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    Hey everyone!

    My foster babies are three weeks old. Almost all of them are thriving–eating, growing, normal bathroom habits (a couple are even using the litter box on their own once in a while)!

    However, one of the little boys started having dark green (almost olive colored) BM’s about three days ago. He had always been the kitten “ahead of he game”, having opened his eyes first, walked first, always the heaviest, etc. I know that dark green poop can be a sign of food passing through his system too fast/nutrients not being absorbed… Additionally, he is ALSO the culprit that is sucking on his siblings’ private parts πŸ™„ which makes me suspect he has some sort of giardia or something. He has been a steady 8oz., has pink gums, and is still eating and active…but his poop has shifted from dark green and hard, to dark green and soft, to dark green and liquid (this morning). I switched him to one and a half parts pedialyte, one part KMR, and some pumpkin.

    Questions… should I separate him from his siblings until he gets a little better? Right now, I have him in a carrier with a heating pad and blankets. He just seems… pissed he’s not with his siblings haha. I also have metronidazole here (I work at a boarding kennel and we have prescriptions if needed). I’m going to call the vet and see what dose (if any) is appropriate for a baby his size… has anyone ever had metro prescribed to a baby this size?

    And is there aaaaany other advice you guys can give me in the meantime? I’m closely monitoring him all day… if he gets any worse at all, I’m taking him to the vet πŸ™‚




    I would separate him from the others until you get sorted out what his problem is, but he has to stop suckling on the others. Keeping him separated because of this is probably more important than anything, for the others’ sake. I wouldn’t give him anything until contacting a vet, and maybe take in a stool sample. You are doing for him what I would do as far as the milk/pedialyte/pumpkin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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