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    My Way Day has been created to celebrate that wonderful phrase “It’s my way or the high way”. The history for this day is unclear but we know it’s the day where you are encouraged to do whatever you want; however you want. The caveat is it should be legal for hoomins. Cats don’t care they do it their way…all the time!

    I saw this image and it epitomizes every cat doing what they want and the rules be damned.

    HRH, Miss Gaea and Livia all need their outdoor time. Cra, cra girls when they get cabin fever.

    I’m taking my niece to her violin lesson. This school year, she and her teacher have been practicing after class on Thursday but sometimes, they can’t fit it in. I’m debating if I should get a new TV. The surround sound is good but not the TV sound and occasionally the screen goes blank. I have to turn it off and on to get the picture back. These aren’t crises though. Eh, whatever…

    Have a happy~



    PG, the look that young cat is giving us is hilarious but I don’t think I would laugh at the cat, it looks like it means business. Yup, sounds like you need a new TV.

    Arrrrgh, it’s torture here. Someone is bbq-ing in the neighbourhood and the aroma is absolutely delicious. It will be a few hours before my chicken in spicy yoghurt is baked, Can I bear it? Sniff sniff. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BBQ.



    A few hours? Slow cooker? That sounds delicious.

    At least TVs are much cheaper to buy relative to incomes than they used to be. I don’t have one, but nowadays I can watch pretty much anything I want to on the computer. I’m not a big tv consumer and I rarely watch “series”.

    We had a splendid Year of the Dog dinner – funny drinking wine and eating treats in the afternoon. Threw me off a bit – didn’t really have supper, just drank water and went to bed early, with Livia, and now I’m wide awake at 4:30 am our time.



    “Your stuff was in my way…” 😆

    Good Caturday Morning,

    It’s the Year of the Dog and it’s good to get together with friends to celebrate the New Year.

    I’m so well trained that it would take the unbelievable to get the gang to let me sleep past 7:00. It’s Ok but every once in a while…

    Around 11-ish, Miss Moppet was sleeping in my lap when we heard bang, screech, nothing. MM was startled awake and ran under the comforter. I looked outside but didn’t see anything. A few minutes later the fire department/cops/EMS showed up. Two cars crashed further up the road. There’s an unfamiliar SUV on the side with it’s left side bashed in and off it’s axles. I hope they were able to rescue all involved in that wreak.

    TVs are less expensive but I’m at the point of not spending money until it’s dead. It’s not like I won’t find one when I need one.

    If you don’t have a slow cooker, Lagatta, you should get one. I use mine all year around and you can make just about anything.

    The sun is coming up and I need coffee.



    I vote for a new TV and right now they are going cheap…well, I think so anyway. And I would invest in a sound bar, because if you watch much TV, it enhances the experience to another level. It’s also nice if you listen to music through your TV too.

    Mr. KZ has left to go shooting, I’m just puttering and need to get started doing something constructive. While I’m upstairs, I think I strip the bed and get the washer going.

    I heard my first red-winged blackbird this morning! While a cardinal was singing in the distance–what a welcome sound to hear again!



    Good Caturday morning friends! “Covers fell off” kitty looks much like Berta. She has adjusted well to being an indoor kitty at night.

    We have 3 TVs in our house! No big screens, and just 1 flat screen. I’d love to replace the bulky one we watch together but we’re waiting for it to crap out first. I guess it’s like old appliances and probably uses more energy to run than a big new flat screen.

    Took my ‘puter to the fix-it shop yesterday. I’ll get a diagnosis early next week.

    Got a diagnosis for myself last night when my doctor called. Without going into detail, I’ll just say, “girl stuff.” Feeling much better; the past 2 weeks were rough.

    Considered taking a CPR class today but will look for another in the spring.

    Think I’ll look for something to brew in my cauldron, I mean slow cooker. Snow is on the way tonight so it will be a good night for some stew/soup by the fire.



    I had a slow cooker – it was VERY old, one of the first models. Unfortunately something fell on it and broke the inside crockery, and since it was very old and the cord was wearing out, I put it out on the curb, either to be picked up by a handy person, or carted off. I’ll definitely buy another. It is something I can easily pick up in a charity shop for a few $$. I used it all the time.

    We had a lovely time. None of us would get into the habit of drinking wine with our food at 1:30 p.m., but it was one of those transgressive holiday treats! There was white wine a friend had made as an anniversary gift for one of the friends and her husband (who couldn’t make it) with “Château St-….” (name of their street, mine is also a St-Something)on the label, along with a castle far grandeur than their typical Mtl duplex. The friend who made it was also the human of the late Garçon and the forlon Galinette.

    By the way, “My way” is also a famous number sung by Frank Sinatra, which is an English version of “Comme d’habitude”. The English version was by Ottawa’s pop star Paul Anka. The lyrics aren’t a translation; they are totally different.



    You’re right, JJ. That does look like Berta. 😀 It’s taking time but they are learning you’re a pretty cool lady.

    I think I’m going to wait until my TV goes kaput. It’s part of a home theater system and the sounds are good on the system. Lately, if I forget to record in HD, the sound comes from the TV and that’s sucky.

    How is Mademoiselle Galinette? and her hoomin? Wine in the middle of the day does throw the day off.



