City of Toronto waives black cat adoption fees on Black Friday

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    I’m sure Daily Kitteneers are aware that black cats and kittens are less likely to be adopted. This past week, shelters in Toronto have waived their $75 adoption fee and are only charging $15 for the cat licence.



    That is great news lagatta!
    Never understood the association of beautiful, sleek panther-esque black kitties with bad luck. Guess that I never will understand it. *Sighs*



    I agree KJ. I don’t know why so many people feel that way. Purrhaps Toronto’s black kits will find loving, furever homes now.

    Thanks Lagatta



    That’s lovely to hear – so much nicer than having a million and two e-mails dropping on your head, pestering you to spend money today!

    We’ve had two black cats who were both interesting, loving and good companions while they were with us. Both were rescued from difficult situations, too. And my Mum has two black siblings, very different in looks and temperament, but devoted to Mum as well as to each other. I hope all the black cats of Toronto (and elsewhere) find their best possible new homes this week.

    Well done to the shelters of Toronto!



    I can’t tell you how much the e-mails have been annoying me yesterday and today – a few were from businesses where I did have an account or was signed up to alerts, but many others I don’t think I’d even visited. I have cat food (dry and moist), cat litter, coffee, tea and herbal tea, half a bottle of wine and some nice homemade food (and confess I’m past needing tampons, though there are some pads and tampons in the loo for younger gfs). I did venture out a few metres to buy some ibuprofen at a neighbourhood pharmacy as I was having an arthritic crisis on a very damp day with a lot of typing to do. So nice to have a pharmacy just around the corner!

    As for black cats, aren’t some obtuse humans jealous of their artless elegance that does not fade?



    It is awesome! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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