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    hey everyone my kitten is now about seven and a half almost 8 weeks old. Super playful and curious about everything. I was wondering about how much he should be eating a day now? And how often I should feed him. Also what would be the best way to get him not to mess with cables and attack things he shouldn’t? Also because of where I live we have a problem with ants always have. but now with the cat food out it seems to be worse, anybody know how to get rid of ants?



    You don’t need to leave food out for him all day that will attract ants. Especially this time of year when ants are looking for easy sources of food. Put some wet food out for him in the morning and once he’s finished, take it up and clean his bowl. Leave plenty of fresh water out for him at all times. I don’t know if you are at home all day, but you can feed him again at noon, or wait until dinner time and put more wet food out for him or a bowl of kibbles. Look at the bag of kibbles to see how much they recommend feeding a kitten of his size. Then once he finishes it, take up the bowl. If you free feed a cat, then they are never hungry and it’s harder to break bad habits if you can’t control them with food. Also a male cat that is fed only dry food has a greater chance of developing a urinary tract infection because they don’t get enough water and develop crystals in their bladder.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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