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    So my aunt found a kitten in a flower bush and took it and then a few hours later, they found another one that we took. My aunt went to a vet for hers (Our Vet wouldn’t look at them because they said she was too young) and the vet said they were about two weeks old. So we took home the one and named her Onyx. Onyx was doing fine, walked around and everything, pooping and peeing, eating from a bottle just fine. But we also have three dogs, two we’re fine with her, but the one was a bit agressive. This dog was a blue heeler and red nose lab mix and his name was Charlie. Charlie had had aggression issues in the past in which he bit my daughter for taking away his food. But my husband had controlled him so he would lick her but he was still semi-rough with her. Well a week later we saw red in her poop twice. The second time it was about a dime size of red and later that night she was sleeping in her box right beside me and Charlie had snuck in and knocked the box over without me knowing. I wake up to see the box knocked over and couldn’t find the kitten. A few feet away there she was, laying down with Charlie a few inches away. She was covered with slobber but there was no blood or anything but there was no doubt about it, she was dead. Now I don’t know if it was Charlie who did it which I’m assuming it is but I’m not too sure with the blood in her poop and everything. If it was Charlie do I need to put him down? Somebody please help me????



    Only you can decide whether to put your dog down. If he has aggression issues to begin with, he has bitten your daughter, I would definitely NOT BRING ANOTHER SMALL ANIMAL INTO YOUR HOUSEHOLD AND WOULD CERTAINLY NOT LET MY DAUGHTER AROUND HIM. I am not trying to be harsh, these are very real and dangerous issues.

    The issue with the vet that wouldn’t look at your kitten because it was too young, IMHO, is just ridiculous. There isn’t an animal that’s too young for a VETERINARIAN to look at, period. Unless, they are ill equipped and too under educated to do so. I would be looking for another vet to care for my animals.
    I am so sorry for the death of your kitten, this is just heartbreaking.



    I’d just like to say as someone with very recent experience with an overly aggressive canine…. Look up the laws in your city, and do it NOW.

    If a dog draws blood, quite often it must immediately become a ward of the city you live in, and be quarantined up to a week or more. {You WILL be on the line for those boarding + quarantine fees and any fines for bodily harm.} They will keep an eye on the animal, and test it for things like rabies to rule those out. Whether or not the animal is put down is then wholly up to Animal Control/analogous group. If they deem the animal to be too dangerous to live, it will be put down. If they feel it can be trained, it might be given to someone with experience and the time to retrain it.

    BUT. A very very important thing to know is that you COULD be breaking the law by having the dog put down yourself, giving it away, to a shelter, or otherwise surrendering the animal if it is NOT given to an Animal Control officer through their office number.

    I strongly advise you to look up your local laws and act accordingly within the fullest compliance possible for your own safety, the safety of your family, and the well being of your animal.

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