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    Take care, that all your clothing and accessories are pink on this day! Pink is any of the colors between bluish red (purple) and red, of medium to high brightness and of low to moderate saturation. By the 1950s, pink was strongly associated with femininity” but to an extent that was “neither rigid nor universal.” However, both groups favored blues over other hues, but women had more favorable responses to the reddish-purple range of the spectrum and men had more favorable responses to the greenish-yellow end of the spectrum.

    I’m going to pick up Mr. Riley at the Utah border and then we’re staying over in Grand Junction, CO. We be coming to his furever home on Sunday.

    Have a happy~



    MS does not do pink or any colour in that range. Just doesn’t go with red hair.

    I am blissed out at the moment. Had a great dinner then a wonderful soak at the hot pools with both my girls and now relaxing by the fire. All we need is a cat sprawled in front of the fire.
    Safe journey PG and Mr Riley. See you when you get back.



    Lagatta rarely does anything pink, except for a very lightweight summer dress in Indian cotton that is black, with pink embroidery, a common combination in Mexican and Central American clothing, which makes black less austere and pink less cloying.

    I’m wearing a t-shirt I like very much that is a rusty “retro” red with fine salmon stripes; about as close as I get to true pinks.

    Livia’s favourite throw is the rosy red one I bought for her as a birthday gift to me (!) but once again it is too warm a colour to be “hot pink”. I have a hard time thinking of her as a basement cat as I’ve always liked to live in upper flats, despite the stairs. I love the light. She does too.

    PG, congratulation on your devotion to rehoming cats. Fortunately mine can play out in a very small perimeter. A neighbour who has two rescue dogs – one of them is blind – has a sister who apprenticed at a cat rescue centre somewhere in the northeastern US – Philadelphia, if I recall. The cat rescue group closest to me is called the Pussie Patrol. Cheeky name, but unfortunately if you spell Pussie the usual way, you will come across some VERY unfluffy content.



    I do several shades of pink, as long as they work with the style. Some pink T-shirts work, but a pale pink or for that matter pale blue, not. And as PG noted pink covers a wide range. My “flamingo” cable sweater is lovely, as are several shades of rose segueing to burgundy and a yarn called “beetroot” for a future sweater!

    Now, I’d probably go for these shoes! With an all black outfit! 😎

    Slept a goodly amount today after not feeling so up to par as has been ongoing.

    Just finished back of way complicated sweater. It’s a lacework pattern so if/when I make a mistake no option except to take out rows and work back. 🙄 Anyway as I get used to pattern it gets easier/faster. Now comes the front and sleeves!



    KJ, A challenge! You’ll be proud when it is finished!

    I’m not usually one for pink, but I do confess I love these pink Docs with their black soles:

    I’d use these as a canvas, but as with complicated knitting, the work has to be done perfectly or it would be a sloppy “craftsy” mess.



    Lagatta, those pink shoes are awesome!

    So tempting as they have my size too! I already have a pr of Keen’s patterned sneakers, design in mainly pink with some black/beige/green in a very delicate blend. Sounds what like you’d want to do with the Docs.

    Plus a pr of deep pink NAOT sandals.

    But the Docs are on sale! Hmmm …



    I knew when I put together Pink Caturday that Lagatta would tell us “she doesn’t do pink.” Sure enough, she did.

    Yes, KJ. You need more shoes.



    pussigato, I guess I just don’t come across as a “pink person”, despite the pussie hats. But I can relent. Yes, I’d want to paint them, with fabric paint, that doesn’t make them hard as acrylic can do. The black in my size is also available, but the pink is at their boulevard Mont-Royal branch which is only 1 km (due south, by bicycle lanes) from my place, so I’ll attempt to get down there and try them on.

    I haven’t seen pink Naots, but I’ll look at their website. I think they were a bit narrow for my “duck feet” (wide in front, narrow in back). I tried on what looks like very good sandals from Greece (similar climate to Israel) with a natural rubber sole (white rubber). And real buckles!

    A good friend of mine used to travel between Greece and Israel in the summertime, as his wife is Greek and has family there, and his incredibly spry 90-something mother lived in Israel. A romantic story. After his father died in a country far from Vienna, which they wisely left in the 1930s, his mother got condolences from her OTHER suitor (cue “Old Vienna before the War”) as in The Third Man). Eventually they hooked up and she moved into the very arty kibbutz where he lived.

    Yes, there are violins, waltzes and nostalgic views of the Danube as a background. Is she wearing a pink dress? Is he wearing a rosy or salmon shirt?



    Lagatta, hope your shopping excursion was successful!

    My pink NAOT’s are from several season’s back. They came from an outlet store where because they messed up a joint order for myself and N, well we ended up getting the entire order for free!!! I haven’t worn them much but plan on doing so tomorrow.

    And these are the Keen’s which I recall buying at Winner’s. I think that if one can draw (which I can’t) any plain shoes can be jazzed up.

    I rarely if ever pay reg. price. Esp as NAOT’s are quite costly. But local store o Monkland emails me about seasonal sales. I enjoy sourcing out sales online too. Plus I think that every pr of my shoes require some type of insole, for added comfort and for better fit as even a size 5 is often too big.

    NAOT’s are extremely comfy. Plus the insoles which they are famous for are sold separately, and work for most styles. I bought a pr or 2 and it’s a wonderful way of extending shoe life.

    Plus if I require justification it’s my way of supporting an Israeli company, which means a lot to me.

    Aside from NAOT, I find Clark’s very comfy, as well as Skechers.



    Skechers are very comfy, but I don’t find them as high quality or lasting as old-school Clarks or Naot (the latter are usually too narrow for the front of my duck feet).

    I tried on the famous pink Docs (cue Leonard Cohen’s Famous Blue Raincoat). They fit beautifully, but I’m unsure whether I want the ballet pink ones (which would get dirty, and not be appropriate for the cooler or colder weather which is most of our climate), or the black ones.

    They are very cute and summery though… and good for walking



    This looks like a great bargain for fans of pale pink, especially those in Canada, though I imagine that Reitmans also ships elsewhere, and remember that the sale price quoted is in CDN $$, which are worth considerably less than US $$.

    Note the EXTREMELY wide range of sizes, from XXS to 3X! Reitmans also does petites and longs in jeans and trousers, and some actually comme in “ultra-petite”. And no, I don’t work for them, though Meghan Markle was spokeswoman for them when she was living and working in Toronto.

    I wrote to the firm to suggest that they bring out other coloured jean jackets; thinking of more autumnal colours for me (burgundy, forest green etc). Non-denim colour jean jackets strike me as a bit dressier, in “smart casual” environments. I have two black ones (as well as normal denim ones) but would like more colour in my life!

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