, cover it in gravy so all I have to do it pull it out and warm it up on the big day! …. SO much easier than trying to do everything on the day!

    Well, I purchased a new book yesterday, and I’m excited to get started on it. Looks like I’m heading to the porch to ready with Miss Caddy. Have a great afternoon all!



    Hi and bye time again,

    Got caught up in stuff today and nightfall falls relatively soon.

    Never baked bread, but do love those kneady kitties! 😉 Purrhaps Dorry could use his kneading talents to make some bread – purrhaps not the best plan! 😉



    Mmmm, catfur flavoured bread. No, not the best of plans…

    Happy Sabbath! I have baked challah, but it is easy to fine at Cheskie’s or Homemade Kosher bakery on Querbes (just a bit west of here):





    My local Publix grocery makes the best challah bread! I love it!!



    I made a few leek and feta calzoni with some leftover pizza/foccaccia dough I had to use up (it no longer works up after a few days in the fridge). Gave a couple to a neighbour, who was pleased… He also bakes; actually he once owned a craft bakery here with a friend… Now an ex-friend. Sometimes going into business together can be as fraught as getting married or cohabitating…

    Baking is rewarding in that you are making food that people enjoy eating, and if you are careful about your ingredients, is nutritious. However it is damned hard work as you have to get up VERY early in the morning.

    A love the Shabbat Shalom pussycat. Can we fast-forward into springtime?



    Thanks for pawesome Shabbat Shalom wishes – courtesy of yourself and lovely white kit! 🙂

    I’ve taken to buying challah whole and slicing it thickly all by myself. Local grocery has Homemade and Montreal Kosher brands in reg and whole wheat. It’s only around High Holiday time when one can get the sweet raisin or almond challahs.

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