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    Bloomsday is based on James Joyce’s novel “Ulysses”, following the life and thoughts of Leopold Bloom and a host of other characters on a single day and evening – 16 June 1904. In celebrations throughout the world peeps (and some kits) dress in period, ie early 19th Century threads.



    I have a friend in Brooklyn whose surname is Bloom and who is involved in the poetry scene down there. Good reminder to send him Bloomsday greetings!

    Love the photo of Joyce with his Siamese friend.



    Wow, am I every glad that it’s Friday! Very hot day here indeed, so it’s looking like I’ll stay in for the day, unless Avery wants to go outside…I do have a little pool for her so she can keep cool–ME? not so much! 😛 But as long as she is entertained, I’m happy. Nothing like water to keep kids happy.

    I get a pedicure tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it!! YAY!



    HAPPY TGIF effuryone! ….. I’m glad the week is over too! … got all my work done, and hoping the afternoon thunderstorms are done for today, cause we want to go out to eat by the water …. we probably still will anyway, cause it’s covered, but it would be nice to have a beautiful sunset – which is what usually occurs after these rain showers …. Caddy sure is thankful for the storm screens!

    This weekend is always kinda melancholy for me, as I lost my Dad 19 years ago …. he would have been 91 today ….. and I miss him every day ….

    Not really planning anything for Mr. AV, as no kids are in town, but I imagine me letting him go play with his golfing pals is present enough 😉

    Me, I’ll be sleeping in and loving having a relaxing weekend! …. Hope everyone’s is relaxing too, I’ll see ya’ll in the cafe



    Paw up PM waves on a sunny/very warm TGIF in my n’hood…but, it’s COOL inside at this place!
    Short pause before back to desk. Enough to say:
    Happy Father's Day Meowpop
    Happy Father’s Day to All Meowpop’s in TDK Land!
    ass'd languages
    However you say it!
    father lil girl on bike
    and…special memories of your special dad – pop -papa…

    With…Happy Weekend!
    Mwah, smooch for Tux…back on triple flip!



    Awww AV, sorry about you having a ‘sad’ about your dad. My own dad’s birthday is also TODAY (!) and he would have been 94! He died 14 years ago and like you, this weekend always has me longing for him since his birthday fell so close to Father’s Day and he loved that!! He loved the fuss we made over him with his birthday and Father’s day–cookouts and get togethers and he would always tell me to not make my hamburgers ‘too big’!!

    And I’m not planning anything for Mr. KZ either as he will be shooting in the Ohio Cup–something he loves to do and I can snuggle with my cats and tinker around without answering to anybody–woohoooo!



    Hi all – I read Ulysses in high school and wrote a paper on it. It was difficult to get through, but got credit for taking on such a challenge.
    My dad’s b-day is 2 weeks from today; he would have been 92, and he will be gone 13 years later this year. He enjoyed the picnics this month too, especially if someone made brownies!
    It’s a cloudy day with occasional rain showers here in Jersey. Not as hot, but I think the heat is coming back tomorrow. Glad you are nice and cool, JK.
    Survived Day 2 of the new job – so much to do and remember! Hopefully my multitasking skills will improve as I learn the ins and outs of things.
    Enjoy waterfront dining, AV! We hope to start that soon – sunset dinners are great!



    Well, the rain abated somewhat, but still cloudy, no great sunset yet ????

    Nice dinner, and now looking forward to watching my dvr’d movie ‘In the heart of the sea’ about the writing of Moby Dick …. have a great evening all!

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