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    Middle Name Pride Day honours one’s seldom used middle name. What does this have to do with kits? Not much LOL. So let’s cut to the chase and focus on pride – which kits seemingly have a surfeit of!



    Crossover pic –

    that’s one proud cat strutting along with his catch.





    I love proud cat faces!! They make me smile…and that has got to be the tiniest, cutest little octopus I’ve ever seen!

    Well, we’ve made it to Friday–MS, you did it already πŸ˜€ –and I’m soooo glad! I think I’ll take Avery over to oldest daughter’s house to see the baby kittens (they are growing so fast and have eyes open, ears unfolded, and the chubbiest little milk tummies) and to see their little puppy Cooper. Avery loves that he hops and jumps and plays; I just have to make sure he doesn’t scratch her face when he gets rambunctious. I may just spring for lunch out since Mr. KZ won’t be here for it today and that’s one meal I don’t have to plan and fix..woo hoooo!

    We didn’t get the 2 inch snowfall that was predicted, unless it melted into the ground overnight, but the winds are blowing and it’s colder for sure. But the sun is shining so it looks very nice out the window!



    Happy TGIF all! ….. squeeeeee on that baby octi ….. !!!

    All my cats have middle names:
    Abbigale Violet
    Caddy Shack
    Luna Belle
    Venus Aphrodite
    The Dude (he goes by his middle name)


    What are your cat’s middle names and do they have one!



    So that wee translucent creature is an octopus – I had no idea! I thought that they were big and greenish! I’m learning so much in the CafΓ©! πŸ˜‰

    Not sure if this counts but Dorry’s official name is Dorian Gray Esq.

    It is beyond srsly frigid today. I think that with wind chill -30 degrees is Caturday prediction. I care not at all as my place is srsly warm and it is my day for srs rest/not venturing out.

    Going out in an hr or so to Knitting Circle, surprises me that even in nasty weather we have a good crowd. It’s like 10 min. walk for me, others have to drive, use public transport.

    Sunday is a holiday – Purim – where peeps do costumes. I’ve convinced myself to do a Goth look (OK not a huge leap hehehe.) Black lace mask, hot pink fishnet fingerless elbow gloves, bike mini gym skirt/T (both black); srsly dark lips; gelled hair. The deal should work as this get-up is for spin class. And as per usual I will be the only one with the initiative to do this. Whatever.



    Paw up waves – TGIF
    However you say it….It’s Friiiday πŸ˜€
    Coffee/Tea FYI:
    coffee tea fyi
    So know we all know…drink more water!
    It’s sunny but chilly today – only in 20’s – not much of warm-up for Weekend either…St Paddy’s day Parade tomorrow – probably won’t matter for the revelers tho…drinkie poos will help keep ’em happy!
    Ok…back to part 1 day 5’s fun…later/hopeful!



    Love these proud kitties! I can still picture our long hair black cat Smokey strutting up the driveway with a huge blue jay in her mouth. She sat down with us and placed the bird in front of her. A moment or two later, the bird let out a loud squawk and flew up to a tree! Needless to say, Smokie grumbled her way through the rest of the day…
    Our cats don’t have middle names, though I sometimes use the letter “T”, as in “The” (Cat). Mostly I say that to Mac: “Mackerel T” and before him I used it on Shaddo; he was often Shaddo T. Cat.
    I like Caddy’s middle name, obviously very fitting!
    Snowy day here in Jersey. Several inches have fallen and it’s starting to taper off. The next few days are expected to be frigid, time to wear socks again. *sigh*



    Hi Joan – thanks for the Smokey memory!
    Remember when Crockey was still an outdoor stray he would catch the birds as they swooped down to seeds – even though he had poor eyesight – caught a few as I looked on πŸ˜‰

    Hmm – middle names…well call Scoot my Scootie patootie and Luck as Lucky duck…Otto was Otto gato…but haven’t seen him around lately along with other feral/strays although nomz are usually missing as good sign!

    Speaking of Nomz:
    spring forward time for nomz
    Reminder set clocks ahead this weekend!
    Mwah…smooch for Tux – missed you kit! πŸ™‚
    Sigh, now back to part 2 day 5’s fun…back on the triple flip…way later!



    Otto Gato is making it work somewhere. Maybe he is like my Mama Cat, eating by you and finding a hangout somewhere else.
    Just saw a colossal mistake in my last post. Her name was Smokie, not Smokey!





    I can’t pick a fave because I love all the pics. Thanks KJ, MS and JK. I’ve never seen a wee Octopus.

    Middle names are Miss Gaea is Irene and Miss Moppet is Floppet and LilBit is Boy. To be sure, they’re all proud!

