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    The ”Urban Dictionary” defines Bingo as a totally bad-a$$ game where some dude with a microphone calls out a letter and a number simultaneously and you mark the combination on your board if it’s there. After playing this game for about 10 minutes, someone will get 5 pieces diagonally, horizontally, or vertically and yell out the word “BINGO!” and everyone will applaud and they win the game.



    Not sure why but I tired. I’ll play this bad a$$ game tomorrow!

    Cya and have a happy~



    Good morning everyone. Beautiful sunny day, but very cold and crispy. Not so for this afternoon though, probably be around 50. I’ll take it.

    Well, I’ve not played much Bingo, maybe once or twice when my mom was in the nursing home, and I could never win! 😆

    I may try and put my tree up this afternoon. I say try because I don’t know how helpful Avery will be and I say ‘helpful’ with some skepticism… 😛 because I’m not sure that I will feel that she’s helping… 🙄 😎



    As JJ says – Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

    Come on Agnes! 🙂

    Help is a relative term, KZ. 😉 Between Avery and the cats it should be an interesting experience. It is every year, I’m sure.

    I figured it out. Between swimming and making 7 dz. cookies, I was tired. It’s holiday cookie baking time. Today, I’m making Orange Almond Biscotti.

    Once I went to Bingo with my Aunt. If you’re not ready for cut throat gaming, don’t go. These players work up to 20-25 cards every game and have no time for beginners. I thought I was doing good with 3 cards. 😆 😆

    Have a happy~



    Yup – TGIF ~ Rabbit Rabbit!
    Rabbit rabbit
    kitteh 2 rabbits
    Meowrrrabbit rabbit 🙂
    Have a purrfect start to the new month…later/hopeful!



    Just in from li’l walk ~ pretty day again – sunny +40!
    It’s Doggie Friday – yup, Brutie is here plus n’bors 2 dogs
    were outside getting some fresh air!
    n'bors dogs on doggie friday
    So, I literally got 2 doses of vitamin “D” today ~ sunshine and doggies!

    OK, back to part 2 day 5…happy weekend!



    Forgot the rabbit, rabbit again!

    Just about outta here til Caturday evening!

    Don’t think that I’ve ever played Bingo, purrhaps maybe once.

    PG, wrote the vendor with the sending small thing in big box issue will se if anything changes, can’t hurt to try.



    Rabbit Rabbit! (I remembered)

    Part of my drum corps life involved hanging around the PAL (Police Athletic League) building, where bingo was played all the time. As PG says, some peeps are hardcore bingo players, very impressive. Us kids didn’t play with the big guns; we were there mostly for access to the kitchen!

    Hope your tree trimming is going well, KZ. So nice to have a stretch of nice weather before winter kicks in.

    Oooh cookies! *sets plate at wormhole entrance* PG, your house must smell awesome!

    Nice day for a walk, JK – and great to see doggies outside enjoying fresh air. You are so lucky to have Brutie visits!

    Hi KJ – have a restful Sabbath and see you later on Caturday!



    Have never played bingo and zero interest in such matters. There are enthusiastic bingo games among senior groups who are among the many categories of humans frequenting the community centre where I’ve volunteered for decades.

    Though I confess to being far more impressed by the Vietnamese seniors who take part in tai chi and are wonderfully supple.

    However anything that gets people continuing to socialize is good. There is nothing people will lose their shirt on at the Centre Lajeunesse bingo afternoons.



    I’m late into the Cafe.
    I’ve never played Bingo but it is a popular game here at various venues.
    I agree there are some pretty hardcore players out there.
    Went to the weekend markets with Meegz this morning and bought nothing but it sure as heck was hot out in the sun this morning.
    I am very tired, HRH Shadz decided she wasn’t going to come inside last night no matter the encouragement from me. It was the wee hours of the morning before I gave up and went to bed but I thought I heard her ‘knocking’ on the security door at one stage so came down to check but either I imagined it or she had knocked and run away. Tonight I am prepared for her and have opened her cat door int the basement and shown her that it is open. Fingers crossed.
    Headed to tomorrow/today’s Cafe.

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