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    Hello everyone, hopefully someone has some tips!

    I have 2 male cats – one is a senior at 18 years old who won’t eat crunchies, and another, 7 year old, who is – to put it mildly – quite fat. (I’m convinced there is a medical issue behind it, but the vet can’t find anything…).

    Can anyone offer any tips or food ideas on how I can feed them? (Note here that feeding them separately won’t fly. Malcolm would not take well to Atticus being fed without him, and vice versa.) I don’t want to compromise Atticus’ 18 year old senior body (he has a hyper thyroid and is on meds for it, and has had a stroke), but Malcolm needs to drop some serious weight. He’s not an active boy (loves his naps!), nor is he a big eater, but I can’t seem to find a soft food they’ll both be able to eat for their respective conditions. It needs to be something that’ll help with Malcolm’s weight without causing Atticus to lose any of his. Other thing about these picky lads – halfway through mealtime the “switch” bowls, as though what the other has is different.

    There is almost too much info out there, and the solution offered by the vet’s office isn’t practical. Any help is appreciated. Thanks everyone!!



    Do you think this might be helpful, if it’s affordable? It doesn’t really separate the pets, it just separates them from each other’s food.




    Hi Brigitte,

    Is it possible to get a moderate calorie food for Atticus that won’t compromise his health and just feed that food to Malcolm as well? If you’re worried about Atticus not getting enough calories, you might try giving Atticus a High Calorie Booster for added for substance.

    I have this same problem. Miss Moppet is my skinny grrrl and her brother is a bit of a butterball so I have to put Miss Moppets’ food bowl on top of the microwave (that’s on a cart). She’s the only graceful enough to get up there.

    Also, I do feed them the same food but that Miss Moppet has free feed and I measure out the food for LilBit (and Miss Gaea). Wet food has less carbs then dry food so feeding Malcolm that may make a difference.

    I know how frustrated you are so I hope this helps.




    I wish it were affordable! That looks like it might help, although Malcolm has no concept of personal space, and always wants what Atticus has, so I can see him trying to muscle in on his plate!!!



    Hi PG,

    I think that’s a great idea! Except for placing his food up high where Malcolm can’t get at it – he’s a bit wobbly at times since his stroke, and Malcolm is rather too…portly…to jump. 😼

    Not sure why I didn’t think of that; it makes better sense than feeding Malcolm the crunchies from the vet that he does not like, and that Atticus loves (and which he shouldn’t eat). Malcolm didn’t lose an ounce eating that stuff. With Atticus being a senior with special needs, the last thing he needs is to lose any weight. I’m going to research wet foods and High Calorie Booster, and see which one will fit the bill. And of course, make sure that Their Highness’s approve of the varieties. Of course.

    See? It’s a simple solution, but it takes another cat parent to show you the obvious! (Now if I can only figure out how to get a deaf Atticus to stop keening in the middle of the night, scaring me out of a deep sleep – the Old Man is LOUD! I’m sure the neighbours must think he’s in heat, lol.)

    Thanks PG.

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