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    3 weeks ago we got 2 8week old kitten brothers for my 14 year old daughter. Hadn’t planned on getting 2, but couldn’t leave the one behind. Adored them. Last week, we took them in for neutering. One of them passed away. We are broken hearted. We are trying to decide on whether or not to get another playmate.
    I keep going back and forth. The 2 of them were adorable at how the played and took care of each other. The kitten we still have is beyond wonderful. His personality has become even more outgoing, it’s like he’s
    channeling his brother. I’m worried that if we get another kitten it won’t be the same. But then I worry that it will, and that it’d be like replacing his brother, which breaks my heart. Any advice?



    Thanks for adopting the kittens Robin. I’m sorry the one crossed the Rainbow Bridge so soon.

    It’s not unusual for the remaining kitten to become more outgoing. One is always dominant and when gone, the 2nd kitten comes out of his shell.

    My inclination is to adopt a 2nd kitten. The brothers were so used to being together and he probably misses his brother. Another kitten will give him someone to play with when you and your daughter aren’t available. I had one cat years ago and felt guilty when I left for work every day.

    That’s my opinion. I’m sure other TDKers will chime in on their experiences.




    Robin, if you plan to adopt another kitten, do it at once, and try for one of the same age. Many people tell how happily their kitten has accepted another–but I never had that good fortune. Mine have been somewhat tolerant of one another, but never cuddly bosom-buddies.

    If you kitten seems happy–not sad, not meowing mournfully, not searching for his missing brother, then don’t worry. In my experience, only siblings seem to take to one another, and never have seemed sad when, one by one, litter-mates left for their forever homes.

    You said that you had intended to adopt only one. The advantages of just one are that you’ll always know how much he eats, drinks, uses the sandbox; such things are rather difficult to determine when there are more than one, and that can make keeping a cat healthy just a bit more challenging. (There’s also only the fur from one…)

    Keep your little fur person supplied with toys– simple things such as an empty thread spool, a wadded-hard ball of aluminum foil, a marble, the plastic ring torn off when a bottle of milk is opened; store-bought toys are fine, but not essential–a bed or two of his own here and there, access to windows so he can watch the world go by, mostly hard, dry food so his teeth will stay healthy, unless your vet advises otherwise due to a medical condition. Have him neutered as soon the vet agrees, so he will not develop the male habit of sprayng when in heat. Then just give him all of the attention and affection you can; talk to him and play with him; brush him and stroke him.

    He’ll be fine, and so will you, unless he AND YOU truly want another cat, forever.

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