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    Im thinking of buying some Diatomaceous Earth to use on my 9 week old kitten as she has fleas has anybody ever used this and if so how effective is it ? im looking for people who have used Diatomaceous Earth and can give me some reviews before we purchase some ourselves



    Never use it directly on an animal. DE is for the carpet and is an alternative to fogging and carpet sprays/powders. Fleas live in and under carpets and furniture and the DE will help relieve the home infestation. Always use cat specific flea preventatives on cats. I always recommend revolution, because it also prevents heartworms, treats earmites and kills roundworms. Depending on where you live advantage or frontline may be effective. I live in a more of a country area where there are farms and a lot of trees dirt and fields and neither frontline or advantage works. You can also use capstar for a 24 hour flea killer along with DE to rid the home infestation. Whatever flea treatment you choose please do not use DE on your cat or near your cat. Have the cat locked in a room while you treat the carpet in another area and vacuum well afterwards.



    I’ve used a very minimal amount on my kits w/o problems.



    Home remedies for flea help in a pinch if w/o Pet store in area:




    Food-grade DE on a cat really isn’t problematic, provided neither you nor the cat inhale much of the dust; that is its only real hazard. I’ve found the best way to apply it to my cats is to dip my hands in the DE, then pet the cat – both the right way, and the wrong way. All over. (Usually requires dipping the hands several times, but the kitties usually love the massage.)

    Food-grade DE is non-toxic and harmless to the cat if ingested, by licking the fur. It will not substitute for treating the environment for fleas, and it will not de-worm the cat; a veterinarian will usually give a cat worming medication pretty inexpensively.



    I had always heard to use it away from animals but if it won’t harm them then I guess it is ok (:



    Please make sure it’s FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth. The stuff they use in pools is VERy toxic. Food grade DE is relatively safe to use on your animal. Apply it gently as to not create a cloud for them to inhale (or you). Please note it is extremely drying to their skin. I was only able to apply it once as it caused really flaky skin.

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