    JJ, I’m glad to hear you are feeling better–‘girl stuff’ is nothing to laugh at and needs to be taken seriously. I often wonder why being a female has to be so complicated, emotional, and painful….DAMMIT! 🙄 😳



    Good morning all. Another scorcher here today. There are no more windows or doors to fling open and the fans are going at top speed. I lured HRH inside last night with food and it must have been so good she didn’t even notice as I stretched over her and close the screen door. Once she finished eating she raced upstairs and on to the window sill and spent the night asleep by the open window.
    Lagatta, because there is just the two of us we tend to eat late and I also had the chicken on low slow cook in the oven. BTW it was delicious and there is enough for tonight and I have written the recipe down now so I can use it again. The trouble with making up recipes is trying to remember what you put in it once you find that it is a ‘keeper’ recipe.
    Of course once again it being a hot day I have got the dehydrator going, crazy lady that I am. Also managed to put some of my own yellow low acid tomatoes in to dry too, they are a better tomato for that being very fleshy and not much seed. Trouble is I didn’t get a good crop this year after all the rain we’ve had. Your Year of the Dog dinner sounds delightful.
    PG, Oh ! ! I hate the bang screech nothing scenario. The nothing being the worst part. Just as I was luring HRH inside last night an SUV roared up the road and then there was a slap and scraping sound as it ran over something. I heard them pull over further up the road but nothing after that and it was out of my view. Odd you should mention using the slow cooker all year round PG, I haven’t used mine during Summer because of the heat in the house but then look at what I am doing with the dehydrator. Hmmmmm DOH. I will adjust my thinking from now on.
    KZ, good idea on the sound bar. We got a mini sound system that connects to the TV and also plays DVD’s thru the TV as well as playing CD’s and has an IPod docking system and something else that I didn’t realise existed until Airy showed me recently. I love being able to adjust the bass to how I like it. It’s all about the base for me even with classical music. Oh will Mr KZ be bringing something back for the freezer or is he eliminating varmints. Apologies to those who don’t like shooting but when you live off the land you use it’s bounty fully and wisely.
    JJ, now I have an idea of Berta in my mind. Ugh girl stuff! Hugs.
    Yup PG, why does being female have to be all those things. Guess we are strong enough to take it most of the time.



    MS, he shoots sporting clays on the weekends if the weather permits. He does shoot varmints too though, although I’m not crazy about it. I guess it’s what you consider a varmint. He does not hunt deer, or any other animal except occasionally he would grouse hunt, but hasn’t for years. It seems there are so few around here, and they are so small that you need a few to make it worth it.



    Sporting clay shooting is fun. Mr MS only shoots pest animals now and then only ones that HRH or his brothers dog can eat so no waste. Only rabbits and possums. He has done deer hunting occasionally over the years for the freezer and as pest control on the farm but that was long ago.
    Lunch time here and I have a lovely cold salsa salad.
    Still keeping an eye on the weather forecasts for when/where the tropical cyclone Gita will hit. She is being unpredictable at the moment.



    Admittedly I prefurr to get my way – things just go better for all concerned. I must have picked up this trait from Dorry! 😆 😉

    Glad that you’re feeling better JJ.
    I have 2 relatively small flat screen TV’s, one in LR the other in bdrm. And PVRs on both. Works for me. I see do many of the huge clunky TV’s out on the street. perhaps they are taken for their metal parts.

    Knitting shoppe manager showed pics of her families 2 noir kits – stunning mini-panthers. And considering that they were “street kits” they have settled into the much life very nicely.

    And n’bour sent me pic of her recently adopted lady kit, the super-floofy Purrsian Miss Lou-Lou! So Dorry could have friends in the bldg – ‘cept that we don’t go visiting! 😉



    I solved by my girl problem stuff by having it taken out. Fortunately, I haven’t had the really bad side effects.

    I bet your tomatos are good and dehydrating is a brilliant idea. I love the low acid tomatos but haven’t been able to grow them.

    Out West, hunting is a part of our way. We don’t have much “sport” shooting. People use it to get meats like venison, rabbit and duck. I must admit I love venison. In rural areas, there is varmit problem.

    Uh-oh-Miss Moppet is NOT pleased about Miss Lou-lou! She says, WUT KIND OV NAYM IZ MIS LOULOU, ANYWAY?



    Well, Miss LouLou is a French kit, or rather owned by a very nice French lady. And plze tell Miss Moppet that Dorry’s heart belongs to her (in as much as a kit can be loyal, that is!) In that he has expurressed the same feelings for Diva Scoot, Miss Leela, Ms. Moneypenny, HRH, Miss Bowtie, Miss Caddy, Miss Abby and I can’t quite keep track. But Miss Moppet is currently at the top of the list.



    Where did Dorry learn to play the piano?

    Livia has already been down in the garden this morning (Sunday). She doesn’t seem to mind walking in the snow downstairs, but cat stand it on the balcony. Guess she just wants to get her way and have me clean it off. If I had my way, the damned stuff would melt already…



    Dorry certainly didn’t learn how to “tinkle the ivories” from me! LOL I did take lessons when was a kid, but never got very far. Probably couldn’t even manage “Chopsticks” now. 😉

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