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    Dale Green

    Hi all,

    Hope everyone’s great!

    My little indoor kitty Frank has just reached 3 months and has somehow contracted fleas! Given this is our first, surely not last, battle with them I just wanted to run what we’ve done past you guys as I’m sure you’ve dealt with it before and will have some pointers.

    So as soon as we got him we bought some Bob Martin Spot On flea stuff in-case this happened. We applied that as soon as as saw a flee crawl on him this morning. We’ve also washed his bed, it had loads of larva in it when we shook it into the bath, and vacked everywhere.

    I jumped online to read about more treatments are almost unanimously people said the Bob Martin stuff was useless so I’ve binned the other tube and have some Advantage on order.

    The Bob Martin Spot On treatment claims to last 5 weeks. Do I have to wait the full 5 weeks before applying Advantage, or would a month be long enough if it’s not very good stuff?

    We’ve also got some spray for the carpets.

    Is what we’ve done sufficient? And is there any other tricks that we can do to make sure we get rid of them?

    When we parted his fur to put the BM on we saw no fleas or anything, and have only seen one adult on him, so I’m hoping that means we’ve caught it early. We’ve seen nothing around the house. He sleeps on my legs everyday as i work from home, so I’m fine letting him continue to do so right?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, and thanks for your time! 🙂



    Hi Dale, welcome to TDK. I think what you’ve done sounds good. So many products do not work anymore as fleas have built up a resistance to them. I switched to Advantage II just recently and it works like a dream. Better than more expensive products that I got from my vet even.
    I use a spray also in the house that kills the adult flea, larvae and egg. Before you know it, you don’t see fleas anymore. When you vacuum, take the bag or canister outside and dump it after each time. That way you are dumping the insects out and preventing them from getting back into the house. Yes, he’s fine sleeping on your legs. Once you get the meds on your kitten, and the fleas gravitate to him, they will die and not reproduce thus ending the vicious cycle.



    One other good trick to add to KZ advice is to buy a flea collar and put it in your vacuum bag that way whenever you do sick up any fleas or eggs they are killed inside the bag ..

    Also BM spot on will kill fleas but will not kill the eggs.. A lot of spot on treatments will only kill the adult fleas and that means after a few weeks when the eggs hatch you have fleas again..

    Advantage, frontline, broadline or Stronghold (best) are spot on products that kill both eggs and adult fleas, lice and ticks only Stronghold is guaranteed to kill all of the above and mites.. And broadline, frontline & stronghold also will treat tapeworms and some other internal parasites..



    Sometimes it’s very difficult to see fleas on your cat. The fur can be very dense, and if it’s dark as well – you may never spot the visitors!

    Fortunately (do I mean this?) I react quite noticeably to insect bites, and the first sign tends to be that my ankles and lower legs begin to swell and itch. A quick dose of flea zapper (I use spot-on Frontline) does the trick, and we’re all comfy again.

    By the way – cat fleas will bite tasty humans but they cannot breed on us, so don’t worry about being an occasional snack. Just treat the cat and the house. Even an indoor cat should be treated regularly as a precaution, because it’s possible for pests to hitch a ride on a visitor’s clothing.

    Good luck!


    Dale Green

    Thanks for all the advice and tip, really appreciate it. 🙂

    Already he’s scratching much less, if at all, and I’ve found a few dead fleas around where he plays. Hopefully we got this early.

    Hope you all have a great week! 🙂

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