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    ¡Hola! In 1862, President Juárez declared that the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla would be a national holiday – “Battle of Cinco de Mayo”. Ready yourselves for some baile folklórico and mariachi demonstrations along with spicy nomz. Mexican Cat Dance?



    Cinco de Mayo on a Furry Friday? I won’t be leaving my place this weekend! I love the kit on the ceiling fan 😆

    Cya litter mates and Have a happy~

    Dulces sueños de fiesta



    Crossover pic –



    YAY it’s Friday…and Cinco de Mayo!! I could use a Marguerita..and it’s only 10 am or so…but so WHAT?!

    It is literally POURING outside and raining sideways! After 2 previous days of rain!! Come ON already!! No outside work for me today.

    Funny pics today…the orangey hanging over the toilet bowl would be me after 5 tequila shots 😆



    Happy Cinco de Mayo!
    It’s pouring here too – rainy weather is coming up from the south and in from the Midwest. Dewey went out for a very short time before deciding inside is the place to be today. I’m hoping Star will be brave enough, and hungry enough, to venture inside for a snack later. It’s probably the only way I have a chance of getting a flea and tick collar on her.
    Planning on burritos and nachos for dinner. Something along the lines of tortillas, chips, rice, beans, diced tomatoes, corn, peppers, tobasco sauce, lime juice and of course, lots of cheese! Bought a 6-pack of margaritas. They’re super low in alcohol content, which is ok since I’m not a big drinker, but they’ll have the festive taste!
    Aslan seems to be getting closer to eating solid food. He hasn’t popped in a few days so I’m hoping that he will soon. He’s very active, roaring for my attention when I’m around. Just in the past few days he has gotten so active I can’t let him roam on the table where the crate is anymore. He’s happy in the evening when we’re sitting nearby though, and by leaving the crate door open he can go in when he needs the litter-box or wants to nap in his nest.



    It’s pouring, it’s cold and I agree with Dewey!

    Just got back in and still plan to go to Knitting Circle if only for a short while.

    Haven’t been in Café much over past days. Not feeling quite up to par. Stomach thing still intermittently giving me grief. 🙁 Don’t want/need med advice, sympathy will suffice. My med peeps are on top of it (as it were LOL.) But I’m so not enjoying xtra bthrm time and at times feel like c**p (pun intended.) Told that these things can take a bit of time to resolve. Plus the shredded carrots that I had the other day, seemed a bit off, and adding some chopped prunes to attempt “carrot/raisin salad” was a very bad plan as in “What were you thinking?” Guess that I wasn’t. Plus the potassium that I’m taking as level was lower than they like, has as side effect “may irritate stomach.” Yup! But even though I still have reg energy for working out I feel drained (hehehe.) And opting to go the no-noms route is srsly a non-option, more like a concern. Plus I worry and this causes, yup, stomach cramps.

    The potassium stops tomorrow and ideally I will feel a bit better.

    Hope that all are having a good TGIF and enjoying whatever is being imbibed, virtual or not! 😉



    Happy Cinco de Mayo with Taco pizza:
    taco pizza
    Yum 🙂

    Finally got new keyboard after 8 years~ letters were wore off some keys~
    User friendly Ergonomic…Still getting used to key placement but it’s comfy!
    Ok, back to serious tippy tapping on it…have a pawsome weekend kits..back on triple flip!



    TGIF effuryone! and happy Cinco de Mayo!! Well, I guess my rain made it up to ya’ll, we got it good yesterday and over night, but it cleared up beautifully this afternoon … even dropped our temps in to comfortable 80 detrees 🙂
    Tomorrow no one is working!! (yay) … Scotty is sick and Scotty Jr. wants to take his kids to the zoo … so lucky me, I get a day to sleep in a putz! My hooman Hazel was here today, so I don’t even have to do housework!!

    Hope everyone has a great evening, see ya’ll on the flip …. headed down to have dinner on the Bayshore!!



    It’s hot and dry. I went to my MOVE class that is sponsored by the the VA. It has been so long since I’ve eaten a balanced meal that I don’t really remember how to make healthy choices. Of course, cooking for one can be challenging.

    Sorry about your stomach problems, KJ. I hope you feel better soon.

    JJ, has the rest of the gang checked out their foster litter mate? I’m sure Miss Leela is offended.

    If farmer Mr. KZ heard you complain about the rain….

    That’s an interesting keyboard. I couldn’t get used to it’s height, though.

    Just heard the hicka-hicka from Miss Moppet. Gotta go



    Finally making it into the Cafe this beautiful Saturday evening.
    Wow Autumn weather has been stunning this week, warm sunny days and nippy nights and mornings giving way to yet another warm sunny day – until the next storm arrives.
    Sorry for all of you with terrible wet weather, it can be annoying but it has to happen.
    KJ, I loved your pun filled post, the bright side of feeling blurgh.
    JK, that taco pizza looks great. I used to have an ergonomic keyboard and loved it. My last laptop had all the letters worn off the keyboard, made for interesting typing at times especially when family borrowed it.
    AV, I hope you get your sleep in, I tried to this morning. I made Mr MS’s lunch lastnight so I didn’t have to get up but my body clock still woke me up. I played possum in bed with HRH until daddy left. 😆
    PG, the MOVE class sounds interesting, Is it physical as well as nutritional?
    Wow that was all the posts? Slow Friday.
    Think I will head to your Saturday.

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