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    This day is one for performing a few random acts of kindness. Almost any kind deed will do. For as many people as we can. And for kits, of course!



    How great is it that our random acts of kindness and good deeds can make someone elseโ€™s entire day? And on Friday?

    All the pics are special KJ. Kindness-pay it forward ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    I hope you find kindness where ever you go on our planet.

    This wee kitten was abandoned, rescued and taken to clinic for help. She was so stressed out that she kept crying and crying. They weren’t sure what to do then someone gave her this giraffe toy and she went right to sleep.

    My feetz are mad because I’ve waited two whole weeks for their special treatment. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Cya l8r and have a happy~

    nighty night



    I don’t know who comes up with “It’s _______ Day”, every day, but I love it! It’s as great as the daily Star Kits.



    Crossover pic –

    We had rain, over 36 hour of nonstop rain and we needed it desperately.
    HRH loves to sit on the front porch watching the rain and when I open the door last night to get her in for the night I was very surprised to find she was sitting on a sparrow ! The poor wee thing was still alive so we made a cozy nest for it in a washing basket where HRH couldn’t get at it overnight. This morning it was up and looking quite healthy and when I took it outside it flew off into the trees. What I can’t figure out is where on earth she got a sparrow from at night in the rain while staying dry. Anyway we did our random act of kindness looking after it for the night.



    Thank you so much Kale!

    I’ve been opening the TDK Cafรฉ for the past few years. The themes for the most part come from a “bizarre” calendar. Then I add a purry take and purry pics.

    MS and PG then enhance the theme with even more words and pics. And JK and other TDKers add to the theme as well.

    PG makes sure that the Cafรฉ is up and running on the weekends, and at times JJ steps in with her wonderful descriptive openings.

    We work it out amongst ourselves. Glad you like! ๐Ÿ™‚



    Good morning – TDK is the kindest website ever! When the occasional back arches or nails come out, someone kindly steps in to help smooth their fur. I can’t remember the last time anything like that happened though. TDK and kindness go hand in hand!
    It’s chilly an still quite breezy but sunny here in Jersey. This weekend is looking to be spring-like! Louie was on the chair late last night but was apparently warm enough since I put the warm wool blankie out.
    Glad you were able to help the wee sparrow, MS. Maybe HRH was keeping it from getting wet? Yeah, I don’t think so either!



    MS, more likely that HRH was saving the wee sparrow for dinner! But she’s a kit so I guess it’s OK, if not pretty for us hoomins! Or purrhaps she gave birth to the sparrow, like a hen. Hmmm … missed that day in biology class. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    JJ, what a heart-melting description of TDK! Now I wish that it was the snow melting! I believe that we are experiencing exactly the same weather as in each day I get a surprise!

    As a “gift” gym is giving members a $25 discount off our next renewal, or to take a non-free class or whatever. Peeps might say it’s not much but IMHO any saving is something.

    Off to library, then Knitting Circle, then segueing into Caturday.



    Paw up waving to anyone still around lurking…Purrfect theme…
    Share Kindness Daily – it’s Catching!
    kindness between squirrel & bird
    Fun peek-a-boo with cockatoo!
    cockatoo lol
    So – just in from pleasant lunctime walk – yup, it’s +46 and may reach
    50’s in burbs today – but as always – cooler near the lake!

    It’s Friiiday – enjoy rest of the day kits!
    TGIF w cheshire cat



    Any kind of freebie is good, even if it isn’t much for some people!
    Hi JK, the cockatoo makes me think of Leela – she can’t resist a game of peek-a-boo! The squirrel and chickadee are adorable. I gave some pistachios to the birds/squirrels today. There’s just no point in non-salted pistachios, so the critters can have them.
    I did a star walk today! No, not in distance or time, I literally walked in five directions! The walk down to the lake is quite icy, so I went as far as I was comfortable, the turned around and walked up and down four dead-end streets. On the road leading to my dead-end street a few garbage cans were in the road, as recycling picked up this morning. I almost left them there, thinking it would be a good wake up call to some newbies who drive too fast on these narrow roads, but moved them anyway, thinking of the FedEx guy who might have to come down the street. As I was walking back from a dead end I watched a car turn onto the street, barely slowing. “You’re welcome” I thought to myself. So there’s my act of kindness that no one knows about today. I’ll think of the pistachios as my real act of kindness!
    Temps are hovering at the freezing mark, though the bright sunshine makes it look warmer than it is. I’ve got a big brew of vegetable soup in the slow cooker. It smells awesome!



