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    Hi everyone,

    I just recently (Monday night of this week, to be exact) rescued a kitten from the underside of a moving car. My girlfriend and I were walking home and heard the little screaming meows, and upon realizing where she was, ran into the road and stopped the woman (who thankfully was at a stoplight, had no idea and was very cooperative with us). We pulled out a tiny tiny kitten who, besides having a scraped up looking face and nose, a droopy eye and peeling paw pads, was safe.

    We took her home, put some towels and a bed by the heater, and placed some water out for her. Because we didn’t know how old she was and if she still needed to be fed formula, we bought some at the only store open, Walmart, heat it up and fed it to her through a bottle. She didn’t eat much and actually chewed off the nip, which told me she was probably much older! At the next day, the vet confirmed she was indeed about 6 weeks old and could eat wet food. We began feeding her this (Wellness and Natural Balance, both of which she likes) and she has been eating voraciously.

    Since that night she’s been on antibiotics for a mild upper respiratory infection, given ointment for her paws, a bath, and a dewormer. The vet says she looks good save for her mouth, which, on one side, is inflamed and looks white. The antibiotics have REALLY helped her eyes— they’re open fully— and her mouth seems to be clearing up too, but it’s hard to tell how much since she is now so active!

    My question is— what are the signs of FeLV in kittens, if any? I am so worried she will have it. She acts completely healthy, her respiratory infection has resolved already, and she’s running, playing, and eating, but the gum color concerns me. Maybe she was scraped from being under a car? I am most likely being paranoid because I already love her so much, and can’t bear to think about her getting a positive result.

    Any advice you could give would be appreciated!




    Here is a link for you to read up on FeLV, but the best place to start would be your vet. You have done everything correct by getting her there and getting the medications she needs for her health such as dewormer, antibiotics for URI, good food, bathing, etc. and plenty of love. As long as she is feeling good and thriving, just let the bad stuff drop away unless you have reasons you feel she is ill. She will have to have a vet check soon anyway so you can start vaccinations and that is her best protection!



    Thank you for the link, kittyzee! I spent some time reading up before taking her to the vet for her test on Saturday.

    Great news: she’s negative! I’m so relieved.

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