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    Today we encourage everyone to take a little time to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. People who spent a lot of their time looking at the sky include Copernicus, who proved the earth revolved around the Sun (and not the other way around as previously thought) Einstein, the creator of the Theory of Relativity, and Leonardo da Vinci, who envisioned the first flying machines, so rest assured you will be in the best of company! With this esteemed company in mind, take a blanket out to your backyard or the park and just lay down on it and gaze upwards for a while—you’re likely to be amazed at how it changes.

    Sky Dragons

    It’s the weekend! Have a happy~



    I missed yesterday’s Cafe somehow.
    HRH is not doing so well, doesn’t eat very much but it still peeing and pooping. She isn’t a happy cat and prefers to just sit or sleep. She has a vet appointment on Monday to see how she is doing.
    Looking up, I love to look up, especially when I am out of the city and the sky is darker. Check out sites for the ISS to see where it it at any given time and then try and see it as it passes overhead. Try and pick out satellites flying over too. When you have warmer weather try lying outside on the grass and just drink in what is above you and see what is moving. We used to live by a huge lake and while Mr MS was fishing I was wrapped in a blanket on the sand stargazing to the gentle lapping of water on pebbles. Can’t beat that as ‘food for the soul’.



    Jellybeans to the sky! Squeeee!

    Warm fuzzy thoughts to HRH. We hope she’s just settling in for the winter.



    Good afternoon – the sky dragons pic is beautiful! I love looking at the sky too. There are lots of trees here but it’s very dark so clear nights are breathtaking – so much to see!
    I’m sorry to hear HRH is not feeling well; sending comforting vibes.
    It’s a beautiful day here in Jersey. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy, so today is the day to get outside.



    Hi all! I too love to stargaze, Bayshore is a great place to do so, and so pretty across the water…

    Sorry to hear HRH is feeling punny….. i hope the vet can put the spring back in her step!

    I’m enjoying a lazy Saturday reading on the porch with Caddy …. have a great one all!



    MS, sending prayer that HRH gets better.

    ‘Fraid that if I look up at the sky – esp while walking – something untoward might happen! 😯

    But it is interesting how at times clouds form into purrceived shapes – sorta a Rorschach thing.

    OK I screwed up again. Didn’t learn from last time and began trimming back of hair again. Not horrifying, but not ideal. Thankfully tomorrow stylist is open as per efurry other Sun. So a bit earlier than efurry 5 wk trim, purrhaps I should go 1x month rather than go the DIY route? Supposed to be bad weather – somehow I’ll get there anyway!

    Going to finish this weeks course work as “deadline” is tomorrow. Neat that I can get a goodly amt of knitting done at same time.



    Srsly, KJ? *sigh* I love that picture! Purrhaps, you can print it out for your hairdresser. 😆 You usually look up to the sky when you’re sitting or lying in the grass. We don’t recommend doing it while you’re busy with some other task.

    Waves to JJ and AV!



    MS, I do hope HRH picks up! So hard to work out what a cat is thinking and feeling, and still harder to know what might help her feel better.
    My earliest datable memory is standing with my family in the front garden on a very cold, clear night, looking up at the sky, looking for ‘a sputnik’. I’d ask, ‘What’s a sputnik?’ and they’d reply ‘It’s like a star, but it moves.’ Me: ‘Is that a sputnik?’ ‘Them: ‘No, that’s an aeroplane.’ ‘Is that a sputnik?’ ‘No, that’s an aeroplane.’ We lived near Melbourne’s (then its only) aerodrome. I don’t know if anyone in my family ever did see the Sputnik; I only know that I would not have known what it was for many years later.

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