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    Everyone is familiar with the umbrella/brolly or “scath fearthainne” (rain shadow in Gaelic). They’re present whether you live in the hottest of climates or the coldest. They are there to keep the rain off on a blustery day, and to protect you from sunburn on a warm and sunny one. The oldest recorded umbrella appeared in 21 AD, in Ancient China. Kits are indifferent to umbrellas unless they’re playing in them.

    I finished watching “Dark Nature.” It’s a very odd movie. You get what you pay for and that’s what I get for 99 cents.

    Have a happy~




    Definitely umbrellas weather here this weekend. Also we are in the process of creating a netting cover for my fig tree to keep the birds away from the fruit from the skeleton of an old sun umbrella.
    Other names for an umbrella/brolly is gamp, bumbershoot,parapluie and rainshade.



    Good morning! I’ve been looking forward to visiting the cafe today. I knew I’d have time since I was planning a leisurely breakfast today. I made biscotti yesterday for our special (aka sugary) breakfast. This morning I whipped up a frittata to go with and of course…coffee! The biscotti is toasted almond, coconut and chocolate chip, a recipe of my tough house client and the only biscotti I’d take the time to make…bursting with flavor and such a treat. **passing some through wormhole now**

    MS, I can see why you have to protect those figs. Tough house client gives us some of hers when it’s the season here…nothing like them…so good! And you can’t get them in stores. The one time I found them they were way overpriced and flavorless…won’t try that again. I’ve thought I’d enjoy a fig tree in our yard, but I’m not sure if we have a sunny enough spot and I’m not sure if I’d want to fight all the critters for them. I’d imagine the raccoons would really enjoy them.

    ***waving to PG and all who stop in later today***



    Hi ECB-Your biscotti is delish. Thanks

    I’m a happy snow bunny! It’s coming down steadily and suppose to hang around until this evening.

    So I watched “The Ritual” on Netflix. It’s a Netflix original and was scary; it was much better than the other movie.

    Did I ever say how soft Miss Gaea is? She’s on my shoulder and petting her is like silk.

    I put a pot roast in the crockpot for dinner.



    Wow, everybody is cooking today, and I’m kinda not. 😆 I’ve cooked a bunch this week, and I need a meal out, which is what Mr. KZ is gonna do before long, only he doesn’t know it yet, heh. I’ve cleaned the house, and stripped the bed, now getting ready to remake it, with clean comforter too. Just so the cats of something to deposit their fur on in the night. I stepped in a cold furball this morning first thing (how lovely) out of bed. It’s a wonder I didn’t hear that, sometimes I do, but not this one.

    It’s a day for umbrellas here too, only it’s such a fine mist that a hoodie would be better. MS, that pic of the kitten with the yellow raincoat and colorful umbrella reminded me of Easter for some reason– rain, new spring coat and umbrella–all she needed was a bonnet and new shoes!

    HI ECB!! Good to see you and thanks for the biscotti–that recipe sounds delicious~!!



    Good morning all. It’s raining and Mr MS and I are wet. We were scrubbing the deck down to rid it of grime,moss and mould so we can hopefully get it stained or oiled again and we were caught out there by the rain. Not terrible as the temps and humidity are up today.
    ECB, mmmmmmmmmmm biscotti. My fig tree which I recently acquired from someone is about ten years old and growing in a large tub. It is about 7 feet tall and 3 feet across so not too difficult to cover with netting once a method has been decided on and relatively easy to move around to get the sun or into a sheltered spot for the winter. Ohhhh I love fresh figs, such a delicate almost perfumed flavour. I’ve been able to buy them the last few years at my fruit shop but at $2 each I only get two at a time. I grew up enjoying dried figs with my Grampa but the are too sugary for me now 😥 so fresh ones keep me happy. When I was Googling how to protect the tree there were many ideas for keeping squirrels,raccoons and other US type pests from them.
    PG, you’re happy it’s snowing? I suppose if it means you have more time with Miss Gaea and your other furkits then fair enough. My Grandkit Ruby has the softest smoothest fur I have ever felt on a cat, it’s short and think and is like running your hand down velvet. Mmmmm pot roast. Our lamb rolled roast was superb and what was left of it I have shredded and is now in a container with the gravy made from the stock in the pan and some mint sauce. Lovely pulled lamb for dinner tonight.
    KZ, 😆 😆 😆 at Mr KZ not knowing that he is taking you out for dinner YET. Ewwwww cold furball. 😕 Now Easter for you is spring but down here it’s Autumn although you could argue the weather may well be similar.
    Yesterday I decided to try and make dried tomato slices using the dehydrator and it was successful. They are crispy and crunchy and now stored in jars with wee absorbent packs to keep them dry. I will do more once I get more tomatoes.



    Hi all – mmmm, thank you for the biscotti, ECB!

    Pot roast sounds great. Feel free to pass leftovers through the wormhole…

    Just heard the word brolly on Jeopardy! recently!

    It’s an umbrella day here in Jersey. I’m not an umbrella girl; my raincoat is long and has an oversized hood.




    Rainy day here too. Now it’s turned to snow. Next step purrhaps is freezing over. I do like rain, find it soothing, but for sure not black ice. 😯

    Slept just about the day away – so needed it!

    At Knitting Circle yest got some wonderful purry news. Manageress and fam just adopted 2 two-yr old noir kitty bros from the SPCA! Hope to see pics before long. Nomenclatures are Mr. Pickle and Mr. Pixel. And yes, dau and son named them!

    And here’s latest knit hat/ Two of four as then I run out of the right amt of leftover yarn. But this is a nice break from sweaters as they knit up amazingly quickly! 🙂



    Here comes some pot roast leftovers.

    I love playing in the snow! Miss Gaea didn’t mind the snow when she was younger but now that she’s 9 years old…she definitely doesn’t like the cold.

    I don’t like hot weather because it’s so uncomfortable and I can only take off so many clothes. 😕 I like figs but they’re just as expensive for fresh ones and that’s if you can find a market. The dried ones are very sweet. Maybe Mr. MS can make plant caddy with casters for fig tree.

    I’m glad you got needed rest, KJ. “Iz seenginn in da ryan” ROTFLOL! That hat looks like a cupcake so it’s good you splained to me.

    Well, I’m going to start the Sunday Cafe.



    The rain eased off here and the balcony dried off enough for me to see all our scrubbing this morning was worth it. The decking timbers look great again.
    KJ, I hope it doesn’t freeze because then you are likely to take a tumble.
    Awwwwwwwww Mr Pickle and Mr Pixel. Try saying that three times quickly. Go on. ! ! I burst out laughing when I saw ‘seenginn in da rayn’.
    I have to agree with PG about the hat looking like cupcake, that was my first thought on seeing it. Could be something to do with the fact I am watching a programme about breads and muffins etc in San Francisco. It’s making me hungry.

    Left over roast pulled lamb will become a pizza for our dinner with fine slices of red onion, red pepper and tomato(maybe some of my dried tomatoes) on top. And down come the rain again.



    MS, hopefully freeze-over will happen when I am back inside. In any case I will be donning my boots featuring the flip out cleats – just in case.

    That cupcake hat is fun! Now I too thought for a sec that my hat has a cupcake-esque look, but could be the pic. Looks a bit “Fair Isle” knit. In any case IMHO the colours are pretty and yarn comes from 2 cable sweaters done. Next hat will feature browns/greens and brown faux fur pompom.

    PG, well I so prefurr hot weather. There’s only so many clothes that you can take off? Have you tested that assumption? 😉 😆 Some peeps here seem to go way to far, IMHO. LOL

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