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    Deanna Wathen

    I have roughly 10-15 cats that live on this property, not necessarily mine but i take care of them. We got this dog a few months ago, and she kind of crazy. We found her on the side of the road living in the woods and she was clearly abused, abandoned, and had like real severe anxiety. We’ve fixed a lot of her bad behavior, except she still has a problem with chasing cats…. which is kind of a problem.

    My “familiar” cat, who I’ve had since before I moved here, doesn’t go outside very often (im a little over protective of him xD). I let him out today and she got on him. She didn’t hurt him. I had to go into the woods and find him sniffing some trees, and he was hissing and growling at me.

    I was wondering if that meant that he didn’t trust or was upset with me about the situation? My boyfriend ended up having to throw a blanket over him to get him back upstairs. I’ve never seen my kitty so angry and I was just so heartbroken 🙁

    Does anybody have any sort of experience with dogs chasing cats? I am worried that it’s going to get worse and one day somebody might actually get hurt. I have no intention of giving the dog up, and the cats aren’t leaving any time soon either. Any advice would be great!



    Hi DW,

    Welcome to TDKland. We’re the fluffiest forum around. I’m sorry to hear about your struggles.

    No, your guy isn’t made at you. He was frightened by the attack and spewed his anger and fear onto you.

    I don’t know how big your property is but can you set up a dog run? If you keep your dog away from the cats, esp. your guy, that would solve the problem. If that’s not possible, you will have to work on behavior modification. Crazy or not, she can learn new behavior but it takes yours and your BFs time.

    You could try rescue remedy for pets but I don’t consider that a long term solution.

    Good luck and keep in touch




    Very sorry to hear…


    Deanna Wathen

    Hey yall. Old thread, but I wanted to update just cause. It’s been a few months and the dog and cats are co-existing. She just had to get bonked on the head a few times, but all is well!! Love it when my animals work it out among themselves xD

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