Friday 14-04-2017 – It's International Moment of Laughter Day!

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    There’s a saying “He who laughs last has to have the joke explained to him!” Well this Special Day’s objective is to get peeps to laugh, and to laugh more often.



    Good Friday morning – Laugh and the world laughs with you. Laugh hysterically, for no apparent reason… *heh*
    It’s chilly here in Jersey today, with sun and clouds. Wishing everyone a great day!



    Hi, Joan and KJ! Hope your Fridays find you laughing.

    Glad your soup turned out well, Joan. I ended up delaying mine for a day but it’s in the crock pot now.



    Paw up almost lunchtime waves on a gooood Friday!
    tgif kitteh
    coffee time
    To make it ’til then…how about another cuppa java – mwah, thanks Tux!
    OK…back to my desk for a bit.
    Back later/hopeful



    Yes it’s Friday and a Good Friday at that! It’s chilly here too, cloudy and I should probably go to the grocery, but just not feeling it…nothing like putting off for later what you should be doing right now 😆

    It’s nice to be able to do that–I don’t have Avery today–I forget what it’s like to do what I want when I want. Hey, I may even have a cup of hot coffee (for warmth) and watch some DVR’d shows!



    OK…time for li’l bit o’ lunchtime fun before part 2 day 5 starts!
    It’s a grey day with warm up on way! Not much activity on walk today…just a couple of dog/walkers – guess ’cause it’s doggie Friday. Yes, Brutie is here too!

    easter decorations
    Hmm…looks as if kits are getting café ready for this weekend’s fun!
    with that:
    Happy Easter asstd languages
    Happy Easter French/choco bunnies
    Wishing All who are observing Easter this weekend…Happy Easter w/Blessings – Have a great weekend too!
    Gotta luv those kits/bunnies 🙂

    May not be back ’til Monday…later!



    I heard something about a TDK Easter egg hunt in the lounge this weekend! Leela may also stop in for tomorrow is her birthday (approx.) and she’s probably hoping for a party, hint-hint.
    Planted peas today as well as uncovered the strawberry patch and cleared the leaves from the rhubarb. Lo and behold, I’ve grown a calico cat in the pea garden already! I think my dad would be happy I have a helper to make sure the soil is packed down. The strawberry patch is quite wet and I hope the plants haven’t rotted. The rhubarb has really grown from the wee sprig I saw only a week or so ago. Wonder if I’ll be able to make a pie this year!



    JJ, if your rhubarb grows like mine does, you will be able to make more than one pie!! Don’t turn your back on it, it might just attack! Mine gets away from me, so I cut it up and throw it in freezer bags. It’s great cooked and eaten like applesauce, providing you sweeten it up a bit, and also for pies and cobblers. I wish I could get my horseradish to grow as well as the rhubarb. I think I need to move it to a more ‘friendly’ place since hubby planted it by the barn and the grass tries to overtake it. There is nothing like fresh horseradish!



    This is old rhubarb, from the family homestead – brother and I divided up some plants a few years back. I’m so happy it seems to like where it’s been planted and yes, KZ, I’ll keep an eye on it!
    MS may remember this story. When we were kids mom would send us outside with a little cup of sugar. We’d pull the rhubarb, rinse it off with the garden hose, dunk it in sugar and eat it like a celery stick! If it’s one thing rhubarb loves, it’s lots of sugar!
    I’ve never had fresh horseradish, bet it’s delicious!



    Evening all! Tgif! so tired, such a long week ! Looking forward to spending a relaxing Passover weekend, no work (for once lol) have a great one all!

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