    For the escapees-have a happy weekend!




    Love the middle names!! LOL @ Miss Moppet Floppet! that’s purrrfect πŸ™‚

    I am so glad the weekend’s almost here, going to our fav bistro on the bay for some fresh sushi tonight – weather is gorgeous, and it should be a beautiful sunset! Have a great on all!



    Just in – must share:
    Miss your Kitteh nose smooching when away:
    kitteh lip gloss lol
    Mwah…smooch πŸ˜€



    Oh yes, all my cats have middle names, I don’t know why, but they always have.
    Starting with Thumbalina Nightengale, Bowtie Lee, Leona Ariel, and Willow Moon (he’s my hippy cat)!

    All of my outside cats, and there have been a LOT of them, had middle names. My Maxwell’s is Maxwell Silverhammer πŸ˜›

    I would like to join you AV at your fave sushi restaurant, but I don’t think I can get there in time. I could use some beach time and seafood for sure!!

    Can’t wait for tonight’s GRIMM!!!!!



    So many terrif pics and tails 2day!

    Got 2 run. It’s mega snowing out – ideal to be in! Catch you all on Caturday. Don’t forget to set clocks ahead late Caturday nite!



    Hey KJ, since we’re springing forward on Sunday, we’ll have you a bit later in the day on Friday!
    Sushi on the bay sounds lovely, AV, enjoy!
    Looking forward to Grimm too, though it puts us closer to the series ending. I guess they will be starting to wrap things up.
    Apparently this morning’s snowstorm has ushered in some very cold weather. Oh and the word “Nor’easter” is getting tossed around for Tuesday. A nor’easter is when weather comes up the coast and slams us with snow. Perhaps I should be proactive and visit Mom on Monday.
    I put “Louie’s” blanket on the chair after the snow stopped and I was able to clear off surfaces where the cats like to hang out. Mama Cat napped on the chair all afternoon! It would make me so happy if she would stay in my yard, purrhaps she will find that one of the shelters is just right for her.



    JJ, I wanted to share some pics of my sweet Caddy with you – she reminds me of Louie πŸ™‚ ……. she and Leela would be great friends! She has the sweetest face, and the prettiest green/gold eyes!



    Good morning all. It is wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet here. Poured all night and hasn’t stopped at all this morning. The temperature is not at all cold at 23C(74F) and 97% humidity. I have the front door pen and the security door shut and HRH is quite content to sit and watch the rain fall from inside. She has been to the v-e-t this morning for her annual steroid shot for her sneezles and hopefully there will no longer be boogers flying.
    JJ the vet is beginning to wonder if it’s an allergy and not just her stomatitis and general respiratory weakness from having the cat flu as a kitty. She was so compliant, sat there while he weighed her, checked her stomatitis and teeth and gave her the shot. I think she is getting used to the process.
    KZ, the kitties and Cooper sound adorable. Woohoo lunch out! Biggest bonus is not preparing it yourself.
    AV, your family cats have such wonderful names, fore and middle.
    Shadz doesn’t have a middle name but she has so many other names that she goes by and answers to that I don’t worry about it. HRH,Bubs,Bubby, Bubbles, Butterball, Shadow and of course her full name is Moonshadow. There are others but they can’t be mentioned in polite company, they are used when she lets live mice go inside or makes me late to bed by refusing to come inside for the night.
    πŸ˜‰ 😑 😳
    Hi KJ, it’s such a tiny but perfect octopus. I could send some of our humidity over but I ave a feeling it will come with attached downpours. Believe me we have rain to spare. Your costume sounds great and I guess those that know won’t be at all surprised but I hope you shock a few people, doing that is fun. πŸ˜‰
    Waving to JK.
    JJ, watching a cat with a fresh catch and the way they are so proud is wonderful, heads up and tail up and I swear their shoulders go back. Then when something happens like the birds flying off or the mouse escaping everything drops down again. Ohhhh snow.
    PG, maladjusted and proud ! ! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† Love it.
    JK, that is definitely a different lip gloss, not sure about it smelling like kitten milk.
    AV and KZ Meegz and I had domburi recently, my first time and it was superb. Rice with salad choices a selection of Japanese meats and sauces. The bowl looked so full but it was a delicious light meal. I will be having that again.
    AV, Caddy is a pretty girl, that last pic she reminds me so much of Shadz.



    Woohoo, the rain has eased off and the weather front is drifting off to the east and most of it will miss us now until the next front comes in late tonight. I hope the ground water can drain away before then.
    HRH Shadz is now outside and a happy cat.

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