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    Every once in a while, a day comes along where everything seems to go purrfectly!! For kits – that’s efurryday!



    Two wrongs make a right today.

    Uh huh !



    Good morning all–it’s FRIDAY!! We are expecting another storm of sloppy stuff: ice, rain, wind, snow all mixed together. I call it sloppy drops, hopefully it’s not just ice. It shouldn’t stick around for long, because the temps will rise above freezing. But I will be snuggled in bed when it comes in trying to catch that hour that was so rudely stolen from my day….

    Cats do everything right…well, usually and when they do screw up, they act like the meant to do it like that! LOL! Especially Willow who is always so serious, but Peso doesn’t care if he looks goofy and uncoordinated–it’s part of his charm.



    Paw up, lunchtime waves!
    Doing It Right…starting early!
    Yay – It’s St Paddy’s Day Weekend around here!
    Some places started celebrating today!
    So, the café kits are getting there Party plans going!
    noir in shamrocks

    Me, just want some java – Irish Crème is the flavor of the day at this place today!
    Irish coffee

    Ok…doggie Friday around here to…so, Have a pawsome Paddy’s Day weekend!
    kits pups celebrating paddys day



    “I admire you…” and remember when you ate my dinner…” 😆

    Cats are right. period. Hoomins try, ever so hard, to be that right. Alas!
    Boys are like that KZ. LilBit and Peso must be wormhole brothers because he rips snorts through the house going somewhere…or nowhere. My Loki (in the Meadow) was graceful, though. (sniff)

    It’s one of those days. I’m writing this post and think I have to go to the store. A couple minutes later, I go to the store. I didn’t finish my post, just left.

    The pic is for AV:

    Our Irish Lass will be here tomorrow.

    Have a happy~



    Purry PM Psst…
    It’s Happy Hour Somewhere:
    st paddy's day irish coffee riecipe
    Paddy’s Day Cheers with cuppa fave Brew!

    Happy Weekend!
    Happy Weekend
    Back on triple flip…



    It’s cold and windy out and said to be getting colder – so everything that the weather peeps tell us is just “not right”!

    Hmmm … going to make myself a mint tea – should I add a little “something” to it? I did buy some date syrup, at someone’s suggestion, it’s very nice, sweet but not overly so. Wondering if that’s what cough syrup tasted like back in the day when it was “flavoured” with opium. 😆 😛

    With time change an hour to go until candle lighting. Got through stressful week and on to the next.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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