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    Today is earmarked for remembering family, friends, and loved ones. And kits, especially kits! Never forget your furries or their needs – ever!



    We made it to Friday! I must be very lucky because I’ve never had a cat tear up the house as some pictures I’ve seen. More toys not played with? absolutely!

    The local alley cat alliance gets quite a few cases of food. One or all my kits are finicky of late and decide they don’t like something so I get something different. They all enjoy it and we are happy…until one changes their mind. Arrgh! Such is life of a cat lady! 🙂

    I think I’ll get a pedicure. It’s been 6 weeks and my feet don’t look very good.

    Cya and have a happy!

    Dormire nel comfort del vostro amato (Italian)
    Sleep in comfort of your loved one



    The Persistence of Cat’s Memory



    Morning all! Love the pics today

    MS, KK’s ‘twins’ sound adorable, can you post pics?

    Yes, I will feel like a ‘cattery’ this Christmas, but I’m ready … screen doors keep siblings contained, so no one can fight …. there may be some initial hissing as Abby walks bye, but that has died down with Son’s girls, and Dau’s boys will be on the 3rd floor, which she doesn’t go up there (unless she might want to irritate them 😉

    Time for me to zip out …. the ‘mature teens’ await! LOL
    Have a great Vet’s day all!



    Yay, TGIF: Paw up waves~ Happy Forget-me-not Friiday!
    forget me not day
    orangie forget me nots
    gotta love those orangies! 🙂
    forget me not mug
    OK, need cuppa hot brew…li’l chilly here ~ started at +13 with flurries – may make it to +30 by afternoon/Woo Hoo!



    No flowers growing in my n’hood today. It actually snowed!!!!! 😥 Not that it stayed on the ground but it’s bitterly cold, not so much in the sun, but when the wind blows it feels like my purrson is being stabbed by icicles. 😮

    Nonetheless got back from gym to dose “hazeling”. Now out to Knitting Circle, but not fr all that long as Sabbath candle lighting is at 4:11 pm. Yup earlier what with the time change.

    So wishing all a terrific Caturday and catch you tomorrow evening!





    Wonderful pics today! I just ordered and received new food for my cats and they all love it! I’m am very lucky too, as I’ve never had my cats destroy anything in the house. I’ve been extremely lucky in diverting their bad behavior (the furniture plucking) by putting a taller scratching post by the item of furniture they were sharpening their claws on and it has worked. I also invested in more posts…the new cat tree has a lot of them, plus taller ones for my bigger cats. I can’t remember if I mentioned it so I’ll mention it again… 😆 I did buy a bigger litter box (one with very high sides) and no hood over it for Willow or anyone else who feels the need to use it. He is a big boy and might want more room to do his business without feeling cramped while doing it.

    We finally fired the woodburner up yesterday…it’s feeling pretty nice in here. Only a high in the 30’s today so the cat ‘bomb’ has gone off in the living room. Kitties laying everywhere in that room by the stove!



    Forget me not day… I picked the perfect day to stop in to say hi. I think about you all every day and hope you’re doing well. Life’s been stressful, but nothing major to complain about.

    AV, both your son’s and daughter’s cats are staying with you? Cattery indeed!

    KZ, we also have big open litter boxes with high sides. Eko is a high pee-er though and still makes it over the side sometimes…lol.

    The kits are doing well. No major fights in a long time, but we stay on our toes trying to help maintain the peace. They’re relationships with each other are cute and playful…until they aren’t…



    Hi all – so true, no amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat. And the hair, well, we all know!

    Forget-Me-Nots are such lovely flowers. None blooming now, but looking forward to them in the spring.

    forget me nots

    Remembering the Marines on this Marine Corps birthday! Also remembering the 29 men who went down on this date aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald.

    42 years later: Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald remembered

    Had a long couple of days at work, but still very happy there. I even get a paycheck each week!

    It’s been chilly here, with downright cold air coming in tomorrow. I put the heated pad in the shelter by the back door and Star is happy. I still have to cover it as it’s not completely waterproof, but no measurable rain/snow is expected in the near future. I also noted that it’s time to put out the heated water bowl! Dewey went outside for a few minutes, but didn’t stay out long enough to eat, he had his breakfast inside! The woodburner has been going for a few days, and though we all love it, no one shows it more than Miss Leela, who basks in front of it.



    Hi from saturday, it’s was light grey day here but is now a darker grey day and what little sun that we did have has flitted away and we keep getting random spots of rain like it can’t make up its mind whether to rain or not. The wind is nippy and makes the day not at all pleasant to be out in. I was going to smoke my peppers but the winds stopped me doing that. HRH has just done a rapid drive by and headed up to bed so that is as good a sign as any that the afternoon will be better spent inside rather than outside.
    Love the pics, ‘remember that donut’ had me LOL.
    AV, we are waiting for KK’s new kits to appear as kitties of the day, their pic has been submitted and I’ll see if I can get her to pot pics/vids on TDKF.
    KJ, snow ! brrrrrrrrrr nipply out there !
    Jonivi, welcome to TDK Cafe and such a sweet funny vid.
    KZ, woohoo new food that they love. How long do you think that will last for? Sounds like you have a mini forest of scratching posts doing exactly what they were designed for. Ohhhhhhhh the first fire of the season. We had a cold snap recently and had probably the last fire of the year. Now when the wind blows from the NE we get the smokey bacony smell of burned wood from the fireplace. I’ll enjoy it for a while before I clean out the burner and call the chimney sweep for its annual clean. LOL at the image of a cat bomb.
    ECB, I have missed you. Come on in and de-stress.
    JJ, interesting that you mentioned the Edmund Fitzgerald. I had never heard about it until that song came out and even then I didn’t realise it was about an actual incident/ship. Somewhere along the line I saw a documentary about shipping tragedies and that’s when I first made the connection that it was fact and the song. Never too old to learn.



    Hi ECB- it’s good to hear from you. Not much here but it was fairly nice weather. Miss Gaea was delighted to be able to be in the sun.

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