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    I have a 15 yr old neutered male cat, Jean-Luc. He has episodes where he wails forlornly. This happens mostly in the early morning hours but not exclusively. He will look at a particular place on the ceiling & cry. I believe cats are somewhat supernatural & see beyond the veil. He is the last of 3 siblings. The other 2 passed in the last 2 yrs. Also, my husband passed in his sleep in the wee hours 7 years ago & Jean-Luc was present for that. Does anyone have experience with those calming shirts used on dogs? I also see so called “natural” calming chews, drops & sprays. I wonder if those would help. He behaves normally the rest of the time but seems so distressed during these episodes. Distracting him only helps for a couple of minutes.



    Hi Kale,

    You and Jean-Luc have been through a lot and lost many members of your family. As with hoomins, it’s not unusual for cats get depressed. Does Jean-Luc have any medical issues? Take him to vet. for a complete check up just to be sure he’s OK.

    There are three things you can try-

    1) The first is a homeopathic drops that work will for many cats. It’s called Rescue Remedy.

    2) Pick up a Feliway diffuser. It continuously releases the comforting facial pheromone throughout the home. This helps many cats relax in their environment.

    3) Get him a “thunder” shirt. It’s comforting for your cat however, he should only wear at times of stress.

    Those are options I can think of for you. I’m sure other TDKers will check in and have more advice. I don’t know anything about supernatural or extra sensory in cats.

    Good luck




    Hi Kale, you certainly have had some sorrow in your live in the last few years or so. I am so sorry.
    Jean-Luc poor boy needs some help. First a vet visit to check he is in good health.
    PG(we abbreviate names for speed here)gave you an excellent list to begin with and the only thing I can add is Spirit Essences by Jackson Galaxy.
    I know several TDKers here have used them for various reasons and been totally satisfied with the product.
    Hope you find something that will help Jean-Luc and in the long run you too because you must worry about your baby. I have a 16 year old cat(that’s her in my avatar) and she presents me with the odd problem from time to time which advice here and a vet visit have been able to sort out.



    Thank you. I will look into your suggestions.



    Also, like humans, felines simply get more anxious as they age. They are more fragile and vulnerable. My Renzo would do that, and I have no idea whether he had siblings as he was a street kitten, and he didn’t lose a beloved human as you both did.

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