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    Hi, I have a five week old kitten. I believe is a boy
    About four weeks ago I took in four abandoned kittens and only have one left. Sadly, the other three died. Just yesterday 10/14/17 I took both kittens to the vet due the the orange kittens showing the same signs as his brothers who died. I explained to the vet I was concerned that he was going to die that night like his siblings before had. He went from strong, and hungry, to weak and barley eating over night like his siblings. Vet told us both kittens seemed to be in good health and sent us home with dewormer and hills urgent care wet food. Well just like I thought I found the orange kitten dead 10/15/17 at 1:00 at night. I will be taking the kitten left to the vet Saturday to a different vet.
    Does the kitten need to be wormed again after finishing this round of worming.
    For Weaning should I switch of with feeding? Wet food one feeding, formula the next feeding.
    How can I keep this kitten healthy?
    Will the kitten be okay without his siblings?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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