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    Hi all,

    Any keen wits who can tell me what this is supposed to mean?

    Back of Whiskas packet reads;

    “no of pouches/day = 3″
    mixed diet (pouch and dry food)/day = 2 + 20 – 25g”


    2 pouches of wet, plus 20g of dry, minus 25g….of wet? dry?

    Yesterday he got one 100g pouch wet at about 9am with a quarter cup of dry, one 100g pouch at 6pm (mixed with meds) and another 100g pouch as we were preparing to go to bed at around 11pm. This seems like a huge amount!

    This morning he was desperate as usual for his feed at 9am and when I checked back just now he’s demolished the lot. Some sites say kittens need around 200g of food only, some are saying they are feeding up to 500g. So confused.



    Charlie, you have a kitten and of course he’s going to scarf down everything in sight. My boy Willow will eat his AND all three of his sister’s meals if I let him! Your kitty isn’t going to starve even though he acts like he will (Garfield syndrome: my term of course!) so just feed him what you think he needs with plenty of water. If you are totally stressed out about it, give your vet a call.



    Thanks, he’s a funny one.

    If he hasn’t had “enough” he gets super vocal, scratching the kitchen door.

    When he’s satisfied, no scratching, not fussed about what we’re eating or doing in the kitchen making food.
    Makes me think that maybe he’s not the greedy Guts I thought, he may be genuinely hungry. Vet said he’s a healthy weight, and he’s very active, sleeps until about 5, then plays all evening. I’ll keep an eye out.

    The TDKers deserve a big hand for all the words of support to a nervous novice, it’s much appreciated 😀



    Sounds like Guts is doing well. My Leela gained 1 pound per month for a year and promptly stopped gaining weight when she was a year old. She is kind of petite, but the vet says big boy Comet is a bit too heavy.



    Hi Joan,

    Yes thanks he’s doing great…. I think lol. He’s eating seems to be under control. We’ve reached an agreement.
    He gets wet food at 9 and 6. I give him half his dry in the morning and top up the half at around 10 at night a couple hours before bed. It’s kind of a mix of free feeding and meals lol.

    Sometimes the lot is gone within the first hour of setting it down. Sometimes I’m returning bowls half full to the kitchen. He certainly seems WAY less hungry and rangey for food since I switched to the higher meat versions of the pouches and kibble.

    May I ask what kind of foods you gave your kitties when they were 6 months, and do you think 2 or 3 meals is preferable at that age? Some of the sources say that some 6 months are getting reduced to 2 meals, some say stick to 3 or 4!



    Welcome to TDK Charlie & furry/purry Guts!

    Here is a link on kittens for you to check out too:

    Sorry, I haven’t had a kitten in ages.
    I am owned by 3 once feral/adult cats.
    Crockey – Flamepoint Meezer male
    Lucky – Main Coon fluffer male
    Diva = Scoot – grey/white tuxie girl! 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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