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    Limerick Day celebrates the birthday of writer Edward Lear (1812-1888). It also celebrates Limerick poems. Limericks were popularized by Lear in 1846 in his “Book of Nonsense”. Guaranteed to make us smile.



    Ah, limericks, I’m not good at formulating them.
    There once was a cat from Nantucket…
    Hi Lois Dell Sweat! *waving*
    Little Aslan is growing like a weed! He was spilling over the baby bed, so last night I put a larger one in his crate. He still loves KMR, and doesn’t like when I water it down too much. He’s also getting quite spunky and clever. I think he is past the six week mark, and still has his blue eyes. He is going to be a beautiful cat.



    Kits, Limericks and TGIF – this is a purrfect day!



    yes, TGIF effuryone!

    Glad the week is over! …. this weekend will be ‘move Son’s stuff around’ again! …. I’ve rented a storage unit, and it’s all going in there. We can’t keep hauling his boxes (and yes there are a ton of them!) up/down the stairs, room to room to attic and down again! …. Mr. AV, Scotty and Scotty’s assistant are finishing the attic into living area, so we need to get them out. Plus, Son is moving back from Vegas in August, and will need a storage unit anyway until he finds an apt. or buys a condo or something …. he’ll probably live with us a short while until he finds what he wants, so we’re working on a time table to get it all done by then! …. Lu and Ve of course, will also be my house guests too!

    Hope you all have a great Friday and I’ll see ya’ll on the weekend!



    Hee hee – fun theme~ adding my 2.5cent worth:
    cat limerick
    cat limerick diet
    Reminder: Times for Nomz – Everything in Moderation!

    Finally warming up – to be almost 70’s this weekend in ‘burbs.
    As always, around here – cooler near lake in my n’borhood!
    Waves, wishes for a pawsome weekend to all!
    cat weekend loading

    OK…mwah, smooch for Tux…back on triple flip kits! 🙂



    I love today’s theme…I love reading limericks!

    JJ, you made me LOL with the cat from Nantucket!!
    Love hearing about Aslan, he does sound like he will grow into a beautiful cat…white fur and blue eyes…. 😛 You might as well have to brush white fur off of a black sweater!

    Peso is doing well and loves wet food. He loves his goat’s milk/KMR bottle too. I can’t believe how fast they grow and change. I put a litter tray in his crate and didn’t think he was using it, but went to check it to change the litter to plain clay and it had pee spots in it! What a big boy!!



    Aww, love the Peso and Asian updates….sweet! Now we need pics.



    Peeking in with special wish for all Meowmys and Meowpops:
    Momma's Day
    Have a pawsome Mother’s Day!
    Back on the triple flip…



    I was going to start one about there once was a pussy…
    and find clean rhymes.
    Yes, the weather has turned sunny and warm here – nice to open doors and windows and air out the place – but I think we’ll get some more showers. Nothing like the constant, chilly rain there has been in all the regions of southwestern Québec and eastern Ontario. A lot of people had to leave their homes…
    As for foster and adopted cats, I’m always amused by the “Living” columns that lay out the items one MUST have in one’s wardrobe. There is always a crisp white shirt. I don’t have to dress all in black because of Livia (or Renzo, or Nadja, or…) but white is out of the question.

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