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    Eating ice cream for breakfast is basically every little kid’s dream. Even if you aren’t 8 years old, you have to admit there’s something fun about having a big ol’ bowl of ice cream first thing in the morning. So why not celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day this year? Florence Rappaport from New York created Ice Cream for Breakfast Day in the 1960s. She meant to entertain her children who, ironically enough, were home from school because of snow. Today, the holiday is celebrated from Germany to Namibia.

    I know what I’m having for breakfast…yum! Well, I’m not sure what’s going on with my calf muscles but they started burning. It began a couple of weeks ago and has gotten worse. Naturally, I’m doing my own diagnosis but probably, should call my doctor. grrr! Such is life!

    Have a happy~





    I got such a laugh at this true story so I have to share, one of my brothers recently moved house and their cat(I’ll call her Ms M) went with them and has been living in the spare bathroom. Brother has been spending time in there with her and on occasion has availed himself of the facilities. Four time now Ms M has seen him seated and immediately popped into her litter box and done what comes natural. He has been getting quite a laugh out of his cat copying him and that she realises what is going on and does the same. 😀



    Ms. M is so funny. I love how they pick up on what we’re doing and copy us.



    LOL! Morning PG and MS! …. love the theme and pics today!
    PG, I hope your calf muscles get better, I hate leg cramps, so uncomfortable!

    Yesterday Son started a reno/update on our pond – he cut back the perimeter ferns that want to take over, built a nice stone path with a little gate that goes right up to it, and will be putting underwater lighting in today … it really looks nice. He also added a member to the clan – a light gold koi we named ‘flash’ …. after a few chase/biting episodes, the other fish have accepted him and now he’s swimming happily with the pack ….

    This morning I’m headed out to get my toes done …. we’re going out tonight to a surprise party for one of my best friends, who is rolling a decade (MS, you know exactly which one that is, and both you and she roll early this year, me not until the fall 😉

    Hope everyone has a great Caturday, poor HRH and Miss Gaea having their routines interrupted! I hope things sort themselves out!



    Have to laugh at the grey kitten licking that ice cream cone like there’s no tomorrow… 😆 I love chocolate ice cream, and chocolate mint. Not much on the crazy flavored ones because they are too sweet for me. If I want sweet, I’ll eat cake!

    Okay, got the house cleaned, and think we will head out to the next town, look for a restaurant and go to the big grocery there because the produce is excellent. It’s supposed to snow tonight and another day this week, so it may be a while before I want to venture out again. Hurry up spring, I’m over this winter….I’ve got the spring planting and ponding bug big time!



    Evening all,

    MS, I could watch that grey ice-cream licking kit all night!

    Ice-cream for brekkie – why not? Packed with calcium and Greek frozen yogurt has loads of protein!

    Didn’t make it into Café yest, lots of racing around as when I got home from errands realized that I absolutely HAD to get me 2 faux black mink chair pillows, the last ones at $$$ Store, plus took advantage of $5 off on their frequent customer card. So I went back.

    Also picked up faux black mink pompom for kit hat I’m knitting up. At Knitting Circle had to restart the thing 3 times. No biggie, I was not concentrating as really fun partcipant was there and the vibe was great, always depends on who shows up.

    Whatever groundhog predicted it was freezing cold and icy, ergo cleats went back on. Today also, but I did not venture out as Caturday is for sleeping. Tomorrow supposedly warming up some.

    PG this sucks re your calves aching, and now having to look for a new place. Don’t know about rental laws where you are, here one generally signs on yearly and it is nigh impossible to break lease. Plus I had my lease adapted to ensure that kit on premises will not cause probs down the line.

    BTW that vid/story of adoptive Mama kit and those squeeable wee grey and white kits are pass-out worthy.



    That kitten who likes some ice cream is too cute. I would’ve bought the faux mink pillows too. Why am I not surprised you have frequent buyer miles at the $$$Store, KJ? 😆

    I’m stretching and massaging my calves to keep them from hurting too much. I have a one year lease that sets the rent but that is coming up in April. The rents in Denver keep climbing and this neighborhood is no different. The landlord can get a higher rent for this place and will once I’m gone. He’s always worked with me and I understand what’s happening. Such is life 🙁

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