Friday 07-07-2017 – It's National Anti-Boredom Month – How Exciting!

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    Do kits get bored? Not when all it takes is a red dot to get their hunting instinct and excitement engaged. And watching kits as they go about their antics is never boring!



    Miss Moppet is absolutely insane when chasing the red dot. If she needs a break, she’ll lay down and pull herself across the floor to get the dot. They also have a straw attached to a string toy. Miss Gaea and MM love to play with it…but not together. Actually, there is box full of toys but those are boring!

    It’s Friday and time for my pedicure. My going to the pool is helping my knee. When I get home, It’s a good 3 hours before it begins to hurt. Today, I didn’t use the cane and didn’t need a lot of pain meds. Yes, I changed my avatar to the only picture I found with all of my gang.

    It’s finally down to 70f/21c. *sigh*

    For the TDKers taking off have a good weekend. Cya and have a happy~

    Seinn go dtรญ go dtagann tรบ i do chodladh (Irish)
    Play until you fall asleep



    Boredom ! ! Oh dear I read that as anti-bedroom month ! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    It must be the crud making my eyes fuzzy. ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜•



    How can they be bored? They sleep 18 hours a day.

    I’m bored and out of sorts as my lower back and hip hurt, so I can’t ride my bicycle. Hope a good therapeutic massage helps…



    Lagatta I certainly hope your massage helps and you feel better quickly.
    No sleepy kitty sigh off pic tonight, picture this instead. Mr MS, legs stretched out on an ottoman in front of him, head back and snoring gently with his glasses almost falling off the tip of his nose, HRH Shadz is asleep in his lap and stretched out along his lap past his knees, she is also gently snoring. I have to disturb them both as it is bed time for Mr MS.
    Night all.



    Good morning, friends! (Thanks for all the kind words in the previous thread, it’s super appreciated, and I LOVE hearing from you guys!)

    Sorry you’re going through some medical issues right now, PG, I hope that continues to improve! Knee issues are never fun, I can definitely sympathize there :/

    Lagatta, I hope your massage goes well, and you start to feel better too! My bike has absolutely saved my right knee, but lower back pain is one of the worst damn things. Sending good wishes for recovery to you both!

    Lilith is currently galloping around my desk, making a (n adorable) nuisance of herself… Woke up after only a few hours sleep myself with some sort of bug. It would seem today is going to be a rest/recuperating type day instead of an extra workout. Ah well. If I’m lucky, my Partner’s taking me out for a “cheat” dinner since I hit the gym five days a week leading to Pride, and especially since I engaged a personal trainer. I’ll probably try and overhaul the diet again this next week… Hopefully I can find a way to make tuna and lean turkey appealing, otherwise we might be sunk for dinners lol! (We both LOVE pasta, and we’re a fairly carb-heavy family even when we try not to be. It’s a curse lol; and my ‘cheat’ is probably a quite nice italian and pizza place here in town. YUM!)



    Happy TGIF all! ….. good for you, Kincaid hitting the gym 5 days! You deserve a ‘cheat’ dinner! …. Mr. AV will be taking me out, cause it’s what we do on Fridays …..

    9am here, and it’s already 84 degrees …. you can see where we’re headed today ๐Ÿ™

    Yesterday I got Caddy to learn about the joys of an ice pack …. she was hanging out on the porch with me, and poor baby looked so hot in her black coat, that I got an ice pack out of the freezer ….. I showed it to her, then put her front paws on it …. she lay down near it, and I gently pushed it up against her back ….. she stayed there for an hour, turning from back to belly so that it touched and cooled her down …. she is one smart lady! ….. I forsee this becoming a regular thing every afternoon this summer …. I’ll try to post a picture later of her enjoying it, she was really cute!

    I have to get working, hopefully my day will go smooth and I can call it ‘quittin’ time early ๐Ÿ˜‰ …… have a great one all!



    Here she is enjoying the ice packs ……



    Awwww Caddy…. so cute!

    Honestly, how can anyone be bored? I sometimes really enjoy doing nothing–thinking, pondering and not answering a million questions or DOING something every minute…*sigh* but it doesn’t happen very often.

    Enjoy your pedicure PG, mine is next weekend after thinking it was tomorrow! Darn it!! Glad your knee if feeling better.

    Hi MS, sounds like you are slowly back on the mend again. It’s supposed to cool down here tomorrow, so maybe turning the fans in your direction helped both of us!

    Bummer Kincaid about feeling funky! Ugh. I love turkey and tuna, but seriously diets can ruin a good food, can’t they? Just remember that pasta is not bad, it’s just the portion control thing…yeah, sure, I DO understand! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Off to warm up some soup for lunch–hope to check in later!



    AV, Miss Caddy looks to be enjoying her chillin’ experience. What a l-o-n-g sleeg grrrl – pleeze give her a gentle stroke from me!

