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    Lydia Sirugo

    A few weeks ago I rescued a stray kitten from work. I’ve taken him for his first round of shots and the vet seems to think he’s about 12 weeks old. He’s smart, brave, sweet and full of personality and also in good health. My only issue is that he in constantly trying to nurse on me! He suckles whatever he can reach – my arm, neck, chest, face – endlessly. He also kneads at the same time, which is of course painful. I’ve tried giving him a stuffed animal substitute but he’s not interested. I appreciate his love for me very much but it’s too much. Any advice on a kind way to refocus his attention and/or discourage him?



    I’m glad you rescued this kitten, he probably wouldn’t have made it without you. Most kittens aren’t weaned until the 8 to 10 week mark, and he may have been weaned way before that. The kneading and suckling that kittens and cats do is a comfort/happy thing they do. You can trim his claws yourself to make it more comfortable for you, and you can put a soft fleecy blanket up around your neck so he can knead and suck on that.



    Yes he misses his mum. I wish I had more concrete advice on how to compensate for that, and hope someone here does. Several dailykitteners have fostered kittens. He sounds like a lovely little friend.



    Hi Lydia,

    Thanks for rescuing this wee guy. His behavior is purrfectly and as KZ and Lagatta said he’s lonely. Does he have his own nest or the run of the house? You have to remember his size and see the house is big and there are giant things that are scary. I recommend making him a private nest, put in under the bed or by your chair and put a soft squishy toy in it. When he wants to suckle give him the toy. There is no guarantee this will help but you can give it a try. I have a 4 year girl who still suckles but she did find herself a worn towel that she won’t do without.


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