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    According to UNESCO’s website: “The aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies.” If you are reading this, then you can and should celebrate International Literacy Day.



    wedin or rubbin? Goes ahead…choose!
    Contrary to popular belief many lolcats have a keen interest in language and learning. In fact, many lolcats claim desks and libraries to be their favourite places.

    And 4 hurrycanes thereafter

    Cya and have a happy~

    Always snuggle together in times of trouble or not



    Happy Friday morning all! My thoughts are with those in Florida waiting for nasty Irma, and those cleaning up from Harvey. Please stay safe.

    I’m on your internets degrading your language with my ignorance and apathy–uh huh–I’d let kits do it all day long…it’s the people doing it that makes me want to slap the *#$! out of them….just sayin’…..

    Ok, gotta get a move on, I just heard the gator pull in the driveway, I suppose Mr. KZ wants something for lunch–later!



    Hi all! Librarian Grumpy Cat cracks me up!

    On thinking of it, I’ve taken for granted the ability to read. I recall the literacy campaigns when I was a kid, but figured it was directed to inner city kids living in the shadows of NYC.

    KZ and Elaine, your cats’ antics are funny! Huey does something similar – he tags me when I go in the house. I’ve even had a few (harmless) scratched from when I wore shorts!

    This just in from TDK land: Agency kits are getting together to send powerful sheltering and calming vibes for all in the path of the storm. You’re not alone; our thoughts are with you.



    For sure JJ re storm!

    Might actually get some reading done in between srs rest tonight and Caturday – crud srsly not fun. So need to be able to sleep (and breathe!)

    Also got next part of major (paying) project – fun – but must make sure that I am alert when working on it. 😉

    Take care all and catch you Caturday night!



    Good morning all, or rather morning as it is cold wet and windy here.
    I am feeling more human this morning although my dining is restricted to soft foods and using straws and teaspoons. Thank goodness for KFC potato and gravy and popcorn chicken for being small and or soft.
    I have been following all the Irma news and I am thinking of all our TDKers anywhere in her path busy preparing for her arrival. Stay safe, stay together and hug your kits.
    Also been reading about the nasty quake off the Mexican Pacific coast, scary pics of it as it happened. Some of the first tsunami waves from that quake have arrived on our shores, not a threat to us but still measurable.
    I read an article this morning that our accent may be hampering our reading, writing and literacy, but people are saying that is nonsense as we all speak with the same accent here pretty much. It’s when you begin comparing accents with other countries that problems occur. Anyhoo nothing wrong with my literacy.



    Languages with an international scope are spoken and thought in many accents, and variations in spelling and syntax. Nothing wrong with that. I was talking to a (very pleasant) guy at a hardware store, Quincaillerie Azores, down in Little Portugal, due south of where I live, and we were chatting about Portuguese. I said I was far from fluent in Portuguese, but I picked some up working at a school where there were many Brazilian teenage and young adult participants. He said their Portuguese was so different, and I reminded him that it was the same in English, French and Spanish, among others. He said that even speaking with a guy looking for a part of something was challenging because the customer was from Madeira – another Portuguese island, not even across the Atlantic or Pacific.

    I don’t think cats face such a problem, despite the distinctive twang of my Siamese and part-Siamese.

    To be a bit more serious, literacy is essential for the emancipation of women. Even if they work essentially as housewives and mothers.



    My folks were very strict about my sister and I being literate. I assumed that everyone could read and write and was surprised when a lot of people couldn’t do either. I sound so pompous.

    I hope you get over the crud soon, KJ.

    I know how you feel MS but soon, it will be a memory. There was a hole where my toof was and that made me crazy (ier). To whom does you accent limit in literacy?

    P. Tigris Cattus

    I heard from my buddy in Jacksonville. She’s gone inland and is taking care of her friends’ 4 dogs. The traffic was bumper to bumper but moving along.

    The earthquake hit in western Mexico and Hurricane Katia is landing on their eastern shores. It’s sounds like any tsunami threat has been downgraded in your area, MS.

    We’ve said it before Be safe.



    Hi Lagatta,

    It’s wonderful that you’re multi-lingual. After reading your post, I decided to look up world literacy rates. Did you know that North Korea has 100% literacy?



    Another country – a democratic one – with almost 100% literacy is Iceland.

    I assume that they exclude people with an intellectual or other disability that prevents them learning to read.

    I believe Montréal has the highest rate of trilinguals in North America. In Europe there are higher rates in several places, and I have a friend from Cameroon who speaks about 10 African languages, and at least four European ones. He also speaks Maghrebi Arabic, which I guess is an Africanized West-Asian language, or a blend of West-Asian Arabic and North African Berber.

    I was shocked to learn that there were people who couldn’t read in developed countries. My family was very far from wealthy, but everyone was highly literate.



    It’s sad because Americans don’t want to learn other languages. Even though kids are taught languages in school, many take it as an elective and don’t try to learn it.

    The mantra has “why do I need to speak another language? I’m an American.” A pity

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