Friday 15-06-2018 – It's Smile Power Day!

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    You never know, your warm smile just might turn someone’s day right around!



    Kits are, indeed, happyness! Even when my gang is naughty, I can’t help but smile. My life would be sad and boring. I remember when Lagatta was absolutely heartbroken when her Renzo passed on. She wasn’t going to have a another kit, NO WAY. Then is tiny, black girl showed up but Lagatta wasn’t going to keep her or love her. Uh-huh! Good job, Livia.

    It was hot and then we got just enough rain to make it muggy. Nothing like AV or KZ, of course. My nephew is going to see his dad so I get to check on Hypastia this weekend. She’s my fluffy great niece. 😆

    Have a happy~



    Yes, and Livia is a smiley little girl. I bought her a new polar fleece throw, bright red (hoping to get some photos of her; pure black cats aren’t easy to photograph) and she is very fond of it.

    I’ve filled a bag with old towels, rewashing all of them before packing them up, and hanging them outdoors. They were already clean, but I wanted to freshen them up. A couple of smaller, thinner throws too, good for kittens. A rescue group nearby will be picking them up. I have far more towels than I’d ever use, and not much cupboard space; I need it for other things.

    This rescue group has healthy adult rescue cats on show in two pet products shops, one just south of me in Mile-End, the other just north of me in Villeray. They usually get adopted fairly soon by pet lovers who coo at them and pet them, sometimes to buy things for a cat or dog they already have.



    For sure kits have power to win over their hoomins. When my Nicky left me for RB, I said “Can’t go through this again”. OK, so purrhaps I’ll just “browse” local shelters online, but just “browse”. A week later and Dorry had found his furever home – mine! 🙂



    TGIF Kits & Kittehs!
    Yay – we made it to Friday and soon the weekend! 🙂

    cat tgif twist and shout

    Ok, time for cuppa fave brew!
    smile mug

    with reminder:
    smile wonder what up to



    Finally managed to think quickly enough when ^*)^&(! phone jerk just called – telling me he was from Microsoft … cut him off with “I don’t have a phone – sorry!” Let him ponder that one! Did put a smile on my face! 😆



    Happy Friday all! LOL @ KJ, I too ‘mess’ with the jerks that ‘call from Microsoft’ …. last time I started speaking in a fake language ….. It was funny!

    PG, it is HOT/MUGGY here! Feels like in the triple digits many days! Seabreeze sometimes cools things to the feels like upper 90s but not often!
    Caddy really enjoys her ice cubes and has come to expect one most every afternoon.

    My house is almost overflowing with deliverys for Son’s new house …. he’s ordering so many things on line for the reno but has them delivered here cause I’m here to receive them …. the UPS guy thinks I have a shopping problem …. LOL

    Well, my day has wrapped up early, now I get the pleasure of sitting out on the porch with Caddy and reading! Have a great Friday all!



    Well, the sun is now shining – and it’s warming up – we may reach + 90 for the weekend/have to wait and see!
    Counting down with li’l more 1-1/2 hours to go as outta here!
    Wishing all a pawsome weekend!
    Happy Father’s Day to All celebrating or remembering special person as Dad – Uncle – Grandpa – Son and meowmpops 🙂
    Fathers day ahead

    fathers day lion and cub

    Be back on the triple flip…later all!



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