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    Fresh veggies are healthy and delicious. If you don’t usually go to a local farmers market, now, you can find carrots, peas, beans, spinach and broccoli in June. Vegetables contain many vitamins and no fat. It’s recommended to eat a lot of vegetables every day as perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle. Most kits aren’t fond of veggies.

    It’s been a hot Friday. I watched the World Cup and stuff while the kits slept. Woohoo! Today, I”m going to volunteer training for Divine Feline/Feline Fix group. It’s our local stray/feral organization. Two months ago, they moved to a new space with more surgery rooms.

    Have a happy~



    LOL, at Mawm the cabbage had babies. 😆 😆

    We went to the National Agricultural Field Days today and I am knackered. Walked over 9km in my heavy farm boots and am so glad to sit down now. Mr MS made a dent in the business account buying tools and is happily playing with them now. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and got to spent the day with daughter Meegz and SIL.
    Back to putting my feet up and recuperating.



    We have a lovely market close by: marché Jean-Talon. I’m off to buy a few things there before it gets too crowded, as soon as I’ve finished my breakfast.

    My late Nadja loved broccoli. One exception to “no fat”, is the avocado. Of course that is biologically a fruit, like tomatoes, but used like a vegetable. Avocados are extremely nutritious, but people who have to watch their weight must keep their calories in mind.



    MMMMMM Broccoli. Lagatta did your Nadja eat it raw or cooked.
    Mmmmmm Avocado, although they cost n arm and a leg here at the moment. $6 each and I live in an avocado growing area.
    Breakfast time here, bacon and the last of the avocado’s I bought when the price was reasonable and keep in the fridge to slow ripening.



    I tend to think of avocados as veggies. Same with tomatoes. I also keep my avocado in fridge and take it out for a few hrs if it’s not soft enough. Supposedly it can also be softened in micro, tried it, not ideal. Here I can get one for like $1.69 or $2. Prob is only want half at a time and despite storing it in fridge in vinegar it tends to look not great 2nd time around. Also tried froze avcado chunks, not gr8 either.

    Hope this doesn’t creep anyone out! 😉 😆

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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