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    New Kitty Mom

    I have also switched my kittens back to liquid KMR, with 2 drops of olive oil added, and 3 have pooped. It was a bit firm but I am hopeful this will do the trick. I agree with Chibby,the pushing is cute, they get such a look on their little faces!

    I want to thank y’all for this page! There are so many great tips for new “mommies”



    Thanks for posting for newbies like me. We are trying to sustain 3 orphaned kittens and I must rely totally on what I can glean from great sites like this one. I estimate these babies to be about 3 weeks old. We have had them for almost 5 days now and just got one of them to finally poop last night, after using a tiny sliver of a plain glycerin suppository. I have been doing the stimulation with a cotton ball process since day 1; recently diluted their powdered formula to 3:1 instead of the 2:1 that it was; tried the thermometer and lubricant stimulation, but two of our little ones still can’t “go”. They are urinating when stimulated, and I have gotten some fecal “stains” on the cotton ball. I have been feeding them the KMR powdered formula; I will be switching to the liquid formula as soon as I can get to the store, but it’s a problem as we don’t live close to a large town. The store where I got the KMR powder is about 30 minutes away, may be tomorrow before I can get back there. I read something somewhere about goat’s milk being good for kittens with constipation, but I have no idea where I read it or how to use it (undiluted or not?). I have the goat’s milk; any suggestions about using this to help their constipation? Also have the pumpkin to try. Just need any advice to help these little orphans; couldn’t find a vet around here on the weekend, so that’s out. Thanks for any help!



    Update, it’s almost 8 am here. I have given tiny slivers of glycerin suppository to the other 2 kittens; so far no real results. I have read several times about the “triangle method”. What is that exactly? I also need to make sure I am giving them the right amount of formula. I don’t have any way to weigh them, but I think they are about 3 weeks old. I have been letting them guide me to how much they want each feeding, and that is about 20 cc each time, about 4 times a day (that’s about all we can do, as our whole household works and/or goes to school). A lady has offered to take them during the day this coming week so that they don’t have such a long gap in there between feedings and I think I should let her do that- that will probably also help their “pooping” business. Thanks again in advance for your help.



    You can let the powdered formula simmer on the stove after reconstituting for a little while, this will help make the formula easier to digest. You can also add 1-3mL of canned pumpkin to help get things going. The poopy stains are good, that means they are trying to get it out, the fiber may help. Just be sure to keep the water diluted 1:3. I’d even try 1:4. At 3 weeks, kittens can go 6-7 hours between feedings, and it’s actually beneficial to give them a break when they are constipated so they can digest what they already have in them. I’d hold off on increasing feedings, when they can’t get everything out correctly, it can make them sick to keep filling them up. So try either lowering how much they eat to 10-15ccs 4 times a day, or 20ccs 3 times a day. They will be ok getting a little less food.



    My kittens 2 days old and constipated, is olive oil actually safe btw IM using baby formula



    Vanna, baby formula is not the best option, even when lactose free, it is not rich enough for kittens so if it is the only thing you have, please make it up to DOUBLE STRENGTH for your kittens. If you have access to KMR (kitten replacement milk), that is the best option. Canned goats milk (the baking aisle at Walmart) or fresh goats milk is the next best option. And finally there’s kitten glop, which is mostly either evaporated milk or condensed milk (the heat treatment means kittens can digest it) and other things, such as egg yolk, gelatin, yoghurt, mayonnaise etc. I’ll give you the link for the glop thread:

    Check down the bottom of page 1 of this thread for glop recipes and links, and I totally recommend the youtube videos on bringing up orphaned kittens on that thread too, they’re an awesome start.

    If they’re only two days old, how do you know they’re constipated? They will not evacuate much when they’re only on milk and so very tiny. I would give them more time than this before you start worrying about constipation.



    Thankyou, its very hard for me to get much stuff for her I live far away from shops only have scorned store that doesnt really sell any of those products can I feed her just egg yolk,is there any more simple remides ? Pls she lost her mother just yesterday from a dog attack and her kitten is living in a box with some of my old clothes and a sock filled with rice Whicher I put in the microwave to keep warm for her, I really want her to survive 🙁 x!



    No, Vanna, you can’t feed her just egg yolk. Double strength non-lactose baby milk will do if you can’t get anything else, and you could add two egg yolks (no white) to that for extra protein and fat but the glop recipes use things that you should be able to get at the store, surely you can get evaporated milk or condensed milk.

    Don’t forget you can order kitten replacement milk online (or ask your parents to) from a reputable supplier like



    And here are the glop recipes from the Messybeast site:

    ‘If commercial kitten formula is not available, a suitable feed mixture for healthy kittens is 1.6 ml evaporated milk, 1.6 ml cooled boiled water, 1 level teaspoon glucose, 1 small egg yolk (no white at all). One recommended by a veterinarian is 3 oz condensed milk, 3 oz water, 3 oz plain full fat yoghurt, 3 large or 4 small egg yolks (no whites).

    Another recipe for glop from messybeast:


    Kitten Glop is a suitable feed mixture for healthy kittens and is also good for lactating queens. Most recipes refer to American brand names which are not understood outside of the USA/Canada. I have converted these to generic terms and noted alternatives.


    1 envelope unflavoured gelatine

    water per gelatine package directions (approx 12 oz)

    1 12 oz can whole evaporated milk (not skimmed) See notes

    3 tablespoons plain yoghurt (not low fat)

    3 teaspoons clear corn syrup See notes

    3 tablespoons mayonnaise

    1 or 2 raw egg yolks (optional) See notes


    If you have canned goat’s milk available, use this instead as it reduces the likelihood of lactose intolerance problems. Sheep’s milk is even higher in fat but not generally available in cans.

