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    Lend an ear to a bizarre Special Day of unknown origin. However kits and their paying heed to us – that’s another story. And on the rare occasions that it happens, one worth celebrating.





    Paw up waves…g’morn with TGIF fun…
    listening dog & cat
    Yup – it’s Doggie Friday and Brutie is in the “House”!
    Nice and sunny but still cold – we may reach +34 today -woo hoo!

    Wishing all an awesome Friday…back later/hopeful!
    Now – time for a mug o’ fave brew…thanks Tux!
    cat mug



    Human are idiots! 😆

    I love these fluffy tuff ears. I play with Miss Moppet tuffs of fluffies when she’s in my lap!

    We got a smidgen of snow. It’s the kind that freezes overnight and creates black ice and bunches of accidents.

    Cya and Have a happy~



    If I tried to play with any part of Dorry’s purrson in all likelihood woe betide! 😮

    We’re getting snow too, but the light, pretty kind, not quite snowglobe-esque.

    But PG, forewarned is forearmed. If the snow in your n’hood turns to black ice- STAY IN!!!! It’s bad enough for efurryone, and I tell myself this (as do other peeps) and I wear special cleated boots.
    But still being in recovery from your surgery G-d forbid you don’t want to slip and incur an injury which will set you back.So hard not to do just what one wants, I know. *Sigh*

    Off to Knitting Circle. Can probably stay for about 2 hrs as today is the earliest time all year for Sabbath candle lighting – 3:52 and then darkness creeps in.

    Postman just brought the last of my gifts to self – hopefully I can not buy anything more – that is until Boxing Day/Boxing Week/ Boxing Month/Boxing Year … 😉

    Have a terrif Caturday all!



    TGIF everyone! …. funny ear pics today!
    *belts out a top of lungs* …. ‘grandma got run over by a reindeer’ …. now there’s an ear worm for ya! LOL

    My on-line shopping is done, and packages are starting to arrive at my doorstep! ….. easiest Christmas ever! …..

    Still waiting on the rain that is supposed to come through today, followed by a cold snap ….. stay safe everyone, and if it’s snowing in your neck of the woods, don’t go out unless absolutely necessary!

    Se ya’ll on the flipside of Caturday!



    Hi all – I’ve missed coming here! Worked yesterday and today, it sure gets intense at a doctor’s office sometimes, and in my case, two doctors! I still struggle at times, and sure hope it gets better, though I couldn’t ask for a nicer work environment.

    Enjoyed reading the cotton candy thread. I like it, though I don’t know when I had it last. The kitten who ate so much cotton candy it’s coming out of her ears is kind of a crossover pic!

    Bought my Christmas ham the other day, and went to the Polish store today and got pierogis. There are a few food items I can’t get yet, but I’m happy the big items are done. Might have to go to a few stores, but siblings decided no gift exchange this year, so my list isn’t long.

    It’s set to snow tomorrow. They’re saying it won’t be a monster storm, but it will snow all day. I’m planning on staying in and decorating anyway. However, it looks like I won’t be going to the holiday tree lighting at my hometown animal shelter tomorrow evening. These mountain roads are tricky, so it’s best not to be out unless necessary.



    Good morning all, doors and windows open, large market umbrella up on the balcony across doorway to shade the room, light wind blowing the curtains in and at times threatening to slam doors. Oh did I mention the sun was shining and it was quite muggy at 6.30am. 🙄 It’s cooler now the wind has arrived. Yay HRH Shadz was more like herself last night and had two dinners of turkey and duck raw meat and sucked down a saucer of kitten milk. She even came in voluntarily at bed time and proceeded to hog the bed, kick me off my pillow and then insist I pull the sheets over me so she could crawl under them. It really was too hot even for sheets but what HRH wants at the moment HRH gets. Yes every meal is being served outside on the balcony. 🙄 This morning she was awake early demanding to go out and was at the door for breakfast a short time later then disappeared somewhere on the property for a days sleeping in the shade. I will have to purchase more containers of turkey and duck and freeze them as they are only produced at this time of year.
    I got good news fro friends this morning, their cat has been missing for 5 days and despite checking with neighbours and calling there was no sign of their cat. As I had breakfast I received a pxt with the words ‘Look who has returned’. Happy dancing. Poor boy was hungry and thirsty so we think he must have been locked in somewhere. I don;t think he will stray from home again now.
    PG,I’m with KJ on playing with Shadz ears, I would lose my fingers quick smart.
    Ohhhhhhhhhh snow and the nasty black ice kind. Please be extra vigilant where you are walking PG.
    KJ< gifts to self, hmmmmm I like the sound of that but by the time I have done all the gift buying I forget me. This year we are doing minimal, $20 limit for each in our immediate family and a $10 mystery gift fro each person for the Lucky Dip we have with the KK’s and Mum.
    As long as Mr MS and the kids let me know what they would like to receive in time for me to go shopping then it should be relatively painless and hassle free this year. The food on the other hand is a different story, or rather the dessert. Now I know desserts are sweet but I am trying to find something that is minimally loaded with sugar and is cold, no hot food for us at all for Christmas meals. It’s all cold meats and salads. I might just have to be content with Weight Watchers jelly( jello as you call it) for dessert. No pavlova topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries for me. 😥
    Thank you AV for that earworm, sigh. 😕 I am waiting for rain too, as soon as it rains I can transplant all the tomato and pumpkin plants that have sprung up in the garden from my compost. My flower gardens are now sprouting tomatoes everywhere and pumpkins are winding their way through the penstemons,asters, snapdragons, cornflowers and rudbeckia while tomatoes grow between them and cucumbers are climbing the fence. I hope we both get the rain we need.
    JJ, we miss you but know you will make it here when you can and tell us the goings on. Oh snow for you too, I should have guessed that and I guess that KZ is probably in for some too.
    I have a ham this year, usually Mr MS received one through work but since he gave that job the flick I thought we would have to buy one but no, I won it instead. 😀 Mmmmmmmm slices of cold ham are still on the menu for us.
    Just received a gift wish list from Airy so Meegz and I will be shopping together one night next week so we don;t get her the same thing as she sent the list to both of us.
    Lunch time here time to see what I can throw in a bowl in the way of salad.



    Oh, MS, I have the perfect light and cool dessert for you, a crustless pineapple coconut convection of delirious happiness! I’ll send the recipe tmrw. So delicious, light and nice on a warm day!



    Great pics. Love the ‘loading 95%’.

    MS, I’m so glad your friend’s cat came back. I used to live in a old part of Melbourne with heaps of tiny factories, and my cats were forever getting locked in somewhere or other, often overnight but sometimes for days at a time. Their ability to get into trouble was one reason why I enclosed a part of my garden in our current place.

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