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    I can’t stop blaming myself because I knew it would happen after seeing the signs and after he killed my girlfriends pet rat. I was keeping the kitten in a little carrier for when we had to get her to sleep or let the Ferret out because we figured the kitten was too small and a target for the Ferret. We kept the kitten on our night stand and I thought it would be a good enough place he couldn’t get to but I walked in on the Ferret trying to claw his way into the carrier to get to the kitten so i grabbed him and threw him out of the room and moved the night stand further away from the bed so he couldn’t get to it and after putting him away moved the night stand back which was a mistake. So today I go to do mine and my girlfriends laundry while my girlfriend cleans the apartment and we had the kitten in the carrier to sleep and let the Ferret out, 30 minutes after I get to the laundromat my girlfriend calls and tells me the kitten isn’t moving and is dead and I freak out and rush home to see the kitten is wet with pink on her fur and I knew immediately the Ferret did this, i go look at the carrier and there’s a hole torn in the side where the kitten usually sleeps and I was so angry at the ferret and myself and I want to kill it so bad for taking my kitten away from me for no reason. I don’t care if it was instincts or whatever I’m so angry that she was taken from me, angry at myself that I didn’t move the carrier to a safer place. I KNEW he would kill her if he got the chance and I’m so heart broken and full of anger I want nothing more than to choke the life out of it. I told my girlfriend I want the Ferret gone immediately and we put him on Craigslist because after killing TWO pets, especially a kitten, I won’t be able to stand him being in this apartment anymore.



    I’m sorry for your loss, Ryan. I’m sure you never believed the ferret would attack your kitten. Of course, if you really don’t want the ferret around then you should find it a new home but don’t blame the ferret for being a ferret. You and your GF made a mistake so learn from it.

    Your kitten is now across the Rainbow Bridge, romping and running about with the other TDK kits.



    I am also sorry for your loss Ryan. But if you are going to give your ferret away, after 2 kills, I would make sure that he will be the only pet in his adoptive home. And the ferret might not do well if there are small children in the home either. If not, then you are putting someone else’s pets/kids at risk.
    I wonder if there is such a thing as a ferret sanctuary?
    This may sound harsh, but IMO this is the ethical thing to do as opposed to passing on your tragic situation to someone else.

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