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    Some of the planet’s biggest personalities, loudest voices and quickest talkers are celebrated on Auctioneers Day. It’s a time to remember that auctioneering is one of the world’s most ancient professions, having begun more than 2,000 years ago. In fact, the very first auction was held about 500 B.C. in Babylon. The late 17th century saw the establishment of the world’s oldest, still-practicing auction house, Stockholms Auktionsverk. Kits are not so good at auctioneering but they definitely will try and sell you something…

    L8R and have a happy~

    Mon pelage est noir, mais mon coeur est d’or
    (My fur is black but my heart is gold)





    Sooo quiet today!

    Well here goes … lights … camera … auction! 😉

    Attended some vol org auctions, and some time back won a ‘puter system at an auction where I bought ticket but did not attend.

    Reading over some of yest l8r posts. A button dissing kids would IMHO be rude, it’s not one over the other. Even though I’m not into kids at all. But furry much into kits! 😉

    Tks for supporting KJ vs landlord/”de facto” landlord. Of course not all landlords are “evil”, but most want to save money at all costs (pun intended.)

    In this case there is more to situation than what I have posted. And an email accusing me of “letting” Dorry pee on the floor and not cleaning it up, causing ruined section of floor – well you know my response! 😡 Esp as I don’t purrmit any mess of any sort whatsoever.

    And I could easily inform any potential buyers of the many issues with my place that I have chosen to put up with. But for now I have chosen to not answer any questions that I have not been asked. And have saved the owner time/$$$ by arranging for repairs on my own at best price that I could find. And I get insulted? I have been their “we will be glad to have you remain another year” tenant for 14 yrs and I don’t need this. And as needed I will handle things in keeping with my modus vivendi. I really don’t need added stress. Only wish that it was not too early to reserve a new place. *Sigh*

    PG, you get some neat TV channels! I’m watching a doc on the search for “Ark of the Covenant.” And knitting at same time.

    Completed 4 online courses. Will be starting one on “Morality” and another on “Psychology of Criminal Justice.” And purrhaps one more.

    There is even course on “The Science of Beer”! Might be fun, ‘cept I don’t imbibe!



    Wow, short Cafe.
    There are auctioneers in my family background in the UK. Maybe that is where I get my fascination with antiques from. Sadly I can’t afford some of the things I see but satisfy myself with small pieces of china.



    I agree, MS. My budget isn’t as big as my eyes. 😮 When I do get something, I apurrciate it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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