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    I have been fostering a momma cat who had 3 babies about 8 weeks ago. This past week or two they have been using the bathroom on their own. A few of them or at least one of them has been using the litter box. Others are peeing next to the litter box, under my bed, in my pantry, on the rug, about anywhere but the box. I’ve tried different litters, clumping, non clumping, litters with attractants and pellets. I’ve moved litter boxes to where they seem to pee more often, and used an enzyme cleaner for spots they have gone previously. I pick them up and place them in the littler box if I think they have just peed outside the box, and they watch their mom use the litter box so I don’t know what to do! Please help!




    This a frustrating problem for many foster meowmies. They are still babies but mom should be teaching them the use of the litter box. Have the kits been to the vet yet? There may be a medical issue involved with their behavior.

    It’s good you are using an enzyme cleaner. How many litter boxes do you have for them? I know they’re kittens but the general rule is one box for each adult cat. Also, changing the type, smell and location of the litter is going to confuse them and then they won’t know where their potty is in the house. If they’ve already used the floor, it doesn’t do any good to put them in the box. Within 10-15 mins. after they eat, put them in the litter box. Hopefully, there is some sample for them to understand what to do in there.

    If you don’t have room for that many boxes and most people don’t, set up a couple more boxes where they can find them. You select a non-clumping, unscented litter and use that exclusively. The scent in litter is to appease humans not the cats.

    I hope something here will help you. Good Luck




    There are a total of three litter boxes in my tiny apartment. One has the litter the momma cat was used to when she first came to live with me and the other two have a litter that claimed to help attract difficult to train cats. Again some of the kittens use the litter box but obviously not all of them. One loves peeing under my bed in the middle of the night so I wake to the smell praying it’s not in my bed. The shelter I am fostering with normally covers vet bills and appointments but they don’t believe it’s a medical issue at this point, just naughty kittens.

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