Friday – 12/01/018 – Feast of Fabulous Wild Men (or Kits) Day – Grrreat!!

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    Today brings an opportunity for all of us to feast our eyes on some fabulous wild kits – and wild kit wannabees!





    *Happy Dances* into the café …. TGIF!!! Morning everyone!
    I love all felines, the wild ones are just as beautiful! …..

    It’s a rainy start to the day here, temps going back down (to the 60s) …. what a roller coaster season this has been!

    Son flew back in from Toronto, he’s been visiting GF, who was in town for the holidays to see her family, and now heading back to CAR ….. they had almost 2 weeks, and really had a good time ….. Mr. AV and I are so happy he’s moved back to Tampa, he’ll be living with us until he gets his own place, so we will enjoy the time. He mentioned the possibility of GF coming back state side if her UN job allows, and if so, they would probably both live in NYC again. That would be great, only 2.5 hour flight for us, instead of 5.5 hours to LV! ….. he also mentioned, she might just move down here to Tampa and they get a place on the beach together – now that would be living the dream for a young couple!

    Hope everyone has a great day, and heads into the weekend warm and safe! L8R all



    Hee hee…fun theme, you bet I’ll add a couple of pics too!
    cat guy books
    Did you need something… 😉
    dance like no one is watching
    Dance like no one is watching
    Roar it's Friday
    Meowrrr….ROAR – It’s Friiiday!

    OK, time for cuppa fave brew – back to part 1 day 5’s fun!
    coffee tuxie infoam
    Wow – thanks Tux…picture purrfect copy cat of you in foam!
    Later – hope, doing solo thing today – Omate is “sic”!



    A sea lion? boo hiss

    There’s not much going on here but Miss Moppet is full of herself.

    Have a happy~



    Ooooh I so love the big kitties from whom are own purries are descended! 🙂

    PG, Dorry likes grrrl kits who are full themselves! 😉

    There being a dearth of fab wild men – I’ll just settle for fab wild kits!

    Pouring out – unexpectedly mild – but tomorrow promises that we head back into deep freeze! 🙁 I’ll just spend day resting as per.

    Going to Knitting Circle. And just ordered me some awesome yarn for yet another cable sweater! Will be working like tomorrow night and next wk, but this project is a breeze and when client accepted my rate without question, well I was one happy grrrl!

    If my latest parcel has arrived I might just pick it up after. You’d think that store would pack a tiny belt in a bubble envelope which would easily fit into mailbox – but no – I assume it was put in box so I have to go to post office! Plus MUST p/u Dorry’s nomz.

    If I’m not back l8r have a terrif Caturday all!



    Have a good rest KJ, and hope your tummy troubles are winding down. I have a whopper of a cold–a gift from Avery–but it always seems worse for a wee one. We are both hacking and barking like dogs and staying away from everyone we can.

    Well, the winter storm has hit, I just hope we keep power as I don’t relish the thought of no toilet flushing. Mr. KZ will have to get a generator up and going if that’s the case. It was 60 degrees yesterday, right now it’s 26, heading to 18. 30 MPH winds on top of that. We probably had 3 or 4 inches of rain, now turning to freezing rain, and now snow with 6″ expected tonight, then more on Monday.

    I would have liked to have made my regular grocery trip yesterday or today, but just didn’t feel like dragging myself and Avery out amongst peeps to shop. If we run out of milk, then so be it. By now there’s probably none on the shelves anyway. 😛



    It’s so much better when you don’t have to haggle over payment, KJ. Have a good rest. Miss Moppet finally settled down and is sleeping. No doubt, she having dreams of her fave silver tabby. 😉

    The dramatic weather changes really suck. I hope you and Avery are feeling better soon. Paws crossed you don’t lose power.

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