    Happy Friday all! ….. funny pics today! ….chilly here, but not cold ….
    Wow! how DID HRH get that sparrow at night in the rain and stay dry??!! …. that’s funny! ….

    Caddy brings us small birds and mice on occasion she’s a good hunter …. I saw her playing with the grey streak last night …. the pair of them were chasing what appeared to be a lizard on the sidewalk …..

    Finishing up my work for the afternoon, I think I’ll take a little rest before Mr. AV gets home and we go to dinner …. have a great evening all! See everyone in the Caturday Cafe



    Your vegetable soup sounds delicious JJ! And I agree, unsalted nuts, especially pistachios are pointless. ๐Ÿ˜† It is over 60* here today, and the sun is blazing too! I am afraid for the tree buds and the flowers which are sure to start up out of the ground as it surely cannot stay this warm this early; especially in Ohio in February!

    TDK is the nicest, kindest place anywhere because it has the nicest, kindest people anywhere! I’ve never found a place on the internet like it.

    So glad it’s Friday, and it will be a long weekend for some since Monday is President’s day here in the US!



    Good morning all from Saturday.
    TDK is a wonderful place to come to, warm and friendly and non judgmental. You always find support, humour and purrs here. It’s why we keep coming back. Over a decade for me.
    We still have rain here although there are short fine breaks between the showers. My rain gauge has overflowed twice now. Yay. You can almost hear the plants sucking up the moisture.
    The serious wildfire in Christchurch is now contained but not out. There is rain on the way for the area and hopefully the wind won’t get up again and fan the flames back up. It has been so terrible with eleven homes lost and one life, a helicopter pilot.
    JJ, you had me chuckling at the possibility of HRH Shadz having benevolent intentions towards the wee sparrow instead of dietry intentions.
    KJ how about this- or this
    ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Nice gift from the gym management.
    Awwwwww JK, love the squirrel and the chickdee(thanks for the ID JJ).
    Peek a boo cockatoo! Shadz also loves a game of peek a boo too which usually ends in her dashing at me and some ankle tapping happening.
    Great random act of kindness JJ with the bins. Your walk sound good if a little random as far as direction. Mmmmmm vegetable soup.
    AV, so Caddy is all outside cat with her hunting too. Thankfully Shadz has given up catching little lizards(skinks), I think she got the message not to, I growled her every time she caught one. Now when we step outside there is rapid scuttling as little skinks dive under cover when they hear us. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Waving to KZ, hope the buds don’t come out prematurely and then get frosted when the weather changes.



    OMG tonight’s episode of Grimm was sooo good! I won’t give away spoilers.
    Glad you are getting rain that the plants and ground desperately need, MS. Southern California is getting hammered with dangerous amounts of rain. Relieved to hear the Christchurch fire is contained. It will be a while before it goes out. HRH and Leela sound similar. She reminds me of the angels in Dr. Who; every time I look, she is closer! AV, I wonder what my crew would do with a lizard. We have them, but they are not plentiful. Looking forward to your weather this weekend, KZ!
    My vegetable soup was awesome! Made a few last minute tweeks that really boosted the flavor. Lots of potatoes, celery, carrots, corn and tomatoes in a vegetable-tomato broth.
    On Tuesday my sister made little heart shaped cakes for Tuesday Lunch. She had leftover icing (I never seem to have leftover icing) that she didn’t want so I took it, thinking it would be a treat to dunk shortbread cookies in it or something. Fast-forward to a sale on strawberries yesterday. Today I melted the icing, dipped some strawberries in it, and chilled them. Very sweet but very yummy!
    I opened the back door after dinner and Dewey came in, then Dewey came in. Confused, I picked one up and saw it was Louie! Out of all six of them, Louie likes to be held the most. He didn’t stay in long, and now is contently curled up on the cozy wool blankie on the chair outside.



    MS, Squeee on the nesting/egg kits!
    See I knew that I was right! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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