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    Is Winter finally drawing to a close? If Mr. Groundhog sees his shadow, there’s six more weeks to go. 🙁 If not, spring is just around the corner! 🙂



    It’s Friday and time for the annual weather forecast.

    With the chilly weather and the new puppy next door, Miss Gaea is not going out as much. That, in turn, makes her cranky. So we have wrestling/fighting on a daily basis. *sigh*

    Have a happy~

    Somos amigos abrazo (A big hug buddy)



    Good morning!
    It’s cold here, 13 degrees–what a yo yo the weather has been. Pond is frozen over again, but hopefully not for long. Surely, the groundhog will see his shadow. Why put that burden on that poor innocent rodent! 😆

    MS, I was thinking you are probably wistful thinking of summer on it’s way out, but given the temperatures, you may be looking forward to a change of seasons.

    Nothing much on my agenda today, just me and Avery hanging out. Playing doll house, kitchen, and putting puzzles together while trying to stay warm.

    PG, what a bummer about Miss Gaea not being comfortable in her own yard. That sucks.




    Hee hee..Groundhog Myth ~ changed up a bit in #Brewtown – my digs:
    Snow Lily Bear as ground hog
    Well, old man ground hog passed away so we have Snow Lily the Bear as our mascot this year…Yup, saw her shadow too! So precisely 46 days to Spring as countdown starts!
    It’s currently +12 – up 12 degrees from this morning’s +0 Low!
    Sunny with biting wind…yes, I did take li’l walk…now, Timez for Lunch!
    cat leg rubs
    #TimezforNomz too!
    cat cup cake
    Café Kittehs have created some yummy sweet treats to share with all who stop in today ~ enjoy – Happy Friiday!



    Happy TGIF everyone! It’s warmed up nicely here, low to mid 70s and sunny! Couldn’t ask for better weather! Might have to go to the beach this weekend, Son has really missed it and is very glad to be back!

    Finished my work early today, I think I’ll bake some cookies …. family coming over for game night, so munchies are needed! Last time Dau was here for Christmas she and I made some really yummy hummus recipes, easy and cheap, think I’ll throw some of those together too! Have a great day all!!



    A wonderful story for your weekend:

    Yea, I know but I’m moving the end of April. The rents in the area gone higher in the past two years so my landlord is taking advantage of them. I would, if I were him, so I’m starting the search.



    Well, Phil saw his shadow, sigh. However, Millville Mel here in Jersey, as well as Staten Island Chuck, did not. Here’s to Mel and Chuck!

    It rained overnight, then turned to snow before moving out. Everything was frozen; the cat dishes were sliding around on my step when I fed them this morning. Berta and Dewey have been eating inside though, which makes things easier for me.





    It’s Saturday afternoon and the weather hasn’t decided what it is going to do. We had a long but light shower of rain but the temp is warm and the sun is trying to break through the clouds. The cicadas are singing loudly as are the birds so I am betting on the sun coming out.
    HRH doesn’t know what to do with herself since we got a good deluging of rain the other night because her favourite spot to sprawl in was soaked. Yesterday she hung around the balcony and meowed every now and then for no particular reason, asked for her food then turned her nose up at it. Very cat like behaviour. I have been busy trying to clean the washing machine after washing some very grubby and oily coverall of Mr MS and then discovering a horrid black tide line around the bowl despite soaking said coveralls first in washing soda. I think after many cleansing washes I have finally got the bowl back to it’s original state but in the process lost my calm state of mind. 👿 😡
    Oh well, as forrest Gump said ‘Shit Happens’.
    KJ, love the understanding Groundhog day pic.
    I have also just discovered I posted the same pic you did but what the heck it’s Groundhog Day.! ! ! ! !
    PG, Miss Gaea and HRH are both jittery because their routines are broken, you have my sympathy. That is so annoying about the rent increase and needing to move PG. I think Airy will be moving soon too and it has become almost impossible to find good rental properties in her city so I am worried for her. What a wonderful story about the abandoned kittens and grieving Mama cat.
    KZ, the weather yo-yo’d here to with a Summer snowfall in the southern alps care of a nasty storm that caused havoc on the southern west coast areas of NZ. Not thinking of Winter as yet because February is usually our hottest and most humid month but I have been thinking about firewood supplies and chimney cleaning.

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