    Hi Kincaid,
    Looks like you’re looking to become a srs gym aficionado. The gym is basically my home away from home/along with the TDK Cafรฉ it’s my happy place. I just do spin cycle classes and the ones that are as hard as pawsible! I do some other stuff at home. 6 days/wk with Caturday being my day of rest as Sabbath. I’m actually certified to teach, but it’s not something I’d enjoy doing. When peeps commend me I counter that there’s no such thing as a “healthy addiction.” LOL

    Today the A/C was off yet again and although I’m quick to contact management when anything bothers me, well I like the feeling of being drenched, other peeps def unhappy, but if they like they can complain (which in all likelihood they won’t.)

    Anyway off to do some cleaning and get some work done before heading on out to Knitting Circle.



    At first I thought you’d kidnapped Livia, but Caddy does look longer… I’ve been the one using ice packs.

    I wouldn’t say I’m often bored, more frustrated now as I want to run more errands and get more exercise, and I have to move around very s-l-o-w-l-y like a nonegenarian so as not to make a false move and get a very sharp pain.

    As for portion control, other than measuring or weighing your dry pasta, using a smaller plate or shallow bowl (like a soup plate, but not a large one) is very useful. Eventually one gets used to a smalller portion and enjoys it just as much. As we get older we need less food, but good nutrition. Obviously vegetables are a key element. This time of year we also have berries. And fresh basil for your pasta!



    Gosh, AV, she sure looks comfy! It’s scheduled to hit the upper 90s all the way up to 104 in my part of the state today… Thanking gods for working A/C and a partner who doesn’t mind if I keep it at 72 most of the day!

    Lol, I’m totally with you, Zee! I found some really good mini-meatloaf recipes that I can change the seasoning on and have a couple different renditions, but over time… It eventually gets boring. My Love doesn’t really ‘get’ palate fatigue thankfully, so I at least have a little LONGER between shake-ups. I don’t think He’ll ever quite enjoy quinoa and turkey burgers and endless tuna salad for lunch, lol!!
    Yes, definitely trying to make the pasta more of a side than the main course, when we DO have it. Incidentally, pearled couscous is AMAZING, and if He doesn’t eat last night’s leftovers, I WILL!

    KJ, it’s a bit less about controlled addiction/control, and more pre-surgery prep! ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot needs to change before I can; realistically, should; schedule my consults, so I’m doing what I can with what I have. Thankfully what’s going on isn’t really life-threatening, just uncomfortable and frustrating to deal with. DEFINITELY understand what you mean by “healthy addiction” though. :/

    Hope they get your A/C going again, sooner or later this heat is a beast!



    Kincaid, I’m thinking that you might have misunderstood my post. I definitely was not trying to give you advice, I was talking about my thing with working out. Pre-surgery – wow, well I hope that everything that you need to do to be ready goes well. As for the A/C I love working out in extreme heat, if it were up to me (and some instructors, we wouldn’t have it on at all.) I do appreciate the central A/C in my place, though, I’m on the fourth floor (which is the top floor) heat rises and it would be like a sauna in here. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Might do a bit more work, deadline is Tuesday and I finally have everything that I need to work on in hand (phew!)

    So have a gr8 Caturday all and catch you tomorrow night!



    Kincaid – try taking a regular chili recipe and use the turkey instead – I do that – it reduces the fat and calories a ton and if you like a spicy chili it doesn’t taste much different than hamburger. Good luck!




    Silly and I could bet my Gr. nephew would do it



    KJ, you’re right I mighta misread ๐Ÿ™„ it’s been kinda a long day, sorry if I was offensive in any way! So far so good! If my knee can withstand the 3-5 days a week I’ve been doing; the bike ride in to the gym can be anywhere from 3-5 miles depending on which direction I go; I’ll be ok. I tend to skip days as soon as my knee starts acting up, or at least taking it slower and doing as much as possible at home.

    I’ve heard of hot yoga before, and I understand the basic concept behind other types of workout using heat instead of A/C; stuff like spin classes… but personally, I’d overheat in a minute! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Still, nothing quite like getting up a good sweat and knowing you’re earning every bit of gain.

    TM somehow I think my Love would QUITE enjoy that! He loves spicy food, and it’s easy to add extra hot sauce into soups and chilis. Definitely something to consider when the weather gets a little bit cooler… ๐Ÿ˜€

    Lagatta, sorry I missed your post the first time around! We did just buy new dishes with that concept in mind, but I think a small part of the issue might be a small stomach and generally fairly good metabolism on my part… Choosing better snacks and eating less carbs throughout the day instead of keeping chips, crackers, and ‘junk food’ around and choosing crunchy veggies and healthy smoothies instead has already shown some improvement. {As soon as I hit 24 I could feel my metabolism starting to slide. It hasn’t gotten much better, but at least I’m not putting on two pounds for every donut I ate in my teens.} ๐Ÿ˜†

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