    Some recipes use 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons plain yoghurt and omit the corn syrup entirely.

    Clear corn syrup (e.g. “Karo” brand in the US) is a concentrated glucose solution. It contains 15% – 20% dextrose (glucose), a mixture of other types of sugar and may be flavoured with vanilla. Dark corn syrup is made with molasses and is more strongly flavoured. Glucose solution may be used instead.

    Raw eggs can be a source of salmonella. Do not use any egg white in the mixture, it can prevent other nutrients from being digested.

    Kitty vitamins and/or acidophilus are sometimes added. Only add vitamins if the diet is deficient in them – vitamins can be dangerous in too high quantities (hypervitaminosis) and vitamin imbalances affect development.


    Boil the water and mix in gelatine powder. Add the other ingredients in the following order, mixing well after each addition: half of the canned milk, corn syrup (if used), mayonnaise + yoghurt, egg yolk (if used), remainder of the canned milk. Use either an egg beater or a blender set to low speed.

    Serve the glop at room temperature or slightly warmed since the kittens will be used to warm milk. Warming the mixture makes it more pungent and therefore more appetising. Do not pour back unused portions into the stored mix as it may introduce contaminants.

    Glop sets into a jelly when refrigerated. It can either be stored in the fridge in a covered container for up to 2 weeks or frozen into individual portions in ice cube trays and defrosted as needed. Freezing it is very convenient.

    Note: gelatin, since it’s made from cows hooves etc, is chock-full of protein; it gives kittens the amino acids they need.



    That is all the info I need, Thankyou so much for your replies 🙂 I will buy some online



    Hi Everybody! I apologize if this information has been covered before, but I just want to clarify something… I rescued 2 orphaned kittens that are approximately 3-4 weeks old; one Sunday night now named Sprinkles and one Tuesday night now named Cupcake (I rescued them both from a bakery parking lot). Anyway, Sprinkles has been a voracious eater, usually eating about 20-25cc 4 times a day, but she still hasn’t pooped. I have to stimulate her to pee and she pees every time, but no poop. Cupcake was adamantly against the bottle at first but now she’s progressively eating more and becoming stronger. My question… since neither of them have pooped yet, I was going to take the advice in earlier posts and try switching to the canned KMR from the formula, but should I slowly introduce the canned to them or since it’s all KMR is it okay to just switch? Sorry if it’s a stupid question, but I’m worried about my little babies and don’t want to do anything wrong.



    Hi, Nikki, it’s all KMR, so I would think it’s okay to just give them the liquid KMR at the next feed, but keep an eye on them so you know if they suddenly get tummy upsets or diarrhea.

    Vanna, I’ve used this supplier (to New Zealand!) and found them very good:

    Or you can buy from Amazon and it looks to be a bit cheaper:

    (If you go through the TDK store banner on the main forums page, and search for KMR through the small Amazon search box on the left, a portion of the price will go to this website and help keep it going.)



    Hi there,

    I just brought home an 8 week old kitten who had to be separated a little early from his mom since his brother developed a fairly serious eye infection. His anus seems to be a little swollen, though still pink with some red spots, and he is straining and meowing when using the litter box. His stool seems to be fairly hard, and there has been a couple of times where he’s been unsuccessful and left the box. Last night he did have some very light bleeding after trying to use the box.

    It’s been three days since we brought him home and it did take him a little while to eat, drink water normally, but now he seems to be doing both well (though I’d like to see him drink a little more than he seems to be). According to his foster home he was only nursing occasionally, but I’m wondering if this might be the result of suddenly not having it at all? Otherwise he seems great, good energy (he ‘helped’ me to write this post). We had him on dry and wet food but have since switched him to wet only to see if that makes a difference, and so far it hasn’t, really. I’m trying to be overly cautious since he is so young and new to our house, but am unsure if this is cause for the vet just yet. Any advice would be hugely appreciated! Thanks so much –



    Try adding a little water to his wet food and see if that makes any difference. You could also mix in a little vegetable oil to help lubricate things. If it stays a problem, a visit to the vet might not be a bad idea, you will want to take him for his first visit and to sort out his shots etc soon anyway, and it’s a good chance to talk over any concerns you might have.



    Thanks JCAT! Will definitely give that a try…



    Bumping for newbies


    bumping again



    Just to add to this excellent advice – I’m learning that patience is key. I have been bottle feeding 3 kittens for a week and there were no poopies for several days. Vet suggested adding 6 – 10 drops of mineral oil per 60 ml bottle or .5cc (that’s .5 not 5 cc or 1/5 of a teaspoon). (The 60 ml bottle is the gnc brand I got at PetSmart). I had seven feedings before I saw results. Also: I got impatient and upped it to 15 drops per 60 ml bottle (the kittens drink about 15 ml per feeding), but I wish I hadn’t done this as it made the smallest kitten lethargic and listless. Better to not panic and let things proceed rather than risk making the kitten sick.

    Ditto on that for feeding, sometimes it takes them four or five drinking sessions before they get their fill. I feed them a bit then they spit the nipple out and we rest/burp and then have little more.



    Thankyou so much for this post I’m struggling to get my 5 day old kitten that I have rescued to pass poo! He was found by the side of the road 🙁 but he is now safe warm and eating and passing urine very well! Apart from the poop as I have mentioned!!


    Hannah Morton

    I think this helped me out! I have raised several litters but I have one kitten that is worrying me.. Her bothers and sisters dies in their sleep last week but she seems ok. Vet has checked her out and shes been wormed..She pooped really good the first few days but now we are going on 2 days with no poo..Also I think she is right as 2 weeks and she is drinking goat milk mixed with the traditional kitten milk as she wouldnt take just the kitten milk..So worried about the baby,I have of course used warm water ect and bathed her but i hate to think shes in pain and backed up.

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