Dry Nursing at 5 months old? is it normal?

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    I have a kitten, she’s just about 5 months old now and she dry nurses quite a lot still, either off of her(my) Favorite blanket or her own paw. I was just wondering is it normal for her to still be doing that after so long, and when this behavior begins to subside. It’s cute and all, but I’m just getting a little worried that she may never stop. Is it just a comfort thing? like a baby sucking it’s thumb? and will she grow out of it…?



    Hi, Xak. My cat did the same thing when she was a kitten. She stopped at around 7 months old. Lots of kittens do this. Most of them grow out of it, but there are some cats that suck on blankets and sweaters even when fully matured. If everything else is fine, there is no need for alarm.



    It’s pretty normal behavior, usually; like kneading, a cat seems to do this to comfort herself.

    If it really bothers you, and you notice her doing it, you can call her name and distract her with a toy. Or you can have her come over to you and you can pet her and give her extra attention.


    Dexter Chewie

    my mom has 5 cats, the one female gave birth to 3 cats almost 2 yrs ago.. and the runt still tries to suck from his mother he’s almost 2 yrs old!!!!

    the oldest cat stopped drinking or sucking from the mother was they were 5 months, the second oldest stopped sucking about a little over a year old. and the youngest and smallest still goes, until the mother now finally bites his ear to make him stop.

    something has to be normal of that. if not then my mom’s cats arent normal lol



    Some cats, particularly meezer-types, tend to suck wool blankets, etc. all of their lives. The only concern is if they suck/chew enough to make holes in the blanket/sweater and ingest the wool, causing “woolballs”, which can cause an intestinal obstruction. My husband’s cat, not a meezer, did this for awhile- he had a wool blanket with holes around the edge! He did grow out of it. If you find the blanket getting tatty, I would give her a new one in the interest of safety/keeping her from ingesting the threads.



    My kitten Noe (born around april 7th) does it to my t-shirts I am wearing around the neck. If I dont let her do it she waits til I am asleep and does it anyways =/.I have personally just given up and let her do it. Its better than the late night sneak attack and waking up covered in kitty spit.



    I’m glad to hear that it is somewhat normal behavior for Evanglyne to be doing and It’s not really something to worry about and I do (as cute as it is) hope that she does stop it eventually… It can be quite annoying to wake up too in the middle of the night hearing nothing but sucking by my ear. So far no holes in the blanket just giant wet spots so we’re good there. 🙂 Thank you all for your feedback and help with this silly little issue of mine.

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