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    Probably starting with New Zealand kitties. Lagatta and Livia too exhausted: please add pussycats!



    Kiwi kits reporting in. Seven and a half hours to go.
    We spent the afternoon enjoying a family high tea on daughter Meegz lawn under umbrellas to ward off the hot sun. Polka dots seemed to be the theme with plates, serviettes and cake stand all spotty. Meegz had made mini scones to have with cream and a selection of jams(very English) and mini cinnamon swirl muffins,mini cream puffs, asparagus rolls(very Kiwi) and I brought along mini chocolate macaroons and hazelnut wafers(I bought them). Peach tea served icy cold was our drink. We were joined by my grandkits Lucky and Ruby who came for the attention and the occasional lick of cream. All great fun. Her hibiscus shrubs were in flower to add to the tropical feeling as well as two palm trees waving in the wind above us.
    I have my grapes all ready for midnight, TDKer Dee said that at the first stroke of midnight and each subsequent stroke you ate a grape for luck and good health for the incoming year. I believe it is a Spanish tradition. Yes you do end up with a mouthful of grapes so I bought small ones this year, those huge green grapes made the tradition awkward. Other than that we don’t really have many traditions, we try to get HRH Shadz to be the first one over the doorstep or first footing. In the Scottish tradition it is bad luck to have a redhead to first foot the doorstep, very difficult to avoid in our family. CWS can you confirm this? My Scottish Sister in Law told us of this. We also love to listen for the ships in port blowing their horns at midnight.
    Moonshadow and MS will return closer to the hour.



    Well, MS, the best traditional first-footer has to be tall, dark haired – and male! He also has to come supplied with black bun and / or shortbread, whisky and a lump of coal for the household.

    So although the redhead isn’t specifically banned around here, He wouldn’t be welcomed unless he wore a good wig – and She wouldn’t be wanted at all! Which can be a shade awkward in this land which has a higher proportion of redheads amongst the population than any place on Earth, so I’ve read.

    Perhaps I should add that I’ve only ever been out at the turn of the year a handful of times in my life . . . It’s never been a big thing in my family, either as a child or as an adult. I’d rather stay in and share a cuddle with my current cat/s!




    MS, your high tea sounds awesome! There’s nothing quite like icy peach tea on a hot day, and under the shade of a tree with yummy goodies, no less!
    I’ve got my grapes ready too, and went with the smaller red ones. I may or may not be awake; sometimes I can stay up late with no problem, other nights I fall asleep on the couch, wake up and go to bed.
    Had planned to go to the valley tonight for dinner at my sister’s, but a heavy snow squall left a few inches of snow and apparently started as rain because there’s a nice slick layer of ice under it. Used the evening to make brownies and cookies for tomorrow. Brother is in town and we’ll be having Christmas, Part II, since he and I celebrate with our in-laws on Christmas.
    I’ll probably be looking at the inside of my eyelids when the clock strikes midnight in NZ, so Happy New Year, MS & family!



    Happy New Years, Kiwis!

    MS-I saw “The hunt for the Wilderpeople.” I loved it!



    One hour 45 minutes to go !
    We all went out for a family dinner at a new bar/restaurant and had some really awesome and different food and we even splurged and had dessert.
    That is me as I had an Affogato with a shot of espresso(I’m not really a coffee drinker) and a shot of Frangelico liqueur(I haven’t had alcohol for a couple of years)so I am wired for a hour or so yet. Strangest thing as we were ushering Mum to the car after dinner on her crutches my cousin drove in. He lives quite some distance away so we had a mini family reunion in the car park. Home now and Mr MS and Airy have headed to bed. Light weights!
    Thanks CWS for that info, not a chance of a non redhead being first over the doorstep here and we too have a much larger population of women than men here too.
    JJ, what a nuisance about the snow interfering with your plans. I bet your house smells so good tonight. Sweet dreams and have a great day tomorrow. Thanks for the New Year wishes.
    Oh PG I am so glad you enjoyed The Hunt for the Wilderpeople, hope you enjoyed looking at what some of my country looks like. The part with all the trees is what we call the bush or native forests and then where the utility vehicle(ute to us) was driving in open type country was alpine desert. I actually drove through that area with Airy last week. The humour in that movie was very Kiwi. Taika Waititi the director does great movies. I read the book the movie was based on some years ago and this was a great interpretation.
    1 hour and 30 minutes to go.



    50 minutes to go to midnight. I must count out my grapes and wash them ready for the top of the hour.
    I was chatting with Dee earlier and she was pleased I still remembered the grapes at New Year.



    Happy New Year ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Happy New Year TDKeers, may 2017 bring you joy and good times.



    Woohoo ! ! Hello 2017
    Mr MS and I stood on the balcony and watched a great fireworks display 8km/5miles away in the city while the neighbours all set off their fireworks too.
    We haz a tired now.

    See you next year in the Cafe. 😉 😆





    Happy New Year to those already there! We have a few hours yet (about 6) ….. Handy Scottie got Miss Caddy’s shed w/cat flap all fixed up, so if things get too scary/loud, I will contain her …. she’s already shown me she can use the flap, and has been in/out all day for a few snacks. I really don’t need to contain her tonight unless a lot of people park around me to walk down to the Bayshore to see the fireworks …. but Gasparilla (Jan 28th this year), I will most definitely have to contain her, as way too many obnoxious and/or drunks pass through the neighborhood to get to the parade …. plus the pirate cannons are WAY too loud and frightening … only a block a way, they would scare her to death!

    We got the tree taken down and cleaned up today (those pesky pine needles get everywhere!) … and starting the Gasparilla decor …. Son went to the beach to spend the night with millenial friends for new years, but will be home tomorrow for a day before he flies out to NY for the week …. Lu and Ve are my house guests for the next month, and there has already been a few ‘hissing’ incidents through the screen door with Miss Abby …. but we’ve done this before, so everyone will deal ….

    Not making anything special tonight for NY dinner, we went to brunch with Son before he left for the beach, but tomorrow I’m making the traditional black-eyed peas and greens …. probably roasted chicken to go with, that way I’ll have some broth to freeze for future soups! Hope everyone has a great evening!



    Happy New Year, TDKrs!
    Hubby and I ate our grapes!



    I’d never heard of that particular “tradition” until yesterday, JJ – it sounds like a recipe for disaster to me! Still, I’m glad to hear you both got through it and survived.


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